Dyson Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Dyson Cordless Vacuum ReviewsIf you’re familiar with the rich history of vacuum cleaners then you probably know that Dyson was the first brand that introduced bag-less vacuum technology to the world.

More than 3 decades ago James Dyson the innovator so believed in his invention that even if it took him over five thousand tries it didn’t deter him from perfecting from what would be a revolutionary concept.

Today nearly all brands have a bag-less vacuum in their product line, oh how times have changed.

Let’s focus right now with cordless product line of Dyson. It started with the DC35 all the way now to theV6 line and now the new Dyson V8.

What I’ll do here is compare the oldest model all the way to the latest product which is the V8 series to help you get a feel how these are different and help you with your purchase.

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DC35 vs DC44

The DC35 is similar to the DC30, 31 and 34 but it came with an updated V2 motor, an extension wand (that basically transforms this to a stick vacuum) and a 22.4 volt lithium ion battery.

A handheld version is also available – the DC34 that’s around 40% cheaper but it doesn’t come with the extension wand and floor attachment. The only tools that come with it are the crevice and combination tool. If you’re torn between the two, get the DC35 because it packs more versatility.

Tools that come with the DC35 include the crevice, combination and floor tool plus an extension wand. The 22.4 volt lithium ion battery will run for 15 minutes, there is a max button increases suction power but it reduces run time to 6 minutes.

The DC44 is a slight improvement over the DC35. Instead of the 15 minute run time, Dyson was able to eke out an additional 5 minutes from it. Max mode run time was extended to 8 minutes.

In terms of the attachments included, it comes with the same attachments and a mini motorized brush tool that will help you pick up pet hair and dirt on upholstery.

Price wise, both models are just a few dollars apart.

Surprisingly the DC35 is a bit more expensive. If I had to choose between the two I’d pick the DC44 because it has a slightly longer run time and it comes with an extra tool – the mini motorized brush that helps save time cleaning upholstery.

Comparing the DC35 and DC44’s Spec Sheet

Dyson DC35 vs DC44

DC44 vs DC59

The DC59 represents the first significant upgrade since Dyson introduced their cordless stick vacuum line. Currently there are two variants available right now – the DC59 Animal and the DC59 MotorHead.

At its core, the new DC59 is equipped with the new V6 motor that increased this model’s peak power from 64 air watts to a whopping 100 air watts. Normal mode power remained the same at just 28 air watts.

It also has more cycles in it (15) which means better filtration, traps fine dust better and makes this machine less prone to power loss when dirt cup fills up.

In terms of run time the DC59 Animal will get up to 26 minutes of run time but it drops down to 6 minutes on max mode. The DC44 will get 2 more minutes in max mode but you’ll have to remember the power difference between the two – 100 air watts vs 65 air watts which eats up more juice from the 22.2 volt Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery.

Aside from the updated motor, the DC59 Animal has a redesigned brush, let’s compare the two.

Comparing the brushes of the DC44 and DC59

Looking at the brushes of the DC59 Animal, it has more bristles more brushes means better agitation on carpet and will deep clean better than the DC44. Like the DC44 it has a combination of soft carbon fiber filaments for hardwood and stiff nylon bristles for carpet.

Remember that the DC series does not have a brush roll on/off feature so there is a possibility that this will scratch hardwood surfaces.

With the Motorhead, it has the same motor, filtration and battery as the Animal. The difference is again is the floor tool – it is bigger which means it has more surface area for better agitation.

Dyson DC44 vs DC59

DC59 vs V6

With the all new Dyson V8 available in Amazon right now the V6 is no longer the latest but that means Dyson has lowered their prices for the V6 product line giving it even better value for the performance it brings.

What’s the difference between the DC59 and V6?

Basically they took the DC59 and rebranded it to the V6 because they used the new V6 motor in it. The main differences between all the variants are the attachments included.

In essence the DC59 and V6 are the same machine so don’t get confused.

Before I continue I’d like to stress that all V6 variants use the same V6 motor and battery which means all of them will have the same cleaning performance and run time (though those that don’t have the motorized floor tools will run a little bit longer because these tools eat up more juice).

If you look at the top of the line model, the V6 Absolute it is fully loaded. It has two floor attachments – one for hardwood and one for carpet.

Also it comes with a mini-motorized tool, mini-soft dusting brush, combination tool and crevice tool.

So in total that’s 6 tools in the package which makes this one of the most complete and versatile stick vacuums we have right now in the market.

Right now the V6 Absolute is more than $100 more expensive than the DC59 Animal which is a huge difference but when you consider that the DC59 does not have the fluffy tool or the other above the floor attachments – you are paying for versatility.

If you’re willing to fork out just a little bit more then you have to seriously have a close look at the V8 Absolute which I will talk about in just a little bit.

The biggest reason to buy this over the DC59 is this tool…

Soft roller cleaner head

See it in action here, you’ll be surprised how well this tool works even on cracks…


As you can see in the video review, this fluffy tool really does a good job picking up pet hair, fine dust and rice grains. There is some stuff that got flung around but it was just bits and pieces. The reality is when cleaning hard floor, most of the stuff you’re looking to clean up are dust, dust bunnies and hair so this tool is a real winner in my opinion.

Both the DC59 Motorhead and the V6 Absolute have the same tool for carpet.

How are the V6 series different from one another?

Currently there are ten different V6 options depending on your need and the floor type in your home.

Again, all of these variants are equipped with the same powerful and efficient V6 motor and lithium ion battery that give it roughly 20 minutes of run time (give or take a few mins).

The differences will be the tools included in the package and type of filtration that it is fitted with.

Warranty will also be the same at 2 years across all variants.

V6 Cord Free – Currently this bare bones V6 is the best selling variant in Amazon selling for just around $280 which is a great deal.

For the price you will get the floor tool with the bristled brush, along with the combination tool for your above the floor cleaning needs. It does not come with the mini-motorized tool or the crevice tool.

If you’re looking for a no-frills carpet cleaning tool to clean high traffic areas and cannot afford the more expensive variants, this is your best option.

V6 Absolute – Going over to the other end of the spectrum the V6 Absolute is the most feature-rich variant of the ten with six tools that will help you clean a variety of surfaces from bare floor, carpet and upholstery.

If you live in a small apartment or condo unit, this is a great investment because you wouldn’t need to buy a separate handheld. Right now the V6 Absolute is the most expensive variant but it comes with a complete set of tools for cleaning bare floor and carpet as well as upholstery, vents and the like – this is perhaps the most versatile variant of the bunch.

This is great for homes with both bare floor and carpet thanks to the specialized tools for these surfaces.

V6 Animal – Speaking of which the V6 Animal is the next most feature-rich product here with a total of 5 cleaning tools (this does not have the fluffy tool).

The absence of the fluffy tool does not mean you cannot use this on bare floor, it just makes it a little tricky to clean up big messes like a dropped bowl of chips because the motorized brush can scatter it which can be offset when you use the crevice or brush tool.

Currently this is one of the cheaper V6 variants and in my opinion one of the better value-for-money buys.

V6 MotorHead – The MotorHead is currently around $20 cheaper than the V6 Animal in Amazon and it has a total of three tools in the toolbox – the direct drive cleaner head, crevice and combination tool.

This is very similar to the Animal minus the soft dusting brush and mini-motorized tool so you won’t be able to use this to deep clean upholstery efficiently.

V6 Fluffy – This variant is purpose built to clean any bare floor surface.

If you buy the Fluffy version you’ll get the soft roller cleaning head, the articulating hard floor tool and a stiff brush plus mini motorized brush that you can use in handheld mode to clean pet hair off upholstery.

If you have a home without any carpet and you have pets, this makes a lot of sense.

These next variants are all handhelds that don’t have the extension wand. Again the differences between these are the tools that come along with it.

V6 Mattress – Like its name implies the Mattress is designed primarily to clean mattresses and rid them of dead skin that bed bugs like to feast on thanks to the mini-motorized tool, it also comes with 3 other tools – soft dusting brush, crevice and combination tool for your other cleaning needs.

If you really want to deep clean your mattress, I suggest buying the Rainbow Vacuum but buying these from a dealer will easily set you back $3,000 and that’s a lot of money, this variant can is a budget alternative that can at least keep bed bugs and dead skin from piling up and causing eczema.

V6 Car + Boat – One of my pet peeves with the V6 Mattress I bought last year was the lack of a hose tool that will allow me to reach in the hard to reach areas inside my vehicle then I saw this variant.

Make no mistake, the Mattress is a capable vacuum cleaner inside vehicles but this variant comes with a rubber hose that takes it to a whole other level.

All the tools that come along with this can be attached to that hose giving it unparalleled reach to clean areas under chairs or over the dashboard.

V6 Top Dog – Ask any pet owner and the biggest problem have will be the amount of pet hair shed by their pets.

These four legged creatures love to hang around sofas and beds and a weak hand vacuum will have a difficult time cleaning pet hair off these surfaces.

The Top Dog gives pet owners a cordless vacuum option that will help them keep pet hair from piling up on upholstery.

Aside from the mini-motorized tool that is your main weapon against pet hair, it has a stiff bristle brush that you can use inside your vehicle along with the standard crevice and combination tool for cleaning pet litter.

V6 Baby + Child – As a parent I know the importance of keeping your child’s room clean. This can be the difference between a healthy and sickly child that always has to go to the doctor.

Dyson had us young parents in mind when they designed the Baby + Child variant. It comes with 4 different tools that will help keep your baby’s room clean and free from allergens.

This variant is not fitted with a HEPA filter so if you want the extra protection you can buy it separately or go with the V6 Mattress.

V6 Trigger – If all you need is just a handheld with the basic crevice and brush tools for all your above the floor cleaning needs then the V6 Trigger is your choice. This is a great combo for an upright vacuum if you feel you don’t need any of the other tools that the other variants have.

It is the cheapest of all the variants costing under $200.

A V6 on Steroids – The V8 Absolute

If you think the V6 is a beast of a cordless vacuum then you haven’t seen anything just yet.

Dyson is known for innovation and they’ve taken a very good product along with the input of consumers and made something even better. It’s called the Dyson V8 Absolute – nope it isn’t a car engine but to put it in perspective of automobiles this is like a V8 when you compare it to other brands that may use a smaller/weaker motor.

Two notable improvements are tweaks with the dirt bin and max button designs.

One common complaint by consumers with the V6 is how statically charged debris like hair and dust get wedged in between the filter and other shell.

Emptying it isn’t as mess-free as it is in the advertorials and Dyson address this issue with the V8 by changing the mechanism that empties the dirt bin.

Instead of utilizing a door that swings open downwards, with the new design you pull a lever upwards and it lifts up the whole cyclonic assembly forcing the dirt downwards.

The max button also has a make over, instead of the round button that you push at the back, Dyson revised this design and turned it to a toggle like switch that you slide from side to side.

It makes it easier to access the max feature.

Other improvements include a revised V8 motor that increases power by around 20% at normal and max mode.

This power improvement trickles all the way down to both beater bars – the soft roller and direct driver cleaner head, as much as a 150% improvement according to the manufacturer.

All these improvements does come with a cost – around a $550 investment but you’ll get arguably the best performing cordless vacuum in the market right now bar none.


Obviously spending close to $400 to $600 on a cordless vacuum is a HUGE investment but out of all of these vacuums the no-brainer choice would be the V6 Absolute because it comes with all the bells and whistles.

It’ll be able to handle spot cleaning on carpet and hardwood with equal ease and with few passes because of the tools that’ll you’ll get.

In terms of value for money, I’d go with the V6 MotorHead (around a few hundred dollars less) if you don’t mind not having the specialized hard floor attachment and mini-motorized brush.

The standard brush roll that comes with it is FULLY capable of cleaning bare floors but expect a few scratches here and there because of the stiff bristles. It also does not include the mini-motorized tool so it’ll take a bit longer to clean upholstery.

A good middle ground option at around $90 more than the V6 MotorHead I mentioned above would be the DC59 MotorHead that does not have the soft-roller cleaner head but it comes with the mini motorized brush roll for cleaning upholstery.

If you don’t want to deal with the messy bin clean up that plagues the V6 then I suggest you invest a little bin on the V8 Absolute and enjoy the extended run time and power upgrades that it brings to the table.

Garrick Dee

Garrick is the founder of the Cordless Vacuum Guide that originally focused on cordless vacuums but he has now expanded to reviewing corded vacuums and carpet cleaners to be able to provide a more complete guide in terms of choosing the right cleaner.

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