Dyson V6 Comparison – Dissecting the Differences Between The Different Variants

Dyson V6 ComparisonWhen the V6 entered the market, very few brands can compete with its combination of quality, power, versatility and portability.

Up until now even with the more powerful V8 Absolute in the market, the V6 remains the bestseller in the cordless section of Amazon because of the price drop and value for money proposition.

Now, Dyson has recognized the needs of consumers and it has expanded the V6 product line to a total of 10:

Dyson has revolutionized the cordless vacuum niche that other manufacturers have even copied their design and the cyclonic filtration system.

A few brands like the Shark and Hoover comes to mind when copying Dyson’s design but of course it isn’t the exact same design or they’ll face litigation in court but the concept of a trigger mechanism and interchangeable tools that allow their products to be used as a handheld and stick vacuum.


First up let’s look at the similarities of all these variants and to help you navigate, just click through these links:

Same motor and filtration system

First let’s compare the similarities across this product line. All V6 vacuums are equipped with the same V6 motor and use the same cyclonic filtration system that allows this product to maintain performance even if the dirt bin is full.

Run time

Being equipped with the same motor means that run time across all variants will roughly be the same. Around 20 minutes when you use non-motorized attachments like the crevice tool, brush tool, etc.

But when you attached any of the motorized tools like the motorized cleaner for carpet or the soft roller cleaner head for bare floor – run time will decrease by a few minutes – that’s because these tools have their own motors which eat additional current.

Trigger-like switch

Trigger switchIn typical Dyson fashion all of these vacuums are equipped with a trigger mechanism that only switches on the motor when you squeeze it.

This design allows you to maximize the run time because it will only turn on the motor on demand but it can strain your fingers when you squeeze it for extended periods of time.

Though it has had its share of complaints from consumers, a majority still like this design because it does allow them to maximize run time and Dyson would change this design if an overwhelmingly large number of consumers ask them to change this.

In fact in the newer Dyson V8, they changed two things that their customers have been complaining for quite some time, emptying the dirt bin and run time. This in itself proves that Dyson does listen to its customers.

Two speeds

Max functionAll V6 variants come with a “Max” button that more than let’s loose the full power of the V6 motor and triples the suction from 28 air watts to 100 air watts.

This feature though will cut the run time from 20 minutes down to 6 minutes so use this only when you need it.


Now let’s move on to the differences between these variants.

Let’s start with the obvious – the attachments that come with it. All of these variants are purpose built for a specific purpose.

V6 Absolute

In terms of the toolset, the V6 Absolute has the most complete set of tools that will cover most of your cleaning needs at home. It comes with the big two motorized brush roll set – the soft roller cleaning brush (specially designed for bare floors) and the bristled brush for carpet.

This makes this the most versatile of the bunch because it is fully capable of cleaning not just bare floor but carpet as well.

In addition to these two motorized tools, it comes with a crevice tool, soft dusting brush, combination tool and a docking station.

V6 Absolute attachments

Lastly, of the V6 stick vacuums this is the only variant that comes with a HEPA filter (don’t worry this is washable so you don’t have to replace it).

Bottom line: This variant is great for homes with lots of carpet or bare floor surfaces because it has the attachments to clean both surfaces equally well. It’s the most expensive of the bunch but it gives you a lot of value for the money you pay.

V6 MotorHead

If the Absolute is made for homes with both carpet and bare floor, the V6 MotorHead is put together for homes with only carpet flooring inside.

It only comes with a single motorized attachment – the direct drive cleaning head which is designed to clean carpet floors.

Since the brush cannot be turned off, this won’t be suitable on bare floor surfaces because if you’ve ever tried cleaning a big mess like cereal on hardwood, using something with a motorized brush will on create a bigger mess.

But on fine dirt like dust or stuff like powder, it should have no problem picking up dirt.

You can still use this on bare floor for cleaning a small area of messes like saw dust or plastic beads so yes you can still use this on hardwood which is great because this will cost almost $200 less than the Absolute.

Here are the complete tool set you will get with the Motor Head:

Motor Head Tools

You will notice that Amazon is selling the both the V6 and the DC59 MotorHead and what the heck is the difference? It’s pretty simple, the DC59 version comes with the mini-motorized brush while the V6 does not – this for a $90 premium.

Bottom line: If your home has mostly carpet, then the MotorHead would be a great option because of the direct drive cleaning tool but only third party merchants sell this so Amazon will not handle the shipping. It is around $100 cheaper than the Absolute so if that is a factor get this.

V6 Animal

If you’re not familiar with the Dyson cordless product line, the V6 is exactly the same as the DC59.

The Animal is basically a MotorHead with more attachments included – both have the same direct drive bristle brush attachment but the Animal comes with 2 extra tools.

These are the mini-motorized head and soft dusting brush that allows you to clean upholstery and sensitive easily scratched furniture.

V6 Animal Tools

Bottom line: The “Animal” is a more complete version of the Motor Head with the mini-motorized brush and soft dusting brush but it is around $20 more expensive compared to the MotorHead at least in Amazon.

V6 Cord Free

Of the stick vacuums in the V6 line, this is the cheapest at just under $280 and it has the least amount of tools included in the package but you will still get the same performance, same V6 motor but with less versatility.

The motorized brush included isn’t the same as the one found in the Motor Head or Animal, instead it uses the same brush found in the original DC59 which has less agitation.

Tools that come along with the cord fee…

V6 Cord Free Tools

Bottom line: Of the four stick vacuums in their product line this is the cheapest but also the least equipped. You can use this to clean high traffic carpet areas at home or the stairs. It uses the older motorized brush so do not expect as much agitation but it is cheap and if you don’t find the need for the mini motorized brush or the crevice tool, this is a great deal.

V6 Fluffy

If the Animal and the MotorHead are geared towards homes with a lot of carpet then the Fluffy is the opposite.

Instead of including the direct-drive cleaner head, Dyson included the soft roller cleaner head that works especially well on hard floor surfaces.

If you don’t know what the soft roller cleaner is all about then you have to watch this video and see for yourself…


You will notice that the fluffy tool does not have bristles that minimize debris from getting thrown around. Instead it uses a fabric like texture that gently funnels dirt into the vacuum inlet. Even large particles get sucked in.

Other tools that come with the fluffy…

V6 Fluffy Tools

The tool set that this variant comes in with tells me that this product is strictly for bare floor surfaces only.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a vacuum that can clean bare floor minus the additional tools or expense of a fully loaded Absolute then have a look at this minimalist product that is specialized for bare floor.

V6 Trigger

Dyson calls this the most powerful handheld vacuum and I wouldn’t disagree with them.

This is a barebones handheld that comes with the combination tool and crevice tool that will help your above the floor cleaning needs.

One of the cheapest of all the variants – it costs less than $200.

Bottom line: This is a great option if you’re just looking for a “cheap” Dyson handheld that will be able to handle your above the floor cleaning needs. It is limited though because of the lack of tools.

V6 Top Dog

Like the name says, this variant is an option for pet owners looking for a handheld that will help them clean pet hair off upholstery and litter off baseboards.

This variant comes with a crevice tool, stiff brush tool and the mini-motorized brush. All of which is capable of picking up pet hair on upholstery, carpeted stairs or on tight crevices.

Bottom line: The Top Dog as the name implies is a pet hair inhaler that will help you clean pet hair in most areas around your home from small areas on the floor, stairs, upholstery, everywhere. It is perhaps the cheapest of all the products listed here and a must have for any pet owner.

Dyson V6 Car + Boat

Having a vehicle myself I admit that it is hard to find a vacuum with good enough suction and good enough quality to handle the rigors of cleaning an automobile.

I have purchased a cheap vacuum that while has enough power, the attachments are made from cheap plastic and cracked within the first two years of use and I had to resort to duct tape to keep those tools in one piece.

The V6 Car + Boat will definitely not have this problem since all the attachments are securely locked in place – something that I like about the Dyson.

This variant in particular is designed for cleaning your vehicle’s interior and it comes with one important tool that makes it all possible – a flexible hose that allows it to reach in tight areas like the dashboard and underneath seats.

All the tools that come along with it…

V6 Car + Boat Tools

…Can be attached on the hose making it a versatile tool that you should have not just for your vehicle but also inside your home.

Bottom line: This variant is a great option for car owners looking for a cordless option for cleaning their vehicle’s interior. It has a bevy of tools all of which you can attach to a flexible hose that allows it more reach, making it capable of cleaning more areas no matter how tight it is.

V6 Mattress

I have a 4 year old and he has eczema that he hasn’t completely outgrown.

It’s getting better with treatment and keeping the environment clean.

I did some research and one of the causes of this or trigger factors are bed bugs. And if take a microscope and look on the mattress, it has millions of them and they multiply fast because it feeds on dead skin that we shed on a daily basis.

One of the ways of keeping their population in check is to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the excess dead skin and bed bugs.

If you have a few thousand dollars to spare, I’d definitely recommend a Rainbow Vacuum but I must warn you that machine weighs a ton.

For folks who want a lightweight albeit less effective option for cleaning up bed bugs, they should have a look at the V6 Mattress.

The main tool that sucks up bed bugs dead skin is the mini-motorized mattress tool that contains a motorized brush for agitation.

Of the 5 handheld V6 variants, only this has HEPA filtration.

Bottom line: If you want to keep your mattresses clean and control the population of bed bugs from multiplying to scary proportions then go with the V6 Mattress. It comes with a mini-motorized tool designed for mattresses along with HEPA filtration so that all the allergens that you suck in stays inside the bin.

V6 Baby + Child

The last but not the least variant is for parents who have newborn babies and want to keep their homes as clean as possible.

Here are the tools that come along with this…

V6 Baby + Child

These tools are included with your baby in mind.

The main tools would be the wide nozzle tool that is best utilized on the bed of your baby that has a felt like material on the upper and lower portions of the inlet that agitate and help remove allergens.

You won’t see this variant in Dyson.com (only in Dyson Japan) but it is available in Amazon.

Bottom line: This vacuum is a good option for new parents looking to keep their baby’s room clean and free from allergens. Take note that this variant does not come with HEPA filtration and if you prefer that, go with the V6 Mattress.

V6 Tools

If you’ve already purchased a V6 and want more from it, you can look at optional tools that can extend the reach of your Dyson.

Handheld V6 variants will get a boost from these tools.

Let’s say you’ve purchased a V6 Mattress and want to clean your vehicle, you don’t need to buy the Car + Boat variant all you need to do is handheld tool kit that includes a hose, upholstery tool and stiff brush.

These tools are expensive because it’s original and guaranteed to fit but take note that these tools may not fit into all variants so make sure to double, even triple check before buying.

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