Best Dyson Deals: Cheapest Offers and Deals Just for August 2019

Dyson vacuums universally know for performance and quality. However, these vacuums are quite expensive.

The good news is, you can get these premium vacuums at great prices if you know where to look.

And that’s where this article comes in as I’ve searched Amazon for the best deals.

If you’re looking for a great Dyson deal, please scroll down and see a list of the best deals.

An overview of the Best Dyson Deals in Amazon


Dyson V10 Absolute
  • Excellent option for cleaning carpet
  • Versatile, all around cord-free option
  • Runs for more than an hour
  • Expensive


Dyson V6 Animal
  • Versatile cordless stick option for pet hair
  • Least expensive of all the Dyson cord-free options
  • Decent cleaning performance on carpet
  • Not so good run time


Dyson V7 MotorHead
  • Better dust bin than the V6 Absolute
  • Great option inside homes with lots of carpet
  • Will run for up to 30 minutes
  • Lacks a mini turbo brush for upholstery


Dyson V11 Torque Drive
  • Runs for up to 80 mins. – crazy long for a cordless
  • Excellent option for cleaning large homes with carpet
  • Lots of convenience features
  • Most expensive option
  • Very top heavy


Dyson V8 Absolute
  • Has tools for bare floor and carpet
  • Above-average battery life that runs for up to 40 mins.
  • A bevy of tools for above floor cleaning
  • Small dust cup


Dyson V7 Trigger
  • A lightweight option that’s easy to empty
  • Excellent for small messes
  • Runs longer than the V6 Trigger
  • Doesn’t hold a lot of dirt


Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2
  • A great whole home cleaning tool
  • Large dust cup is excellent for cleaning large homes
  • One of the cheapest Dyson upright options
  • Very heavy


Dyson Ball Animal 2
  • An excellent option for pet hair owners
  • Tangle-free turbine tool is very efficient at cleaning hair
  • Powerful suction will excel at deep cleaning carpet
  • Expensive


Dyson Ball Multi Floor
  • Ball feature stands on its own if it tips over
  • Excellent range thanks to the long hose and extension wand
  • Powerful suction clean dirt
  • Main cleaning head lacks a motorized brush

In this post, I’ll focus primarily on vacuums since this is a blog about vacuums. You’ll find out the best deals available right now so scroll down or use the table contents above to jump to a section.

When it comes to bagless vacuums, Dyson has got to be at the forefront in terms of innovation.

James Dyson practically invented the bagless cleaner, and their popularity has practically forced other companies the previously only manufacture bagged vacuums to come up with a bagless product line.

The purpose of this article is to help you find the best Dyson deals specifically in Amazon where the best deals can be had in my opinion.

It’s no secret that Dyson vacuums can be expensive so when there is a sale (e.g. Black Friday or Prime Day), you’ll have to take this opportunity to purchase one if there is a need.

But even if there isn’t a site-wide sale, you can still get great deals.

I’ve already written about the best Dyson vacuums in a separate article. So if you have not, please do check that article if you need to know which one is a good option.

Don’t worry I’ll also give some commentary on each of the Dyson vacuums I talk about in this deals page.

It will give you an idea on which one is bested for what application whether you live in an apartment complex or a massive 5,000 square foot home.

All the deals you’ll see here come from Amazon where I believe (reasons down below) offers the best deals overall.

Please use this only as a guide. I will not post the exact figure due to Amazon’s dynamic pricing structure.

To see the latest price, you’ll have to click the link. If you think I missed any great deal, just let me know in the comments section or contact me.

Best Dyson Handheld Deals

Best Value: Dyson V7 Trigger

Best Dyson Deals: Dyson V7 Trigger

One of the best deals I found is the Dyson V7 Trigger. Surprisingly this variant is cheaper than the older V6 Trigger!

Why? I don’t know, but the catch here is you need to be an Amazon Prime member to get this deal.

But this shouldn’t be a big issue. Just avail of the free 30-day trial then cancel it afterward. Amazon will still honor your purchase.

One reason I like this variant over the V6 Trigger is the upgraded bin that’s easier to use and less messy. It also runs longer (30 mins. vs. 20 mins.) thanks to the larger batteries.

By the way, if you’re planning to use this handheld inside your vehicle, you may want to consider getting the V7 Car + Boat that’s roughly only $20 more expensive.

For a minimal premium, you’ll get the flexible hose and an extra upholstery tool that works great on your vehicle’s carpet.

If the V7 is Not Available: Dyson V6 Trigger

The Dyson V7 Trigger is so popular right now because that it’s often out of stock.

If you find yourself looking for a handheld and don’t mind the messy emptying, then the V6 Trigger is an excellent alternative to the V7 Trigger.

It has the same power output as the V7 but only with a shorter run time (20 minutes versus 30 minutes).

You’ll get the same tools – crevice tool, combination tool and mini turbo brush which makes this a good option if you have pets.

The biggest downside would be the price -this is more expensive than V7 Trigger.

Best Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum Deals

Value for Money: Dyson V7 MotorHead

The V7 MotorHead may not be the cheapest, but it offers the most value for the money you’ll spend.

Please check out my article about the Dyson V7 to learn more about this variant and how it is different from the V8.

This variant has the same dirt bin as the V8 and the same motor as the V6 with a slightly larger battery than the latter. It will run somewhat longer than the V6 at around 30 minutes.

Against the V6, this variant is easier and less messy to empty thanks to the new bin design from the V8.

What’s lacking from this variant is the soft roller cleaning head and the mini turbo brush.

But if you don’t have pets, these omissions shouldn’t be a big deal.

Cheapest Option: Dyson V6 Animal

If spending $220 is still too much for you then a good option would be the more affordable V6 Cord Free. This variant will cost less than $200 which is a pretty good deal for a Dyson cordless.

However, you’ll get fewer tools and will have to deal with the older dirt bin that can be messy to empty.

Agitation also won’t be as good as the V7, and it will run shorter.

But for the price, this is a decent option inside small homes with low pile carpet and bare floor.

Something for Carpet and Bare Floor: Dyson V8 Absolute

With the release of the Dyson V10, prices of the V8 have gone down significantly. Before the launch, the cost of the V8 Absolute is close to the $500 level. But now it is at the $360 level which is absolutely great deal. Sorry for the pun.

If your home has a combination of bare floor and carpet, this is a great option thanks to the soft roller and direct drive cleaning heads that work on both surfaces respectively.

It also has the mini turbo brush for cleaning stubborn dirt from upholstery. It is an excellent option if you want something that can clean pet hair minus the cord.

Great Top of the Line Deal: Dyson V10 Animal

Buying the top-of-the-line V10 Absolute will lighten up your wallets to the tune of $530. It’s more expensive than the deep cleaning Dyson Ball Animal 2 which is a full-sized upright.

The good news is you can easily save around $60 more or less if you opt for a slightly lower grade option – the V10 Animal. This variant has the same motor as the V10 Absolute with the same sized bin so it’ll have the same cleaning performance.

What’s lacking in this variant is the soft roller bar attachment that works best on bare floor.

But not having that tool isn’t a big deal if you’re not cleaning a massive pile of dirt.

If you want something even cheaper but has the same power output as the Animal and Absolute then go with the V10 MotorHead which is the most affordable option of the three at under $360 (or a 28% savings!!!).

Best Dyson Upright Vacuum Deals

Budget Option: Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

The word “budget” and “Dyson” may sound oxymoronic but in this case, it isn’t.

It is the reason why you should not just overlook older models because these often offer the best value for your hard earned dollar.

At its current price of just under $250, you’ll get a lot. This upright has around 250 air watts of suction which is plenty for cleaning most types of carpet.

Dyson’s Ball technology makes this one of the most maneuverable uprights despite its bulk.

And you can even use this to clean upholstery and stairs to some extent thanks to 40-foot reach.

For Pet Owners: Dyson Ball Animal 2

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is excellent for homes with lots of carpet and pets – dogs, cats, etc.

For a $50 premium, you’ll also get the tangle-free turbine tool that makes this an excellent option for cleaning pet hair not just on carpet but also on upholstery and stairs.

This variant packs a little more punch than the Ball Multi Floor 2 with its 306 air watts. It is 56 air watts more which means better deep cleaning performance.

Best Dyson Canister Vacuum Deals

Best Value: Dyson Ball Multi Floor

When it comes to canister vacuums, the Dyson Ball MultiFloor will give you the best value for your dollar.

With a maximum reach of 45 feet, this is an excellent option for folks looking for a nimble and yet powerful canister vacuum that’ll clean almost every nook and cranny inside your home.

In terms of power, the 280 air watts that this variant has is more than the $450++ Big Ball Cinetic.

It does not have as many tools as the more expensive Animal option that it will do the job. Get this if you need something to clean your home that does not have any pets.

Less Messy: Dyson Big Ball

It is a similar product to the Dyson Ball Multi Floor but this variant comes with the upgraded dirt bin that’s easier to empty.

One of the most significant issues with older Dyson vacuums would be the trap door design bin.

While it works in theory, in reality emptying with the old bin can often be messy.

This newer version solves this issue by having a mechanism that pushes the dirt down.

One downside though is this model has 30 fewer air watts at 250, but it’s still enough for most cleaning tasks.

Other Dyson Deals (These aren’t vacuum cleaners)

Dyson is universally known for its bagless vacuums. It’s hard to argue with this fact because James Dyson practically invented it. But did you know that they also have other products like hair dryers and air purifiers.

We will be having a close look at some of these products in this section.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Air Purifier (with WiFi)

If you’re looking for a device that will help cool the air during summer months and provide some heat during winter should have a close look at this air purifier.

The HP02 Hot + Cold air purifier from Dyson will help capture allergens floating in the air up to 0.3 microns.

Inside this air purifier are two filters that capture not only dirt but also volatile organic compounds like paint fumes.

It’s also high tech thanks to the WiFi and smartphone app that helps give you real-time data about your home’s air quality. This app allows you to control the purifier remotely even when you’re not physically at home.

Dyson AM10 Humidifier

During the cold winter months, the heater in our home can lower humidity levels to dangerous levels.

Think of it this way; low humidity is like going to going up in high altitude where the air is thin.

This isn’t a right environment to be on and one way to prevent this during cold months is with an air purifier.

The Dyson AM10 humidifier will help you get through winter months and even cools the air during summer months.

It has Dyson’s patented “Air Multiplier Technology” that sprays a mist to “distribute hydrated, hygienic air evenly.”

This humidifier is also smart as it uses software to automatically measure both temperature and humidity to create a comfortable environment.

Dyson Cool AM06 Air Multiplier Desk Fan

One of the reasons I like Dyson products is the innovation they bring to the table.

The basic electric fan is perhaps one of the most essential appliances there is. And Dyson took the concept and turned it into something novel.

Let’s have a look at the AM06 Air Multiplier Desk Fan.

No this isn’t your ordinary desk fan, Dyson adds a twist to it. This fan does not have any blades that take away the most significant danger it poses to children.

The absence of a blade also makes it much easier to clean. Sure this “desk fan” is expensive at over $230 but if you can afford it, why not?

Reasons to buy in Amazon

If you’re still having second thoughts of buying in Amazon here are some reasons why you should.

  1. Amazon is the biggest online store in the world right now. Alibaba is trying to catch up, but they’ve got a long way to go.
  2. Fast shipping. If there is a reason why you should consider buying from Amazon would be a quick turnaround time. They are quite efficient at taking your order and sending it out the door sometimes in just a few hours. Amazon does offer free same day delivery to Prime members (there is a free 30-day trial just in case you don’t know).
  3. Free shipping: Normally Amazon requires you to purchase at least $25 worth of products to avail of their free shipping but on special occasions like Black Friday, this is waived.

How to choose the best Dyson vacuum for your needs?

To help you understand what variant to get let’s first categorize their different vacuums.

Dyson has four main categories in its vacuum line – handheld, stick, upright and canister.

  1. Handheld and stick vacuum – All of Dyson’s handheld vacuums are cordless. The difference between these two product lines is attachments. Their stick vacuum product line come with more tools that include an extension wand that allows you to use it on floors.
  2. Upright vacuum – Dyson upright vacuums have the most power and best suited to clean homes with lots of carpet. It won’t be as versatile as the cordless or canister vacuum but it will deep clean the best.
  3. Canister vacuum – This is a good option if you feel that the cordless’ run time is too limiting. It provides almost the same level of versatility but with the benefit of a constant power source thanks to the cord. One big downside would be the brush that does not have a motor. This will not deep clean as well as an upright but has more reach.

To help you get the best Dyson for your home you’ll need to answer some questions below.

How big is your home?

If you live in a small apartment (e.g. less than 2,000 square feet) then you may not need a plug-in vacuum.

In small homes where space is a premium, a cordless stick or handheld vacuum would be in most cases is enough.

How much carpet do you have?

The only reason I would recommend getting an upright vacuum would be your home having carpet and lots of it.

Medium to large homes with wall to wall carpeting will benefit from the deep cleaning performance of a Dyson.

Do you have pets?

Pet owners should opt for the variants with the “Animal” tag on it.

This simply means that the vacuum has the tangle-free turbine tool which will clean pet hair without having to worry about it wrapping on a brush.

It is simply one of the best tools to have for cleaning pet hair from stairs or upholstery.

How much are you willing to spend?

If you’re looking for a Dyson that means you’re willing to spend some $$$ for a vacuum. But that doesn’t mean you just go out there and buy the Dyson you see.

For the cordless segment, the Dyson V10 is the most expensive option available at around $500. While the Dyson V8 costs under $400. Does the performance of the V10 justify the $100 difference? The short answer is no. That’s just an example of why it isn’t a good idea to buy the latest.

To Wrap Up

There you go, these are the best Dyson deals I can find online. I’ll regularly update this post if I see a new deal in Amazon. And if you think I missed something just let me know if the comments section below.

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