Best Hoover Vacuum Cleaners: Review and Comparison

In this article, we’ll be rounding up the best Hoover vacuum cleaners available.

Rather than just give you a list of five, I’ll compare them by category that way you’ll have a good idea how each one compares with another of the same type – an apples to apple comparison if you will.

When you look closely at the history of vacuum cleaners, Hoover is one of the pioneers.

They were the first to use plastics in their products at a time when metal as widely used.

Hoover also was the first to develop positive agitation.

Even if Hoover isn’t as popular as let’s say a Dyson or Shark, they still manufacturer some of the best uprights available.

The best part would be the price. Compare this to a Dyson and you’ll literally save hundreds of dollars.

Best Hoover Upright Vacuums

The first set of vacuums we’ll be looking at are Hoover upright vacuums. These machines provide the most power and best agitation of all the vacuums in their lineup. If you’re looking for something to clean the carpet inside a large home, this is the one you want.

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet (Bagged)

Pet owners know the struggle of cleaning up pet hair on carpet and upholstery.

This problem is exacerbated if the person living in that home has allergies of some sort.

One way to solve this issue is to have a tool that effectively cleans up pet hair not just on carpet but also on upholstery.

A quick look at the features:

  • Filtration: Bag is made from HEPA media and will trap allergens up to 0.3 microns
  • Full bag indicator: yes
  • Height: 44 inches tall
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Height adjustment levels: 5
  • Power cord: 30 feet
  • Warranty: 2 years

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Not only you need something that simply picks up the pet hair, this tool also has to do a good job keep allergens from pets from coming back out.

The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet is capable of doing the task thanks to its P.A.W.S. approved windtunnel system that can remove embedded dirt under carpet strands.

The activated carbon HEPA media bag filters will keep 99.9 percent of dust and pollens (or 0.3 microns) from contaminating the indoor air quality.

Not only will you get great filtration, the bag also has odor eliminating properties – something that you’ll need cleaning pet debris.

If you’d buy something similar from more expensive brands like Miele or Sebo, you’ll probably have to pay at least $500.

This vacuum is much cheaper than those two brands at just a little over $100. However don’t expect it to have the same quality as a Miele.

This vacuum is mostly made from plastic except perhaps for the motor. So there may be potential quality issues down the road.

You can also use this to clean upholstery thanks to the detachable hose and mini turbo brush. Other tools include a crevice, brush and extension wand.

Bottom line: Pet owners looking for an affordable upright capable of deep cleaning even plush carpet should have a look at the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet. It’s specially built with cleaning pet hair in mind.

Hoover Commercial WindTunnel 13” (Bagged)

The first Hoover upright I featured is best used in residential locations for weekly deep cleaning tasks.

What if you need something more robust capable of cleaning a dirty office space on a daily basis?

The Hoover Commercial WindTunnel bagged upright. This commercial grade vacuum is built by Hoover for cleaning commercial spaces like offices and hotels.

The component in this vacuum is made to be sturdier to be able to handle abuse in a commercial setting.

Quick look at the features:

  • Filtration: HEPA filter (Bag does not have HEPA media)
  • Full bag indicator: yes
  • Height: 43 inches tall
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Height adjustment levels: 5
  • Power cord: 35 feet
  • Warranty: 2 years

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Underneath the main cleaning head is large diameter beater bar with stiff bristles that will clean even the plushest of carpet.

This variant also has a wider than usual cleaning path at around 13 inches. The added width helps with efficiency as you don’t need to do as many pass.

On the sides of the cleaning head are stiff bristles that help loosen up dirt on the edges.

You’ll be able to clean carpets of different thickness from thin to plush thanks to the height adjustment lever at the base.

One downside this will not automatically adjust – you’ll have to turn a dial to adjust the right height.

To protect furniture from damaging furniture, it has a non-marking furniture mark. Urethane wheels provide great traction and prevent markings on the floor.

Like the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet, this upright also is capable to clean above floors thanks to the hose, extension wand, crevice and brush tool.

It does not have any mini-turbo brush so it won’t be as usable on fabric upholstery.

Bottom line: Folks looking for something robust capable of cleaning in a commercial or a residential setting will have to look at the Hoover Commercial WindTunnel. Nearly all the parts in this upright, are bulked up to handle the rigors in a commercial area.

Hoover Power Drive Pet Bagless

The first two options are bagged vacuums that will provide great filtration and protect from direct exposure to allergens.

One downside for this type of vacuum is the cost of bags that will accumulate over time.

If you don’t have any allergies or exposure to dust (at least during the emptying process) isn’t a big deal for you then opt for a bagless vacuum.

The Power Drive Pet is the latest in Hoover’s upright vacuum line.

Quick look at the features:

  • Filtration: HEPA filter (Bag does not have HEPA media)
  • Height: 45 inches tall
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Cleaning path: 12.5”
  • Power cord: 30 feet
  • Warranty: 5 years

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This series adds a layer of polish not found in their older generation upright vacuums.

First major upgrade would be the swivel steering which makes it easier to move this around furniture.

In front of the main cleaning head are two LED headlights that help in terms of visibility.

Don’t worry about allergen exposure, this variant has a fully sealed anti-allergen system that can filter out allergens up to 0.5 microns.

It won’t provide the same filtration as a bagged Hoover but it is close.

This bagless upright is usable even in large homes thanks to the XL size dirt cup that can store up to 1.5 liters of dirt.

Cleaning above floors won’t be an issue too thanks to the detachable hose and wand. It can reach up to 13 feet so you can use this to clean stairs and upholstery.

To help you with above floor cleaning, you’ll also get three additional tools – crevice, brush and mini turbo brush.

Bottom line: The Hoover Power Drive adds polish to their upright vacuums that previously wasn’t available. This vacuum has swivel steering, LED headlights and cyclonic filtration. And the best part is you don’t have to spend more than $200 for it.

Best Hoover Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums are all about versatility. Unlike an upright which you have to push to move forward and backward, a canister vacuum offers a more versatile option.

The long flexible hose and extension wand plus wheels make this more usable. You don’t have to deal with the full weight of the vacuum when using this. Plus it is easier to move around thanks to the hose and wand combo.

Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless SH40070

One thing I dislike about a Dyson canister is that it lacks a true motorized brush.

Lacking this makes almost unusable on thicker pile carpet.

This is why I like the Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless SH40070. Like the Dyson this variant has cyclonic technology – they call it WindTunnel.

Quick look at the features:

  • Filtration: HEPA filter
  • Weight: 13.22 pounds
  • Power cord: 17 feet
  • Warranty: 3 years

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Don’t let the terminology confuse you, it’s basically the same technology to prevent dirt from clogging up the main filter in the middle.

What’s different with Hoover’s version is that it has a motorized brush.

Between this and the Dyson Ball Multi Floor, I’d get this not only because of the motorized brush but also because it’s cheaper.

The telescopic wand and flexible hose make this a viable option for cleaning small to medium sized homes. One big downside with this vacuum is the short power cord – only 17 feet.

Aside from the main cleaning, you’ll also get a 3-in-1 tool and hard floor brush.

If you need something with a bag then go with the Hoover SH30050 canister. It will offer the same performance but with a bag.

Bottom line: I reckon that this Hoover is a better option than the Dyson Ball Canister vacuum because of the motorized brush and the cheaper price. It won’t have the same quality or the bells and whistles as a Dyson but it’s a decent option.

Hoover Commercial CH32008 Hush Tone

When you think about canister vacuums, the first thing may come would be the Miele or a Bissell canister. Compact machines that’s easy to store.

The Hoover Commercial CH32008 is anything but compact.

This commercial grade canister is built like one of those shop vacuums you see inside a hotel.

Quick look at the features:

  • Filtration: HEPA filter
  • Weight: 11.6 pounds
  • Cleaning path: 10.5”
  • Power cord: 50 feet
  • Warranty: 1 year

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It’s got a large drum like base with enough room to store 9.5 quarts of dry dirt. Covert that to liters and that would be around 8.99 liters!

Everything about this vacuum was designed for cleaning a commercial establishment.

It’s got a 50 foot power cord and HEPA filters that can filter out up to 0.3 microns of dirt.

Despite the large size, Hoover was able to keep the weight down to just 11.6 pounds.

The main cleaning head works great for low pile or bare floor. It doesn’t have any motorized brush so it won’t be usable on plush carpet.

For steering, this vacuum relies on two caster wheels up front. It also has two large wheels at the back. Nothing really fancy just a basic design.

Aside from the main cleaning head, you’ll also get a brush and crevice tool to clean loose dirt from upholstery.

Bottom line: The Hoover Commercial CH32008 is a great option if you want something capable of cleaning office spaces. It has enough suction to clean dirt from bare floor and low pile rugs or carpet. And a long enough power cord (at 50 feet) that you don’t need to constantly look for a power outlet. You can also use has as a shop vacuum inside your home.

Best Hoover Stick Vacuum

Stick vacuums are great alternatives to an upright if you don’t really need the power. Small home owners will benefit the most from this type of vacuum. These machines are lighter than an upright – mostly under 10 pounds but will have less power so it will not deep clean carpet.

Hoover Air Lift 2.0

I must applaud Hoover for being bold with this next product I’m talking about.

Most of the products you’ve seen so far in this article use a traditional design.

The Hoover Air Lift 2.0 is one of the most innovative vacuums I’ve seen in the last 5 years writing reviews about vacuums.

Quick look at the features:

  • Filtration: HEPA filter
  • Weight: 12.5 pounds
  • Run time: up to 50 minutes (from the 2 Li-Ion batteries)
  • Warranty: 5 years

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It’s up there with the likes of the Shark and Dyson in terms of pushing the envelope with product design.

One of the biggest benefits of the Air Lift 2.0 would be versatility.

Even if Hoover says that this is an upright, it is not. It’s just a bulky stick vacuum that morphs into a canister vacuum – one without a cord.

This is all made possible thanks to the “Lift” feature that separates the dirt bin from the frame and floor tool.

With the dirt bin attached to the frame, this vacuum weighs 12.5 pounds. In canister mode that goes down to under 10 pounds.

So you’ll get close to upright class when it comes to dirt capacity (a little over a liter) but you’ll also get the same versatility as a canister.

You’ll also get tools like the foldable brush and combination crevice/brush tool to clean areas above the floor.

It also comes with two lithium ion batteries combined will run for up to 50 minutes max.

Bottom line: The Hoover Air Lift 2.0 is a versatile tool that will clean not just floors but also upholstery. It doesn’t have a cord so you can use this inside your vehicle thanks to the flexible hose and brush tools.

Hoover Linx Stick

One of the bestselling vacuums regardless of category in Amazon is the Hoover Linx Stick with close to 10,000 reviews and counting.

If you look at the specs there’s no reason to ask why.

While this may not be as versatile as let’s say a Dyson cordless, it’s got pretty decent performance on both bare floor and carpet.

The lack of above floor tools is a concern but for less than $180 it’s easily a few hundred dollars cheaper than a Dyson or Shark.

Quick look at the features:

  • Filtration: washable
  • Weight: 7.3 pounds
  • Run time: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Warranty: 2 years

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The lightweight nature of this vacuum makes this very usable inside small homes – even ones with carpet. It’s light enough that it wouldn’t be a drag taking this out to clean high traffic areas.

Another selling point would be the removable batteries. So you can buy an extra battery to extend run time.

Bottom line: Folks who live in small homes will appreciate the lightweight nature of this stick vacuum. One big issue though with this is the lack of versatility. This is a strictly a floor vacuum but performance is good enough to make up for this limitation.

Best Hoover Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuums are a great option if you’re looking for something that will clean spot areas. These vacuums are the lightest options with makes easy to pick up and store on the fly.

Hoover Air Cordless 20V Hand Vacuum

Currently, the Hoover Air Cordless 20V is the only handheld option available from Hoover.

It has the same 20 volt battery as in the other Air series cordless vacuums. This means you can interchange batteries with the other models.

Feature wise this variant is pretty basic in the mold of a Black & Decker BDH2000L.

Quick look at the features:

  • Filtration: Washable filter
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Run time: 15 minutes
  • Warranty: 2 years

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One advantage of having a removable battery would be the option it gives you to purchase an extra battery that instantly doubles the run time.

And since you can recharge the battery independently, the vacuum is still usable.

This vacuum will run for about 15 minutes on a single charge and will take roughly 9 hours to fully charge.

You’ll get a couple of tools – a crevice and mini turbo brush. So you can use this to clean pet hair off upholstery inside your home or vehicle.

Unfortunately it does lack a brush tool which would have made it more versatile.

The whole vacuum with the battery weighs just 4 pounds so it’s very light.

Bottom line: This lightweight handheld is great for cleaning up small messes. If you’re looking something that will complement an upright or stick vacuum, this an excellent and cheap option.

How to choose the right hoover vacuum?

Before spending a dollar on any vacuum cleaner, it is important to look at several features that you will need. Also look at the features that you may not need.

The last thing you want is buying something and finding out that most of its features are useless for you.

You’ll be wasting not just money but also time spent on contacting customer service and returning the item.

So let’s look at the features you need to look at when selecting a vacuum, particularly a Hoover.

Type of vacuum

Upright: These vacuums are the most powerful and bulky. If your home has wall to wall carpet then this is a great option not only because it is powerful, also it can hold a lot of dirt. What makes this a great option for carpet is its ability to deep clean thanks to the combination of suction and stiff bristles on the main cleaning clean.

Hoover has a rich collection of upright vacuums both bagged and bagless. They also have options available for use in a commercial setting if you need something more robust.

Canister: Folks looking for a more versatile machine with more reach without sacrificing too much of the cleaning performance should look at canister vacuums. These vacuums offer better reach thanks to the flexible hose and extension wand. It won’t have as much power or dirt capacity as an upright but it is a great compromise if you want more coverage.

Unfortunately, Hoover doesn’t have as vast a collection of canister vacuum as let’s say a Miele or even a Dyson. So your options are limited.

Stick: These are great options for smaller homes where space is a premium. Stick vacuums are smaller versions of an upright will less power and agitation. You are buying these because it has less bulk hence easier to move around.

Hoover has several stick vacuum options available like the Linx Stick corded and cordless. But these options pale in comparison to a Dyson or Shark when it comes to sheer versatility and usability. The Hoover Cruise is a decent option but performance leaves a lot to be desired.

Handheld: This option is the lightest and most compact option of the bunch. Handheld vacuums work best in small spaces picking up dirt here and there. If you have young children running around, this is the tool you one.

Currently, Hoover only has one handheld vacuum available in their product line – the Air Cordless 20V. Other than that there’s no other option.

Other features to look at

Bagged vs bagless

Newer Hoover vacuum cleaners use bagless technology. This means that all the dirt and dust go inside a plastic container. A filter helps keep dirt inside the container from going through the exhaust.

Older consumer grade Hoover uprights and all their commercial grade vacuums have bags in them. Bagged systems offer better filtration because there is almost no exposure to allergens. Once the bag is full, just remove from the vacuum and dispose it.

Bagged vacuums are great for people who suffer from allergies like asthma or rhinitis.

If you want to learn more about these, please refer to my bagless vs bagged guide.

To wrap up

These are just some of the best hoover vacuum cleaner options available right now. Make sure to know what you need first before spending a dollar on one. Product selection is always the most important step to avoid buyer’s remorse.

If you’ve tried any of the vacuums I talked about in this article, please share your experience in the comments section below.

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