5 Best Vacuums Under $100 in 2019: Cheap Vacuum Comparison

Best Vacuum Below 100

Did you know that you can find a good vacuum cleaner under $100?

In an industry dominated by giants like the Dyson and Shark, you’ll be able to find good vacuum cleaners that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Who doesn’t love a good deal and in the world of vacuum cleaners, many good deals can be had if you know where to look.

The top brands like Dyson and Shark will cost you well over $200.

But don’t worry there are still good performing vacuums that are below $100 and that’s what we’ll look at in this article.

Remember that these vacuums don’t have a high-end finish like a Dyson. But performance won’t be far off which is the most important factor.

Think about it; you’re buying a product that costs around a third of the price of a more popular brand.

But you still get them around 70 to 80% of the performance – sometimes more.

It is excellent value for money in my opinion.

The important thing when buying vacuums below $100 would be determining the features you need.

Some expensive vacuums have tools and features that you may not even use. It would be a waste of money to buy such, so it’s essential that you do your due diligence before purchasing one.

There will be some quality control issues with these vacuums. But you’ll have to take the good with the bad.

You can’t have it all as they say.

Here are my picks for the best vacuums under $100

You’ll notice that the list here is a mix of different types of vacuums from handhelds to an upright. I believe there is not a single vacuum that can cover all the bases.

If you need something for quick cleanups, then you’ll have to choose a handheld. For cleaning floors, you’ll need either a stick or an upright vacuum.

Make sure to read to the end to find out how to choose an inexpensive vacuum under $100 and much more.

Our pick: Eureka NEU100 AirSpeed

Unlike other upright vacuums that weigh over ten pounds, the Eureka NEU100 is a lightweight. This upright only weighs 7.7 pounds! Don’t let its slight frame fool you because it can still hold up to 1.7 liters of dirt – that’s pretty decent for an upright vacuum.


  • This upright vacuum is light at less than 8 pounds
  • Decent size dust cup
  • 10 amp motor will provide decent cleaning performance
  • Great value for money at less than $70!


  • Not as powerful as more powerful and heavier upright vacuums
  • Some users complain of a splitting, whistling sound from the brush
  • The short hose will not reach high places

If you buy an upright vacuum from Hoover – you’ll probably have to spend close to $100 to purchase one.

The Eureka NEU100 AirSpeed will only cost at least 40% less than the Hoover.

Now that’s value-for-money in my book. Despite the low price, this vacuum still packs a punch with its 10-amp motor that is capable of cleaning hard floors and carpet.

This variant is similar to the Eureka AS3030A and has the same AirSpeed technology. The difference would be power and weight; the AS3030A has a larger motor; thus it weighs more.

A lightweight upright

Perhaps the major selling point of this vacuum is its weight – Eureka says it weighs only 7.7 pounds.

The weight drop makes it easier to move this around. If you live inside a multi-story home, the three to five found difference can mean a lot.

However, it’s not all roses as this the NEU100 AirSpeed lacks a swiveling feature that would have made it easier to move around furniture.

But at the current price point, it’s hard to expect more than what you’ll get.

Above the floor cleaning

In addition to cleaning floors, you also have to option to clean areas like the upholstery thanks to the stretchable hose and onboard tools.

The hose can be stretched up to 8 feet. Decent but not long enough to replace a handheld vacuum when it comes to range. It comes with a crevice and brush tool which is enough for most cleaning tasks.

But it will not be able to clean pet hair on upholstery because it does not have a mini-turbo brush.

No HEPA filter

This vacuum isn’t suitable for people who suffer from an allergy as it does not have any HEPA filter.

It comes with a washable foam filter that soils up pretty fast. The Eureka cyclonic system isn’t as good as a Dyson or a Shark so stay away from this if you have allergies.

Another issue with the filter is the need to replace it every few months. The filter that Eureka uses is a foam-type filter that degrades pretty quick unlike a Dyson that uses a cloth type filter.

Cleaning performance

The 10 amp motor has enough power to clean even rugs and carpet. One review said that it “manicures the carpet.”

Another review said that it can clean even high-pile carpet which is tremendous for a sub-$70 vacuum. It can also pick up dog hair, but you’ll have to regularly clean the brush roll if you have a lot of pets.

One issue brought up by several consumers would be the whining, high pitched noise that this vacuum makes. It is quite loud and annoying.

Bottom line: The Eureka NEU100 AirSpeed will give you a lot of value for the price tag. It comes with a 10-amp motor that will clean even on high pile carpet and offer some versatility thanks to the hose and two extra tools that come along with it. If you want a lightweight vacuum capable of cleaning carpet, this is a great option.

Upholstery and Stair Cleaner: Eureka 71B Corded Handheld

The Eureka 71B is one of only a few handheld vacuums that comes with a motorized brush. This feature allows it to clean flat surfaces like stairs with efficiency. It is a good handheld option for folks who have lots of pets as the brush roll will do well picking up hair and liter on upholstery.


  • Great choice for cleaning stairs or upholstery
  • Lightweight option
  • A good handheld option for cleaning pet hair


  • Short power cord
  • Small dirt bin

Based on my experience owning my own home, one of the most neglected furniture is the chair and sofas.

One of the areas I neglect inside my home is the sofa (and chairs).

Even if we have a vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t have the right tools to clean it efficiently.

Great for upholstery

This handheld is an excellent option for people looking to buy an upholstery vacuum thanks to the design of the nozzle.

If you look closely, it has a motorized brush that has great agitation to loosen dirt and hair.

These can be tough to remove, some people have resorted to lint rollers to remove these.

It also has a featured called the riser visor which allows you to use the vacuum this way…

stair cleaning

Cool isn’t it?

This feature makes it an ideal option for cleaning carpeted stairs with efficiency. The power cord means you don’t have to worry about current suddenly being cut off without warning – something that you should worry about if you’re using a cordless.

One issue though using this to clean stairs extensively would be the small dust cup.

Don’t forget that it has a hose that you can use with the crevice to clean loose dirt scattered around the house.

Consumers who bought this were mostly pet owners who gave this a 4 or 5-star rating impressed with the suction power and the ability to clean pet hair.

Great for budget conscious shoppers

Budget-conscious shoppers who are looking for a cheap handheld that still performs. And would be capable of cleaning upholstery and stairs won’t be disappointed with this.

Bottom line: The Eureka 71B is an excellent option if you need something to clean fabric upholstery and stairs. It has a cord so run time wouldn’t be an issue. But that’s about the only con I can see for this product. For what it’s designed to do, it will do it well.

Pet Hair Cleaner: Bissell Corded Pet Hair Eraser 33A1

Pet owners should have a look at the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1. Yes, it has a cord, but that means it has more suction – great for cleaning pet hair plus it’s cheap! The ribbed nozzle is unconventional, but reviews say that it works. It is one of the more popular options available with over 6,000 reviews!


  • Specially designed for cleaning pet hair
  • Cheap option


  • Smallish bin
  • Short power cord

Ask any homeowner, and they’ll tell you that one of the toughest things to clean is pet hair on fabric upholstery because it will stick on fabric.

And when enough of it is accumulate it becomes a health hazard, especially to those with allergies.

Great option for pet owners

The Bissell Corded Pet Hair 33A1 is an excellent option for people looking for a budget pet hair cleaner on upholstery.

It does this using a ribbed nozzle that will follow every contour on upholstery.

Also great for upholstery

This ribbed nozzle works by agitation to loosen up pet hair off fabric upholstery, stairs and edges of carpets near baseboards where a lot of pet hair accumulates

It’s great if you don’t mind going down on all fours.

One downside with this design is you’ll need to scrub the nozzle back and forth to loosen up particles on the surface of upholstery.

Hard floor nozzle

It also comes with another attachment called the hard floor nozzle that will allow you to use this as a regular handheld.

While this is a great for pet hair, outside of that, it will be limited despite the hard floor attachment.

Bottom line: Pet owners should seriously look at this odd looking vacuum. The flexible and rubberized attachment up front will agitate and pick up pet hair on any fabric surface. The biggest issue would be the small bin and absence of a HEPA filter.

A Lightweight Stick: Shark Navigator Freestyle

The Shark Navigator FreeStyle gives you an option for a vacuum with upright size but minus the weight. This cordless stick vacuum weighs just 7.5 pounds. Compare this to the full-sized behemoths that weigh over 15 pounds; this won’t put as much strain on your back.


  • Upright dirt bin size in a stick package
  • A great lightweight option if you don’t want to deal with an upright that weighs 15 pounds or more
  • The cordless feature means no more unplugging or unplugging


  • Lacks versatility that the other options have in this list
  • Does not have as much power as a traditional upright

One great thing about a cordless vacuum is you’re not constrained to the length of the cord. It is an excellent option if you’re looking for something to clean high traffic areas without having to plug and unplug it.

Good cleaning performance

Even if it costs below $90, performance won’t be far off from more expensive stick vacuums like Dyson. And it has a swivel feature that makes it easy to move around.

This will perform well on hard floors and low pile carpet.

Not so great on high pile carpet

But on medium to high pile carpet, it will struggle to deep clean, so you’ll have to tag team this with a strong upright cleaner.

Remember that the purpose of this cleaner is for quick clean ups in between deep cleaning sessions.

It will work well on high traffic areas where a lot of dirt tends to accumulate on and will give you a lightweight option for maintenance cleanups.

Bottom line: The Shark Navigator Freestyle will work great for people looking for an affordable cordless option that will work well in smaller homes with minimal carpeting. Just remember it will take between 3 to 7 hours to recharge and it will only run for about 12 to 17 minutes.

Budget Cordless Option: Black and Decker BDH2000FL

The Black & Decker BDH2000FL is one of the most versatile options of the 5 in this list thanks to the 4-foot hose. This feature easily extends the reach of this vacuum and makes a great option if you want to clean your vehicle. Don’t let the small size fool you because this cordless has some punch.


  • A lightweight option that’s versatile
  • Flexible hose gives this handheld access to really tight areas
  • Decent run time
  • Pretty good power for a handheld


  • Dirt bin is quite small
  • Most expensive option (slightly over $100)

It is this hose why I picked this as the best cordless handheld vacuum. One downside though for such a compact vacuum is bin size, but you have to take the good with the bad.

However, it’s hard to beat this in terms of portability. It weighs less than 5 pounds.


This versatile cordless handheld has a 4-foot hose and attachments that allow it to clean different types of debris in different situations.

It comes with a combination brush tool that’s great for picking up surface dirt and dust.

Second is the crevice tool that will help you reach hard to clean areas such as areas in between the cushions of sofas or crevices inside the car.

The last tool is the round shape pet hair tool for cleaning pet hair.


Powering this is a 20-volt Li-Ion battery that’ll run for around 16 minutes.

It is more than enough time for most spot cleaning tasks. But it’ll take around 5 hours to recharge.

One concern by consumers with the Black & Decker battery would be longevity.

Since the battery is built-in the unit, you won’t be able to replace it, and the manufacturer does not sell replacement batteries.

So if it goes bad, you’ll have to throw away the vacuum.

Reviews with longevity are mixed. One review said that the battery only lasted for only 20 uses, some reviews say six months while others reported that it lasted past the warranty period.

Hose adds to the versatility

The addition of a hose is excellent because it extends reach. And it allows you to put the vacuum down and apply more pressure. Being able to use more pressure improves agitation and will help clean fabric upholstery better.

It also helps clean areas like vents and Venetian blinds faster.

The biggest downside would be the run time but remember that this is only for spot cleaning. So it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Bottom line: If a cord is something that you don’t want then check out the Black & Decker BDH2000FL. It is one of the most versatile handhelds I’ve seen thanks to the flexible hose and interchangeable tools. It isn’t as cheap as the other options here. But hey that’s the price you pay for technology.

How to choose a good quality vacuum cleaner for under $100?

Once you’ve set your mind on buying vacuum cleaners at this price range, selecting one all boils down to the need you have. You’ll have to answer these questions.

1. How big is your home?

For big homes, you’ll need something with a wide cleaning path so that you’ll be able to cover more with less time. Also consider how big the dirt cup capacity is, for large homes you almost certainly need a big upright vacuum with a long power cord that is retractable.

2. Do you need something to clean floors with

If you’re looking strictly at cleaning the floors, go for an upright or a stick vacuum. The former covers a larger area better but these are bulky heavy while the latter works great for smaller homes as the primary cleaner and in larger houses that can quickly clean high traffic areas.

3. Does your home have wall to wall carpeting?

For homes with a lot of carpet space look for something with a motorized brush, this will help it pick up dirt not just on the surface but underneath the strands as well.

The larger the brush, the better, this might be a weak point for vacuums at this price range, but if your home doesn’t have thick carpet, their performance should be enough.

4. How much storage space do you have?

Small homes with limited storage space are better multipurpose that can clean more than just one area.

Canister and 2-in-1 vacuums come to mind here; you can configure these machines in different settings so that they’ll be able to clean floors, upholstery, windows up to the ceiling.

Remember that suction isn’t their strength but versatility but cleaning performance is decent.

5. Do you have pets?

For pet owners, look for something with a motorized brush and a pet hair tool. These tools will allow it to pick up pet hair more efficiently on carpet and fabric upholstery rather than just relying on suction alone.

6. Does your home have expensive hardwood flooring?

If your home has expensive hardwood like Hickory that scratches easily, avoid vacuums with a beater bar. It increases the risk of scratching the surface.

Or you can buy something with a brush roll on/off feature that gives you the option to turn it on or off.

There are select brands like Shark Duo Clean, and Dyson V8 and V6 have special tools for hardwood. But these will cost more than $100, so I didn’t include any of them here.

The verdict: Which inexpensive vacuum should you choose?

There you go, these are the five of the best vacuum cleaners below $100.

Remember that you shouldn’t settle for anything sub-standard. These vacuums will provide years of reliable service. And clean your homes with great results without burning a hole in your checkbook.

Why Eureka Airspeed?

The Eureka Airspeed AS3030A is number one because it has power and a little bit of versatility. Pair this up with any handheld in this list, and you’ll don’t have to spend more than $250 for the combo.

The only thing it will not do is deep clean shaggy, thick pile carpet.

For pet owners

If you own pets, then go with either the Eureka EasyClean 71B or the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. Both these vacuums will do a very decent job cleaning fabric upholstery and stairs. Take note that both have cords so you’ll have to plug and unplug constantly.

Other options

For folks looking for purely a floor cleaner and already have a handheld then can have a look at the Shark Navigator Freestyle. This no-nonsense stick vacuum from Shark will do a great job cleaning surface dirt from high traffic areas.

If it’s a cordless handheld that you need then look no further than the versatile Black & Decker BDH2000FL. It’s got a flexible hose and a bevy of interchangeable tools that’ll clean most areas in your home. It would be a great tag team partner to a stick or upright.

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