5 Best Vacuum for Tile Floors in 2018: Comparison and Review

Best Vacuum for Tile FlooringTile, it’s the default flooring inside your kitchen and bathroom.

Depending on the type of tile your home has it may or may not require as much power as carpet.

So before buying a vacuum or cleaner for it requires you to know what type you have at home.

Now there are a lot of different types of tile

These include ceramic, porcelain, quarry, faux wood, slate, marble, natural stone and glass to name a few. And each of these has different cleaning requirements.

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There are a lot of different ways to clean tiled flooring

Ceramic tiles have to be scrubbed with soapy water.

But before doing that, you must clean all the dust that piles up, particularly on the grout area.

This is a necessary step to remove a film of dust that can make scrubbing much tougher and messier.

But before doing any of these, you will need to clean excess dust and dirt. Here are some recommendations.

Spec comparison

Cord Length
30 feet
25 feet
25 feet
20 feet
Motorized brush
Brush on/off switch
Net weight
15 pounds
5.1 pounds
9 pounds
9.7 pounds
13.8 pounds
Cleaning Path
850 watts
28 AW
100 AW (Max/boost)
3.5 Amps
5 years
2 years
5 years
2 years
2 year

How to choose the right vacuum for tile?

Identify the type of tile flooring you have

Most ceramic tiles have a glazed finish which means it is resistant to dirt.

It has a coating on top of the actual tile itself that makes it smooth and easier to clean.

The downside to glazed tile is that it is more prone to scratching.

Unglazed tiles that don’t that protective coating are harder to clean. This will necessitate a more powerful vacuum that has a motorized brush to dislodge dirt trapped on its uneven surface.

1. Brush roll on/off feature

You need a vacuum with a brush roll on / off feature that gives you the option to turn off the motorized brush.

This helps a great deal in terms of cleaning large debris like cereal.

A motorized brush will have a tendency of creating a bigger mess when cleaning large debris because of the fast spinning bristles that “kick” dirt around.

2. Grout cleaning

Grout is probably the toughest area of a tile to clean because it absorbs dirt easily.

Even the strongest cleaners like Armor All can’t get the job done. Baking soda and vinegar is a potent combo that can remove even the toughest stains.

3. Steam cleaning

To truly deep clean tile, vacuuming and scrubbing isn’t enough. Steam cleaning is a necessity to kill bacteria. And since tile is resistant to high temperature and fully sealed, steam cleaning it would be idea.

4. Type of vacuum that works best

For tiled surface, I would suggest going for an upright, stick or canister vacuum as these types of vacuums have enough length that you don’t need to bend down just to clean of dust.

You can also opt for something with attachments to reach areas around the table and refrigerator where the main vacuum cleaning head cannot reach.

5. Next generation vacuums

The latest generation vacuums from Dyson and Shark have cleaning heads that use soft roller bars that are very effective in picking up large debris.

Dyson with in their latest V6 and V8 products have a tool dedicated for hard floor. They call this the soft roller cleaning head.

If a cordless vacuum isn’t an option for you then have a look at the Shark Duo Clean that combines the soft roller and bristled brush.

6. Filtration

This is an important consideration when choosing a vacuum for any floor type.

The filtration is a vacuum’s last line of defense against microscopic dust and allergen from coming back out.

7. There’s HEPA filtration

A best case scenario would be buying something with HEPA filtration.

But these are very expensive and most of the time, you will need to replace it at the manufacturer’s recommended time.

If you don’t have any respiratory ailment, you could possibly get away with a vacuum that does not have any HEPA filtration but if you do, it is a must have.

Can I Use a Cordless?

For cleaning smaller areas like the kitchen, you can absolutely use a cordless vacuum because of the convenience and portability.

But make sure to choose one with enough accessories and enough length so that you can use it as a stick vacuum.

Run time is another thing to consider. Look for a product that will run for at least 15 minutes. This will allow you to at least clean a small to medium sized kitchen.

The Dyson V8 series is the latest that offers the most powerful suction and agitation. But it is the most expensive at over $500!

Our Pick: Shark Duo Clean Powered Lift Away

The Shark Duo Clean Powered Lift Away is one of the most versatile upright vacuums available right now thanks to the “Lift Away” system and interchangeable tools. Another reason that this is a good option is the Duo Clean feature that combines soft roller and bristle brush. This feature really shines on surfaces like bare floor.

What makes the Shark NV803 a great option?

  • Better agitation compared to the Rotator NV752
  • Powered LiftAway feature allows you to use the improved cleaning head deep under furniture
  • Unmatched versatility
  • Varied enough tool set to clean on the floor and above it
  • Long 5 year warranty
  • LED headlights helps a great deal with visibility
  • Equally great on carpet and bare floor

Some bad points

  • More top heavy than the Dyson
  • Will not perform as well on carpet

Despite the success of our previous pick, the Rotator NV752, Shark continues to improve. And this next product is a reflection of their forward thinking nature.

The DuoClean Powered LiftAway is a culmination of a series of innovative ideas that Shark introduced to their upright product line.

Innovations by Shark

First innovation was the LiftAway feature wherein the canister and floor tool separate, freeing it up from its added weight that allowed it better coverage and reach.

Next came the Powered LiftAway. This allowing users to use the main cleaning head even in canister mode.

Great reach

This gave it unparalleled reach when it comes to cleaning hard to reach areas under furniture.

Their latest innovation is the DuoClean feature that combines the soft roller and a bristled brush for better agitation.

The NV803 DuoClean Powered LiftAway combines all these features into an upright capable of cleaning not just floors but also upholstery.

New cleaning head

The DuoClean system consistently received great reviews because of the improved cleaning performance. This improvement is for both carpet and hard floor – it’s that good.

More so with the latter because the addition of the soft roller head all but eliminates the snow plowing that affects traditionally designed cleaning heads.

Using a soft roller head isn’t an original idea by Shark. Dyson was the first to introduce this concept but Shark took it further and combined it with a bristled brush.

Now, I did mention this works great on bare floor and carpet. To show you why I made this claim, just watch this video…

Make sure to watch it whole to see both cleaning tests. And the results are impressive, just look at the before and after photos below.

A before photo on carpet

Here’s the after…

Even with the large mess scattered on the floor, this vacuum was able to pick up most of the dirt in just one back and forth pass. Impressive isn’t it? This isn’t the type of mess you’ll deal with every day but it’s nice to know that it is capable to handle such mess when the need arises.

How about bare floor?

I’m glad you asked…

Again, here’s the after image…

Shark was able to pick up all the crud even on the recessed grout area. This is where the newly designed cleaning head shines!

There was no snow plowing as the soft roller pick pulled everything towards the suction chamber and in the bin.

If you don’t mind paying an excess of $300 then this is a good option for medium to large homes. Another reason to buy this would be the 5 year warranty. This is 3 years more than the Dyson!

Bottom line:

This is one of the best performing uprights on bare floor and carpet thanks to the redesigned cleaning head. It now has a soft roller head and bristle brush. It isn’t as powerful as the NV752. But the improved agitation makes up for it. However, you’ll have to spend over $300 for it and it does not have HEPA filtration.

Cordless Option: Dyson V6 Absolute

The Dyson V6 Absolute is perhaps the most versatile option of the 5 vacuums here. If you’re looking for a stick vacuum to complement your upright in a large home or a stand alone option in smaller homes. One of the biggest downsides though with the V6 is the dirt bin that’s messy to empty. If you don’t mind having less tools then have a look at the Dyson V7 MotorHead that runs longer and less messy to empty.

Why makes the V6 a great option for tiled floor?

  • Soft roller cleaning head will work great on most tiled floor surfaces (I must warn you that it will not clean anything wet so don’t even try)
  • Decent power even for a cordless vacuum
  • A full charge will last for 20 minutes (long enough to clean most kitchen flooring and even the ceiling fan!)
  • Has HEPA filtration (and yes it’s washable)
  • It can turn to a handheld vacuum when you remove the extension wand

Some potential issues

  • Very expensive
  • Very messy to empty

I’ve featured the Dyson V6 time and time again and for cleaning tiled floors.

This is the best cordless vacuum for this type of surface. And there’s on reason for this and it’s the brush roll.

While other upright vacuums rely on bristles, the V6 uses a soft roller head.

Why this is great on hard floor?

The soft roller head is basically is a stiff tube with a cloth like outer coating that will literally grab dirt. Since it does not have any bristles, there’s no risk of it kicking dirt around.

Its design minimizes larger debris from flying off once it makes contact with it as well as the dreaded snowplow effect that vacuums with low profile cleaner heads have had.

Using a fabric laced roller bar allowed Dyson to bring up the frame so that large bits of dirt will fit without plowing.

There’s a cheaper option

Take note that if the Absolute is too expensive, you can opt for the cheaper V6 Fluffy that does not have the bristled brush roll for a few hundred dollars less. It’s a great deal if you ask me.

Dyson also has a new product called the V8 Absolute. It’s the absolute best cordless in the market right now.

They was able to double the run time from 20 minutes up to 40 minutes, that is without any motorized tools. With the motorized tools attached, it will run for about 26 minutes. Not only is the battery upgrade but also the motor – now with the V8 producing around 20% more power.

Agitation is another improvement with more powerful tools to pick up dirt on carpet and bare floor. If you don’t mind spending $500++ for a cordless then this is a good investment.

Bottom line:

Even though this is a cordless vacuum don’t sleep on the V6 because it will clean up any spill inside your tiled flooring without blowing back dirt on your face thanks to the HEPA filtration, yes it is expensive but consider it an investment.

Cheaper Dyson alternative: Shark Rocket Duo Clean

The Shark Rocket Duo Clean is a cheaper option to the Dyson V6 Absolute if you don’t want spending around $300 for a vacuum. It has almost the same functionality and versatility as a Dyson but it has a cord. If you don’t mind this then you can save around $60++ for it. Having a cord isn’t all that bad because power will be constant.

What makes the Shark Powerhead option for your tiled floor?

  • Strong suction and agitation
  • Duo Clean brush works best on surfaces like tile
  • Decent swivel steering
  • LED headlights help in terms of visibility
  • Weighs just 4.6 pounds in hand vacuum mode
  • Lifetime VIP warranty if you purchase from direct from Shark
  • Works well on carpet too (just in case your home has any)

Some potential issues

  • Heavier than the Dyson V6
  • Not as good on carpet as it is on bare floor

Shark has really taken up the challenge and wants to beat Dyson in their own ball game which is innovation.

One of their biggest innovations is the Duo Clean system that has both the soft roller head and bristle brush.

So while this vacuum looks a lot similar to the Dyson thanks to the detachable wand and interchangeable tools, it also has feature that Dyson lacks.

LED headlights

One feature I like would be the LED headlights, this feature will help you track dust under furniture.

It’s bright enough to illuminate the area in front of it.

Interchangeable tools

Like the Dyson V6 and V8, this vacuum is versatile thanks to the removable wand and tools.

You’ll get a couple of tools aside from the main cleaning head – the crevice and mini turbo brush.

The latter is a great option if you need to clean pet hair off upholstery or carpet stairs.

Duo clean

The biggest strength of this vacuum is the Duo Clean system that works well cleaning big and small messes equally well.

So whether you’re cleaning cheerios or dust, this vacuum will work equally well.

If you trick to clean this big pile of mess with a vacuum that has a traditional cleaning head, it will just plow most of it forward.

Some folks call this the snow plowing effect. Whatever it is, this can be frustrating. So what you’d do is removing the cleaning head and use another look like the brush or crevice tool.

With this tool, you won’t have to worry about that happening.

Some potential issues

Two big weaknesses of this vacuum would be the weight and cord. This vacuum is much heavier than the V6. It weights 9.9 pounds if you put the cleaning head and extension wand.

Even without the main floor tool, this vacuum is top heavy so if you’ll be using this to clean areas above your head, it’ll be a chore for someone weaker.

Bottom line:

This lightweight vacuum is a good option for homes with a mix of tile and carpet flooring because it is capable of cleaning both. However filtration isn’t its strong suite as it does not have any HEPA filtration so if you have asthma, don’t buy this.

Vac and Steam: Bissell Symphony All-In-One

The Bissell Symphony All-In-One is a different option than the other three cleaners above. Instead of relying on suction and agitation to clean, this machine uses steam and vacuum. Steam is a great option if you want to disinfect sealed floors like tile.

What make this a great option for tile?

  • In addition to the vacuum functionality it also has steam cleaning functionality
  • Cheaper than the Dyson Hard
  • Disinfects 99.9% for bacteria from tile floors
  • Long 25 foot power cord
  • Decent 2 year warranty

Some potential issues

  • Strictly a hard floor cleaner

You already know the importance of steam cleaning earlier this article. A steam cleaner can disinfect tile floors and kill bacteria.

Another benefit would be its ability to loosen up stuff like dried oil on sealed surfaces.

The Bissell Symphony All-In-One like its name implies is a multi-function product that offers both vacuum and steam functionality.

This product is a great option if you want a purpose built vacuum and steam cleaner for your kitchen.

Great as a steam cleaner

The Symphony works best as a steam cleaner to disinfect floors and will not pick up spills. It will work best on smooth glazed tile surfaces.

Also, you cannot use the vacuum and steam function simultaneously, only one at a time.

Since it does not have any motorized brush, you will not be able to use this on carpet.

If you already have a stick vacuum and only want a steam mop with variable steam control then the PowerFresh 1940 is a good option.

It won’t cost as much as the Symphony. But provides a compact option just in case you don’t need the vacuum function.

Bottom line:

The Bissell Symphony is a great option for cleaning kitchen tiles because of the steam cleaning functionality it offers that disinfect and keep your kitchen floors bacteria free. Remember that the vacuum and mop feature will not work simultaneously.

Floor Scrubber: Hoover Floormate FH40160PC

The Hoover Floormate FH40160PC is a great option if you need a deep cleaner for your tiled surface. Underneath the main cleaning head are 4 brushes that scrub caked up dirt and oily residue. Since tiles is a sealed surface, you don’t need to worry about water seeping through. It doesn’t have any vacuum motor so you’ll need a separate vacuum when buying this.

What makes this a great option?

  • This machine is purpose built for scrubbing and deep cleaning not only tile but hardwood as well
  • Four counter rotating brushes will agitate any grease and grime build up and then it will suck up any excess liquid on the floor
  • Large water / cleaning solution tanks means this will cover a larger area
  • Leaves your tile flooring spick and span without the need to mop
  • Hoover backs this up with a 2 year warranty

Some potential issues

  • No vacuum functionality (you’ll need to pair this with a stick vacuum)

Despite not having any vacuum functionality, I’ve decided to add the Hoover Floormate in this list because it does one thing well – scrub tiled floors.

This is a great option if you need to clean stairs or oil residue. It has four scrubbers underneath that will deep clean almost any tile flooring.

No vacuum motor

At first glance you may think that the absence of a vacuum would be a downside.

But if you look closely it actually is a plus. Without the vacuum motor and inlet taking up space Hoover was able to make this product two pounds lighter.

Larger water tank

This means more space for a larger water tank – a total of 5 quarts.

The larger water tank will allow this machine to clean a larger area without refilling as often. It will save you time and effort and add more efficiency.

What I like about the Floormate is you don’t have to mop afterwards. It will suck up excess water and cleaning solution leaving a clean and spot free surface.

It also comes with another brush for more delicate surfaces like hardwood.

Bottom line:

This machine does one thing but it does it well. It will deep clean any bare floor surface like tile, hardwood or linoleum leaving it clean and dry without you having to bend down and do the scrubbing yourself.

To Wrap Up

Remember that in cleaning tile flooring, the first order of business always to vacuum first to remove dust, pet litter, stray cheerios, etc.

Basically any loose dirt on the floor before doing any scrubbing and any steam cleaning.

Most of the options I presented here have vacuum functionality. The other two offer steam cleaning and scrubbing.

Why the Dyson V6?

The Dyson V6 Absolute offers the best cleaning solution for tile – a soft roller cleaning head. It is cordless so expect it to run around 17 minutes with the motorized tool.

A corded solution that offers comparable flexibility would be the Rocket Duo Clean that has a similar tool as the Dyson. Performance won’t be far off and it’s way cheaper.

Why the Shark?

Shark offers the best corded solution with the Rotator NV752 because of its versatility.

I dare you find another upright that can cover the area it covers.

There are only a few in the market with such power and coverage. And again this product isn’t as expensive as a Dyson which is a big reason why I like it.

The last two options I put in there because of the features that were lacking in the first three. That is steam mopping and scrubbing.

If you need a steam mop

Depending on the need you can opt for the Bissell Symphony if you need the steam mopping feature. Or go for the Hoover Floormate if you find yourself down on all fours scrubbing the kitchen floor.

The Bissell Symphony also has vacuum functionality but you can’t use that with the mopping feature simultaneously. If you only need the steam mopping feature then have a look at PowerFresh SteamMop also from Bissell.

If I may, I would suggest buying the Bissell Symphony and Hoover Floormate because it would cover all the functionality you need.

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