Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 94V5A Review

With the Pet Hair Eraser, Bissel enables pet owners to tackle a common problem which is cleaning pet hair off upholstery and stairs.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 94V5A Review

Update: Bissell does not carry this product anymore. It has a newer and better product called the BOLT Reach Pet.

The Pet Hair Eraser 94V5A is Bissell’s cordless handheld version of their pet hair eraser corded vacuum.

And it certainly looks the part with the red nozzle that has teeth on the edges designed to loosen and suck in pet hair of upholstery and carpet.

Also located within a nozzle is a pull out crevice tool that is really short and doesn’t really add to the reach.


  • Removes pet hair on upholstered furniture and carpet
  • Great for removing pet hair on stairs
  • Wall mountable charger
  • Purpose built


  • Short reach make it tougher to reach deep crevices
  • Small dirt cup can’t hold much
  • Filter not washable
  • Hair sticks on the filter
  • Loud
  • Heavy for a handheld

What to Expect from the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 94V5A?

This vacuum will pick up pet hair thanks to the ribbed mouth that will agitate well. It’ll pick up pet hair, poop, dander, all the pet litter well.

But don’t rely this as your primary cleaner.

The 12 volt nickel cadmium battery that is rather smallish, so don’t expect a whole lot of suction power.

Nozzle has silicon “teeth” on the edges that will agitate pet hair on upholstery.

And the pull out crevice tool will is great for picking up dander, hair and other debris left by your pet.

Attachments and accessories

Technically it has only one attachment which is the pull out crevice tool since the nozzle already is part of the vacuum.

The crevice tool though is rather short so it can’t reach deeper crevices it is good though for cleaning hard floors.

Charging time

Bissell didn’t state in their site how long you have to charge this but based on reviews, it takes around 12 to 24 hours to fully charge the 12 volt NiCad battery.

Filter clean up

This Bissell uses a HEPA filter so you cannot wash it. What some folks do to make it last a little longer is wiping the dirty part with Kleenex.

To empty, just press a release lever on top to separate the dirt cup from the body then remove the filter to empty the bin.

Run time

Again there is no run time numbers stated in the Bissell website but consumers are getting around 15 to 40 minutes according to reviews.


Bissell provides a 1 year limited warranty for this model.

Bare floor performance

This is only a spot cleaner on hard surfaces, it does not have any attachments that can clean a large area nor does it have the run time to do so.

The crevice attachments will be your main tool here to reach corners and edges; this is also great to pick up pet litter.

Unfortunately the crevice tool is short in terms of reach. It won’t reach deep parts of tight spots.

And don’t rely on this to pick up heavy debris like coins because it lacks suction.

Carpet performance

Works best as a spot cleaning tool to remove pet hair in small areas as well as stairs. It has a very short reach so this could be an issue for people with lower back problems.

It will work well on low pile carpet but not on medium to thick ones.


Upholstery cleaning shouldn’t be a problem with the pet nozzle but there were some complaints that it didn’t work quite as well on sofas made from microfiber.

Also be careful not to push too hard when moving this back and forth as it can leave behind marks because the nozzle has teeth on it.

Pet hair removal

This is where the pet hair eraser shines. The nozzle has ribbed edges which agitates any fabric upholstery well.

But there are some issues.

First issue would be the weak suction. Even with the ribbed mouth, suction isn’t strong enough to suck hair all the way to the bin. And when you turn off the motor, hair left on the mouth falls back.

Second issue is the filter clogging up fast because there’s nothing blocking the dirt.

See it in Action

Promotional video from Bissell

Video review from Amazon

Product specifications

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AttachmentsRubberized nozzle for pet hair

Integrated pull out crevice tool
Battery12 volts
ChargerWall mountable charging stand
Charging time6 hours
Run time15 minutes
(based on reviews)
Net weight (with battery)4 pounds
Shipping weight4.8 pounds
Overall length17"
Battery indicatorLED
Filter typeHEPA filtration
Dust capacity23.66 ounces
Air WattsN/A
Manufactured inChina
Warranty1 year limited

Customer reviews

A little over 80 people left a review and those who gave a positive feedback said that the ribbed nozzle was indeed effective in cleaning up pet hair pet hair on their upholstery as well as carpet – some complained though about the marks it left on their sofas and carpet.

There wasn’t much rubbing needed so this saved them time cleaning. This is great for quick clean up tasks but it won’t pick up the heavy stuff.

Most complaints pointed to the lack of power and dirt falling back out of the nozzle (when vacuum is off).

Short run time was another common complaint here.

Reviews from other sites

As of this articles writing, 22 people left a review and most of them (pet owners) were satisfied with the power and its performance in removing pet hair.

Like in Amazon, consumers who complained said that this lacked power.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this pet hair inhaling handheld from Amazon but unfortunately it’s out of stock.

To wrap up

This product would be great for pet owners looking for a small and portable handheld vacuum that can easily remove hair and other dirt left by their pets on low pile carpet and upholstery.

This is also great to use on stairs because of the ribbed nozzle, it doesn’t have enough power however to pick up larger and heavier pieces of dirt.

At under $90, this is a great budget alternative to more expensive handhelds with motorized brushes that’ll perform relatively well for pet owners.

Remember that this vacuum will take almost the whole day to charge. And it’ll run between 15 to 40 minutes. So keep it plugged in so it’s always ready.

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