BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Review: Lightweight and Versatile

The downside of most upright vacuums is weight and more or less it is limited to mostly cleaning floors, even if some models have a hose it usually is short and has limited reach.

Enter the Bissel Zing bagged vacuum, this canister vacuum weighs only 8 pounds and has a handle allowing you to carry it.

BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Review

If you don’t like carrying stuff then you can pull it along because underneath the canister are 4 wheels.

You can use this not only on floors but also on upholstery and stairs.

This will be more effective on hard surfaces than carpet because it does not have any brush roll.

This is the bagged version that uses paper bags to store dirt – great for people with respiratory ailments because disposing the bag will not expose you to dust or dirt because it is stored in a bag.

The downside though is the need to replace the bag which adds to the operational cost in the long run.

A quick look at the features

  • Multi-surface cleaning that can clean both bare floor and carpet
  • Includes a telescopic wand, floor tool and brush tool
  • Uses cyclonic action
  • Bagged vacuum but it doesn’t have HEPA filtration
  • 17 foot power cord
  • Full bag indicator
  • Variable suction control
  • 10-amp motor
  • 10.3″ cleaning path


  • Lightweight at just 8 pounds
  • Very strong suction
  • The vacuum head can swivel which makes it very maneuverable
  • Great on hard wood surfaces, stairs and throw rugs
  • Versatile enough to use on floors, stairs and upholstery
  • Has a cord rewind function


  • Does not have any motorized brush – this limits its effectiveness on carpet
  • Noisy especially when you turn up the suction power
  • Bags will add to operational cost in the long run
  • Short telescopic wand
  • Not good picking up pet hair on carpet and upholstery
  • Hard to push the floor tool on carpet

What to expect from BISSELL Zing Bagged?

Along with the wheeled body that has a handle, it has a long flexi hose (length though isn’t specified) that allows users to use it on floors and stairs which is hard with an upright if you have a tall flight of stairs.

Bissel Zing Bagged Features

In terms of product design, the Bissell Zing is pretty standard. There’s a foot activated power button on the left and cord rewind on the right.

Flexible hose is roughly around 4 feet long but it extends to around 6 feet.

It’s got a floor tool that does not have a motorized brush so this vacuum will work only on bare floor.

The bag it uses has multi-filtration but has no HEPA so it won’t filter as well as other bagged vacuums.

Attachments and accessories

Based on the specifications listed in, it does not come with much.

It only has the floor tool and the upholstery tool along with the telescopic wand but if you read the reviews, a couple of people say that it also came with a brush and crevice tool.


Cord length

Cord length is only 17 feet long so it isn’t very long and this limits the reach.

The good news is there is a rewind button so you don’t need to spend time winding and unwinding the cord.

Filter clean up

The filter that this product uses is disposable so there’s nothing to wash.

The manual says that you have to replace the bag when it is 1/2 or 2/3 full which can add up to the running cost of this machine but if you have any type of respiratory ailment then this is a must have


Bissel only gives the Zing a one year warranty.

See it in action

Bare floor performance

This will perform better on bare floor surfaces than carpet because it does not have any motorized brush.

It relies purely on suction to pick up dirt right up to the edges. Reviews more or less have confirmed this.

Weighing only eight pounds, you can easily carry this and clean the stairs easily.

The only problem I see here is the short power that is only 17 feet long. If your home does not have any outlet near the stairs it can be a problem.

You can put the upholstery tool in place of the main floor tool to clean stairs.

Carpet performance

It will struggle somewhat on carpet because it lacks a beater bar which is a must to deep clean carpet.

Picking up surface dirt wouldn’t be a problem but in terms of deep cleaning it will struggle because it lacks a motorized brush.

Some reviews say that this performed decently on rugs but I’m guessing only on thin rugs. This wouldn’t be effective on plush rugs.

I’d like to point out that because the suction is strong, the floor tool will have a tendency to grab area rugs, making it hard to clean.

You’d have to use your foot to hold the rug in place to be able to clean it well.

Pet hair removal

The lack of a motorized brush cleaning tool hurts this in terms of cleaning pet hair. Cleaning such wouldn’t be a problem on bare floor but it will be on carpet and upholstery.

It could pick up some on bare floors and non-upholstered surfaces but without any motorized brush or some sort of pet hair attachment, this is a weak point.

Product specifications

AttachmentsUpholstery Tool

Floor Tool
Cord Length17 feet
Auto Cord Rewind
Motorized brush
Brush on/off switch
Full bin indicator

This is a bagged vacuum
Self propelled
Net weight (with battery)8 pounds
Shipping weight12.8 pounds
Hose lengthN/A
Cleaning PathApprox. 11.5"
Overall length18.6"
Dirt capacityN/A
Filter typeBagged
Power10 amps
Manufactured inChina
Warranty1 year

What do consumers say?

Consumers say this product really had strong suction and the adjustable knob that controls suction flow is a nice touch, despite that it still didn’t do well on carpet because it lacked a spinning brush or a brush roll which is a must have for this surface.

One consumer said that it was hard to push on carpet because the floor tool lacked wheels, you’d have to pull it backwards to be more effective.

Even with the lack of a motorized brush, reviews say that it performed decently on carpet.

Based on the reviews I read, this product will definitely work best on hardwood, tiled or any bare floor surface where there is no carpet.

Suction is strong enough to pick up dust and other debris that are in the way.

Remember that you’ll need to replace the bag once it’s 2/3rds full. This didn’t sit well to some because of the added expense of not maximizing the bags.

The cord rewind is a popular feature as well as the placement of the rewind and power button because you can use your foot to press either one.

Cord length though is a bit on the short side so this would struggle in large homes.

Even with the telescopic wand, some say that it was still too short.

Lastly, since this is a canister vacuum, it is lightweight but it will have a tendency to tip over when you pull it sideways because of the shape of the canister and the small wheels.

Several have complained about this but you have to remember that most canister vacuums are like this.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this versatile canister vacuum from Amazon for less than $50. And it’ll be eligible to their free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

They also sell extended warranties of up to 3 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

Another option would be buying direct from Bissell’s website. It’ll cost the same but you won’t have the benefit of the 2-day shipping.

To wrap up

This bagged canister vacuum would be great for people who have a small to medium sized home with mostly hard surfaces and not pets looking for an affordable option.

The absence of a brush roll limits its effectiveness on carpet. It would still clean surface dirt but on medium to plush carpet don’t expect this to perform as well as other variants with a motorized brush.

It will struggle on big homes because of the short power cord at just 17 feet.

The absence of a brush tool also limits its versatility but it does come with an upholstery tool. So this should be able to take are of floors, stairs and upholstery without any problem.

The lack of a bag indicator worries me because it means more guess work. This means you’ll have to look inside the bag to check the status and this exposes you to dirt.

Regardless of the limitations of this product, it is still one of the cheapest available bagged vacuums.


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