Black + Decker BDH2400FH with ORA Technology Review

What if I told you that you can have purchase a stick/handheld cordless vacuum with Dyson like suction for just half the price?

Would you buy that product?

Let me introduce the Black + Decker BDH2400 which means it uses a 24-volt lithium ion battery.

This is one of 4 new products that B+D is introducing in the market right now and this one is primarily a stick vacuum with handheld functionality.

This is probably Black + Decker’s first foray into the stick vacuum market as all of their previous products are handhelds that are meant for quick pickups.

The features on paper are impressive – 40 air watts, 12 air-cyclone and a 24-watt lithium ion battery.

The suction power is actually 50% stronger than the Dyson DC59 (at normal mode) which is substantial.

A quick look at the features

  • 2-in-1 functionality of a stick and hand vac
  • Uses a 24-volt lithium ion battery that will take roughly 4 hours to charge
  • 17 minute run time
  • 40 air watts of suction power
  • 12 air-cyclones that provides no loss suction
  • Floor tool has swivel functionality
  • LED indicator shows your battery status
  • Has a powered brush that will work well on carpet (yes, there is a brush roll on/off switch)
  • 2 year warranty on the whole vacuum


  • Has strong suction at 40 air watts (more than 50% more than the Dyson DC59 at normal mode)
  • 2-in-1 functionality works great on different parts of the house – great versatility
  • 12 cyclones means fade free power
  • Uses a more durable lithium ion battery
  • Lightweight
  • Usable on bare floor and up to medium pile carpet


  • Short run time (only 17 minutes)
  • Long charging time (4 hours)
  • Smallish dirt cup capacity
  • Battery is not replaceable
  • Cannot free stand

What to expect from the Black & Decker BDH2400FH?

For almost a year now I’ve always wondered why Black & Decker still haven’t manufactured a stick vacuum because a lot of its competitors already have manufactured this type of vacuum.

And now they unveil this hybrid.


It is a 2-in-1 vacuum similar to a Dyson that combines the functionality of a hand and stick in one package.

B+D takes it a step further by equipping this with a more powerful motor produces 40 watts of suction power, that’s 14 more than a Dyson at normal mode. The battery at full charge will last around 17 minutes and will take around 4 hours to recharge.

Inside you’ll find 12 cyclones that B+D claims will give you fade free power even with the dirt cup filled with dirt.

The wand isn’t as long as the Dyson so tall people over 5’8” will have to bend over a little bit to use this on the floor.

A floor tool is included in the package with a motorized brushroll that can be turned on and off.

It also has swivel functionality so this will be easy to maneuver.

Bare Floor Performance

There is no brush roll on/off feature here so performance on hard surface will be uneven.

It should be ok when cleaning dust but when you clean larger debris like crush chips or cereal, the brush roll will create more mess by flinging stuff around.

It also is risky because it can scratch the surface – a no-no if you have expensive flooring.

Carpet Performance

The floor comes with a motorized brush has its own motor so the brushes will help in terms of picking up surface dirt on carpet. However, it will not deep clean like an upright or canister but for quick spot clean ups it will do a great job.

Pet Hair Removal

Since this is equipped with a motorized brush, it will be able to pick up pet hair on rugs and carpet. Just don’t use it on plush ones because it will struggle but for low to medium pile it should do okay.

It also comes with a mini powered brush to clean pet hair off upholstery.

Remember that for both tools, you’ll need to regularly clean the brushes for it to maintain performance.

Upholstery Performance

For upholstery cleaning, the mini motorized tool (which means it has a brush roll) can be used to clean embedded dirt. Crevice tool can be used for loose dirt.

Attachments and Accessories

You’ll get the tools you need for on the floor and above the floor cleaning – (1) Extension wand, (2) Floor head, (3) Dusting brush and (4) Powered brush.

It also comes with a charging bracket that you can bolt on the wall.

This vacuum cannot stand on its own.

Charging Time

Black and Decker did not say exactly how long it takes to recharge this but based on reviews it will take roughly 4 hours to fully charge. It does have a battery indicator that tells you when it’s full.

Filter Clean up

This comes with a washable filter that can be accessed when you open the side door panel. Before cleaning any of the two filters you’ll have to empty the dirt bin.

The cyclonic filter can then be removed. Before washing it, you’ll have to tap it to dislodge and remove excess dirt inside. This filter can be wash, just make sure that it is dry before putting it back in.

The foam filter can be accessed here…

Foam filter

Run Time

The official run time based on Black + Decker’s site is 17 minutes but consumers reported varying times between 11 to 30 minutes. If you’re using this to clean carpet, expect that run time to be closer to the former as the motorized brush does eat up more power.


Consumers will get a 2 year warranty on both the vacuum and battery.

Product Specifications

AttachmentsExtension and Wand

Floor Head

Dusting Brush

Powered Brush
Battery24-volt Lithium Ion
ChargerCharging Bracket
Charging time4 hours
Battery life17 minutes
Cleaning path9.6"
Net weight (with battery)6.5 pounds
Shipping weight10.2 pounds
Overall lengthN/A
Battery indicatorYes (LED)
Filter typeCyclone filter


Foam filter (washable)
Dirt capacity15.2 oz.
Air Watts40
Manufactured inChina
Warranty2 year limited on vacuum, battery and charger

Customer Reviews

Since this is a new product, most of the reviews you’ll read here are from Amazon Vine consumers – basically handpicked consumers that Amazon chose based on their track record of detailed and helpful reviews that are mostly unbiased.

Most of the consumers who’ve tried this vacuum said it had very good suction, especially when used as a handheld.

Good on bare floor but

Cleaning performance was pretty good on bare floor but a few consumers noticed that it performed best cleaning finer debris like dust and struggle a bit when pick up larger debris. That’s because you cannot turn off the motorized brush.

As for cleaning pet hair, while it is capable, it may not be the best one for the job (if you have more than one dog) because the dirt cup is small that clogs when you clean a lot of pet hair and run time is short.

Consumers like the versatility

The best feature of this product based on reviews is hands down the versatility.

You can use this as a stick vacuum with the extension wand.

With the floor tool off and wand on, this can clean cobwebs off the ceiling and reach tight areas.

In handheld mode, you can clean upholstery and tables. Some use this to clean their vehicles and were happy with the results.

Charge time was about 4 hours and run time ranged between 11 to 30 minutes so it varies depending on the surface you are cleaning.

Expect less runtime when cleaning carpet because the brush roll will eat up more power.

Build quality was pretty good as attachments snapped securely in place.

It comes with a wall mountable charging stand since the vacuum can’t stand on its own.

This was a con to some folks but don’t seem to mind so it is subjective.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this stick vacuum from Amazon for less than $100 and it’ll come with the free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

To wrap up

This vacuum would be great for folks who own small homes looking for a cleaner that is lightweight and versatile.

It can clean keep dust off bare floor and clean surface dirt off carpet.

Some potential issues

The lack of a brush roll on/off feature somehow limits its effectiveness on carpet because it will have a difficult time cleaning larger debris like cereal. the force in which the brush spins will create more mess than and will throw stuff around.

Black + Decker should have this feature.

Despite that con, this is still a decent quick clean up machine that is easy to store and has strong suction, especially has a handheld.

Versatile machine

The extension wand adds to the reach and will allow you to clean cobwebs of the ceiling and vents.

Since this is a lightweight stick, cleaning carpeted stairs won’t be a problem.

Suction power is very good for a cordless but don’t expect deep cleaning here, this is purely a spot cleaner that will clean surface dirt on rugs and carpet.

While some consumers say price is a bit too much, you’ll still get a lot for it – two attachments with beater bars, a crevice and dusting tool, basically these are the tools you’ll need to clean every part of your home.

Battery can be an issue long term

One concern long term is the battery that you can’t replace. When it breaks you either have to have it replaced by the manufacturer or throw this away – not good in terms of long term viability.

If the Dyson DC59 or the BDH3600SV is too expensive for you, this is a good second option.

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