Bissell ProHeat Essential Review: Lightweight Carpet Cleaner for Smaller Homes

One of the toughest chores inside our homes would be cleaning carpet. Maintenance would entail diligent vacuuming and deep cleaning using a carpet cleaner. You’ll have quite a few options for such. One would be buying a full sized carpet cleaner that’ll deep clean. But one big issue for these types of cleaners would be … Read more

Bissell 1985 Review: A GTech Multi Clone

A couple of years back, I talked about the GTech Multi Handheld vacuum that had innovative features not even found in the Dyson. It was a decent product but the problem was availability and cost. If you’d do a search on Amazon, you wouldn’t find this handheld. So Bissell took the initiative and filled the … Read more

Bissell Air Ram 1984 Review: Mid-Priced Option for Cleaning Floors

Don’t let the funky design fool you. The Bissell Air Ram 1984 will clean floors exceptionally well. It has a unique design with the motor sitting right behind the main cleaning brush, thus minimizing power low where it counts most – at the main nozzle. How does this stick vacuum does in the real world? … Read more

Bissell Cordless Pet Hair Eraser Review (1782): Great for Pet Hair

Pets can be a stress reliever because they offer you unconditional love but as with any pet owner will know owning one requires a lot of upkeep. Not just with feeding, grooming and taking care of them. It also involves cleaning a lot of pet hair. Basically owning a pet is like having another child. … Read more

Bissell 1683A Trilogy Superlight Review: Versatile and Lightweight Option

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and we have another Dyson imitator here with the Bissell 1683A Trilogy. Like the Shark Rocket TruePet, the 1683A looks eerily similar to the Dyson V6 series not just in terms of looks but also in functionality. But unlike the Dyson which is cordless, the Trilogy has a … Read more

Bissell 1316 Bolt Reach Pet Review: Lightweight Handheld

A few months ago, I wrote a review about the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser.But Bissell no longer produces this variant. They’ve since replaced it with the Bissell Bolt Reach. Unfortunately it still uses an older Nickel Cadmium battery that has a tendency to fade unlike Lithium Ion batteries that have more a consistent power band … Read more