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Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8: Which Cordless is Better?

When it comes to cordless vacuums there’s no doubt that Dyson is set the Gold Standard. Want proof? Just do a quick search on Amazon for cordless vacuums and you’ll see a gamut of products that look exactly like Dyson. The funny thing is even brands like Shark and Miele have gone the same route […]

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Hoover Linx vs Dyson DC59: Is The Price Difference Worth It?

The Linx is one of Hoover’s bestselling stick/upright vacuums and with good reason. Tech blogs like CNet liked how this product performed on bare floor and carpet as proven in their cleaning tests. Even with it’s limitations and flaws, one thing is constant – the Linx is cleans. That’s the reason why even if this […]

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Dyson V6 Absolute Review – Their Cordless Vacuum Just Got Better

The V6 may change the way you think about cordless vacuums. Particularly how it cleans bare floors. This is an upgraded version of the Motor head equipped with the same motor. The main differences are the attachments. The V6 comes in several different variants: the V6 Cord-Free, MotorHead (or DC59), Animal, Trigger, Mattress, Car + Boat, Top Dog, […]

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Bissell 1422 Anna Cordless/Corded Hybrid Review

Hybrids are back. No I’m not taking about cars but hybrid vacuums. One of the reasons why I love cordless vacuums is the portability it gives you because it cuts the cords out of the equation but because it is powered by a battery, you are limited by the run time of the battery. Some […]

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Dyson DC59 Animal Review: Great for Cleaning Pet Hair

Is it possible to have corded power from a cordless vacuum? Well Dyson claims that the DC59, their latest cordless stick vacuum has that much power from its new 350W digital motor they call the V6. Mashable goes a step further saying that it runs 5 times faster than a race car. Update: Ever since […]

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Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Review

Dyson DC35 Review

The DC35 is the older brother of the Dyson DC44 and while technically they have the same power – 28AW / 65 AW (Max) the later will last longer because it uses a more modern Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery. The former has 5 minutes less run time and doesn’t have the mini motorized tool the […]

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Dyson DC44 Review: Versatile and Lightweight

Dyson DC44

With the DC44, Dyson will be able to meet the cleaning needs of an apartment owner where storage space is a premium. I live in a 46 square meter townhouse so I have to maximize storage. And a vacuum like this would be a great cleaning tool because it is essentially 2 products in one. […]

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