Hoover Presto 2-in-1 BH20090 Review: Versatile Stick and Handheld

The Presto BH20090 is basically a hand vac attached in a stick vacuum’s body, a concept that gives you two products in one package hence the name 2-in-1. The stick part comes with a swivel nozzle that makes it easy to move this around obstacles. The handheld part comes with 3 attachments that include a … Read more

Black & Decker CHV1410L Review: Lightweight Handheld Option

Sometimes we don’t need all the bells and whistles, just the bare essentials is enough. With the CHV1410L, Black and Decker provides it for people looking for no nonsense functionality that’s friendly on your pocket. The CHV1410 is one of the bestselling handhelds in Amazon thanks to its lightweight design and low price. Take note … Read more

Dirt Devil BD10175 18-Volt Review: Cheap Option for Cleaning Pet Hair

I’m always in a look out for a good deal and the Dirt Devil Gator BD1075 is a GREAT buy, just check out these features. It comes with a brush roll attachment and a pull out crevice tool designed for spot clean ups on upholstery, carpet and hard floors. Though the crevice tool is on … Read more

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 94V5A Review

With the Pet Hair Eraser, Bissel enables pet owners to tackle a common problem which is cleaning pet hair off upholstery and stairs. Update: Bissell does not carry this product anymore. It has a newer and better product called the BOLT Reach Pet. The Pet Hair Eraser 94V5A is Bissell’s cordless handheld version of their pet … Read more

Shark Pet Perfect II Review

For me upholstery and stair cleaning, have to be two of the toughest tasks if you lack the right tools. With the Shark Perfect II hand vacuum, you don’t need to worry about those two tasks anymore nor do you have to spend over a hundred bucks. It is one of the few handheld vacuums … Read more

Dirt Devil AccuCharge 15.6-volt BD10045RED Review

BAs a new father, I’ve grown to appreciate simple but effective cleaning products. Budget is always an issue and you have to priority how and where to spend your money. And with the AccuCharge 15.6-volt hand held, Dirt Devil has allowed families starting up to own a hand held with decent cleaning power at just … Read more

Black & Decker CHV1510 15.6-Volt Review: Lightweight Cordless

The Black + Decker CHV1510 allow home owners to have a basic vacuum that will meet all their small clean up needs around their home. Despite being reasonably priced at under $70, the warranty isn’t, Black & Decker gives you a full 2-year warranty on the vacuum and battery. This is the older brother of the … Read more

Black & Decker Pivot PHV1810 Review: Lightweight & Cordless

I was doing my regular weekly home clean up and noticed that our bathroom’s air vent has a lot of dust bunnies on it. Picking up my plug-in vacuum, I tried to find an outlet but could not. So I had to look for an extension cord. Then it hit me, a cordless vacuum like … Read more

Eureka Quick Up 96HX Review: Lightweight & Versatile

The 96HX is the most expensive in the Quick-Up 96 series sold in Amazon at a little over $60, close to $20 more than the 96JZ that has an extra battery. Update: Right now that’s not the case as the price has gone down below $40 in Amazon. All Quick Up series vacuums have the … Read more

Eureka RapidClean ION 240A Review

With the RapidClean 2-in-1 Ion, Eureka allows people to clean their floors, upholstery, tables and everything in between with just one product. This saves them a lot of valuable real estate in their home, especially for those who live in small flats. The RapidClean ION 240A is yet another Eureka 2-in-1 cordless but unlike the … Read more