Dyson V6 Fluffy Review: Great on Bare Floor

When it comes to cordless vacuums, it’s hard to argue with what Dyson brings to the table. Despite their flaws and what some perceive as, over pricing, it has a lot of pluses. A few years back, Dyson introduced the V6 Absolute, back then it was their top of the line variant before the V8 … Read more

Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8: Which Cordless is Better?

In this review, we’ll be looking at the Shark ION Flex vs. the Dyson V8. When it comes to cordless vacuums there’s no doubt that Dyson is set the Gold Standard. Want proof? Just do a quick search on Amazon for cordless vacuums and you’ll see a gamut of products that look exactly like Dyson. … Read more

Roidmi F8 Storm Review: Xiaomi’s Answer to the Dyson V10

For years now, some manufacturers from big name brands like Shark to small startups like Proscenic have tried to match Dyson in terms of functionality and cleaning performance. Most of them fail because of one crucial element – build quality. When it comes to such, Dyson is king. They are known to build quality vacuums … Read more

Dyson V10 Absolute Review: The Next Generation Cordless Vacuum is Here

Will the Dyson V10 end the reign of corded vacuums? If you ask James Dyson, he sounds confident that it will. Today, we’re going to be looking at Dyson’s latest product – the V10. Surprisingly the wait hasn’t been very long since the V8 was introduced to the market just a little over a year … Read more

Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum Review: Another Dyson Challenger

Engineers in Hoover are busy right now coming up with new products. After releasing the Hoover Cruise just a few months ago, they’ve got two new product lines – the Fusion and the React series. To be more specific we’ll be looking at the REACT stick vacuum series in this review. I’ve already covered the … Read more

Shark IONFlex Duo Clean Review: Duo Clean Now is Cordless!

A few months ago I published a review that talked about the Duo Clean Rocket that featured Shark’s latest technology called the “Duo Clean” that features a roller brush and a bristled brush. It was one of their first products that used this feature and had a similar design to the Dyson cordless vacuums. Related: … Read more

Dyson V7 Review: How is this Different from the V8?

While Dyson hasn’t unveiled a new product in the past few months, it has been busy in terms of product diversification. Their latest product, the Dyson V8 has another variant – the V8 Animal. This variant has the same features as the V8 Absolute. Related: You can also find the best Dyson deals to get the … Read more

Dyson V8 Absolute Review – A V6 on Steroids

Upright power in a cordless vacuum which seemed impossible ten years ago now is a real possibility thanks to this product I’m going to share with you today. Dyson has been busy with product development. Related: You can also find the best Dyson deals here to get the best price possible on various Dyson products. First, it was … Read more

Hoover Air Cordless Lift Bagless BH51120PC Review – This Cordless Upright Can Morph Into A Canister With A Push Of A Button

If you’ve been following this blog the last few months, I’m sure you’ve read my review about an innovative product from Shark that they call the Lift-Away. That product combines the power of an upright to the versatility of a canister vacuum. That’s a great product, right? It saves you money because you don’t need … Read more

Dyson DC59 Motorhead Review: Versatile and Powerful Stick Vacuum

Deep cleaning thick carpets are normally reserved for large upright vacuums with powerful motors. What if I told you that a cordless vacuum could do it? Let me introduce the DC59 MotorHead. Important note: The DC59 MotorHead is the same as the Dyson V6 MotorHead but is around a hundred dollars cheaper. Just a heads up … Read more