Dibea D008 Pro Review: Most Versatile Dibea Cordless To Date

The first few Dibea cordless vacuums I tested were pretty decent. But you will not mistake those vacuums for a Dyson. Quality, power, and finish aren’t up to par plus those variants didn’t have as many tools as Dyson has. Howev,er, the gap is closing with the release of the Dibea D008 Pro. This variant … Read more

Dibea ST1601 2-in-1 Vacuum Review: Versatile and Cheap Alternative to the Shark IONFlex and Dyson

If you live in a small home let’s say less than 500 square feet, a full-sized upright is out of the question. Your best bet would be a versatile machine without any cord. This would be the ideal tool if you don’t have any carpet whatsoever because deep cleaning is not needed. There are a … Read more

Dibea C17 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Review: If You Can’t Afford a Dyson

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Dibea F6 cordless vacuum – a product very similar to the Dyson V6, at least in terms of looks. Now, I’m going to look closely at the Dibea C17 2-in-1 cordless. This is a sibling to the F6 but with a little more oomph and a different … Read more

GearBest Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale!!! #GearBestBF: Great Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In just a few days GearBest will have its version of Black Friday Sale and it’s going to be a big event spanning for 8 days. And after that it’s Cyber Monday markdowns and that means even more great deals. To help guide you in this big event I’ve created this page to help guide … Read more

Dibea F6 Cordless Stick and Handheld Review: Cheap Dyson Alternative

Over the past few weeks I’ve written about a bunch of Dyson cordless clones and today we’ll be looking at one of the cheapest options available right now just under $100. But the similarities end there. Since it costs literally a fraction than a Dyson don’t expect the same level of sophistication. And it does … Read more