Oreck with POD technology Review: Finally a Bagged Cordless Vacuum

One of the most significant issues with bagless technology is how messy it is to empty. No matter what the manufacturers say, there will still be exposed to dust and allergen. Even top-of-the-line brands like Dyson have this issue, and as long as there is no bag, there will be allergen exposure. If allergen exposure … Read more

Oreck Commercial CK93010 TaskVac Review: A Cordless Oreck for Commercial Use

As one of the pioneers of vacuum cleaners, Oreck used to only sell bagged vacuums but boy times have changed. And we’ll be looking at their latest product that doesn’t have a bog – the Commercial grade CK93010 TaskVac. 25 minutes fade free It’s a line that Oreck recently launched and uses the M-PWR Lithium … Read more

Oreck Magnesium RS Review: Lightest Upright Vacuum Right Now

What do a lot of upright vacuums have in common? Most of these are pretty heavy. To give you some perspective on how modern uprights weigh, let’s go through some of them. The weighs 16 pounds, Dyson Multi Floor weighs 17.3 pounds, Shark Rotator NV752 weighs 15.7 pounds and Kirby Sentria 2 tips the scales at over 20 pounds. … Read more