Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Review: Premium Features at a Not-So-Premium Price

Neato has a new competitor called the MI Robot Vacuum that has most of the features found in it at a few hundred dollars less! When I first laid my eyes of this robot in the flesh, my first reaction was WOW from the packaging down to the actual product inside. The design is almost … Read more

Neato XV-14 Review: Now Discontinued

Neato has garnered favourable reviews from a lot of tech sites like Trusted Reviews, Robot Shop and Geek.com throughout the years. If you’ve read all these reviews, one takeaway is that it has no nonsense looks bordering to being bland. And it has a navigation system that makes it one of the more efficient robot cleaners we have right now. … Read more

iRobot Roomba 650 Review: Entry Level Roomba Not So Entry Level Performance

The Roomba 650 is great for folks looking for something autonomous that’ll clean their homes for them while they’re at work or doing other things. Technology isn’t perfect but has improved tremendously since the first robot vacuums came out. Unfortunately purchasing a brand new Roomba 650 is more expensive than a 690. The latter has … Read more