Tineco A10 Review: A Sub $200 Cordless Option

The Tineco A10 is an excellent option for folks looking for a cordless with the same versatility as a Dyson. Of all the Chinese-made cordless cleaners I tested, this is one of the better ones all around. It has pretty decent suction and cleaning performance thanks to the 350-watt motor. It also has a mini … Read more

Roidmi F8 Cordless Vacuum Review: Xiaomi’s Answer to the Dyson V10

Over recent years, a lot of Chinese manufacturers are trying to grab a piece of the cordless stick vacuum pie. The Roidmi F8 Storm is one such brand from the Far East aiming to unseat Dyson as the best. Is this product a good substitute for brands such as Dyson and Shark? We’ll have a … Read more

Proscenic P9 Review: Versatile and Cheaper Alternative to the Dyson

There are lots of cordless vacuums that flood the market right now that have blatantly copied Dyson’s design. It makes me wonder why Dyson did not patent this design in the first place. They could have made millions with all the clones we have here in the market. But that’s beside the point. With such … Read more

Roomie Tech 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Review: Versatile and Cheap

If you live in the small or medium sized home, a versatile vacuum is an essential tool that’ll help you keep it clean. Sure you can go high end and buy brands such as a Dyson or Shark. But these brands will cost a lot of money. On the minimum, you’ll spend at least $200 … Read more

Dyson V10 Absolute Review: The Next Generation Cordless Vacuum is Here

Will the Dyson V10 end the reign of corded vacuums? If you ask James Dyson, he sounds confident that it will. Today, we’re going to be looking at Dyson’s latest product – the V10. Surprisingly the wait hasn’t been very long since the V8 was introduced to the market just a little over a year … Read more

Shark Flex Duo Clean Corded HV391 Review: If You Don’t Mind The Cord

A few months back, I introduced to you one of Shark’s brand new product lines – the IONFlex DuoClean. This line is the first Shark vacuum that challenges what once was Dyson’s domain – cordless vacuums. And it is a really good product with the DuoClean head and lithium ion battery that runs for almost … Read more

Proscenic P8 Review: A More Refined Dibea C17?

Over the past months, I’ve been busy talking about Dyson-cordless-clones such as the Dibea C17 and C6, Hoover React, Shark ION Rocket, etc. Here’s another one, this time from Procenic P8. What makes this 2-in-1 stick vacuum stand out? Before I answer, what I like to do with Dyson-clones is to group them. What I … Read more

Shark ION Rocket IR101 Review: Ultra –Light and Versatile

Shark came up with the Rocket series to challenge Dyson in the 2-in-1 stick niche. But there was a big problem – it had a cord. And while the cord provided some additional power, the cord is a big limitation and inconvenience for some. Related: Please check out my in-depth guide on the best Shark … Read more

Oreck Commercial CK93010 TaskVac Review: A Cordless Oreck for Commercial Use

As one of the pioneers of vacuum cleaners, Oreck used to only sell bagged vacuums but boy times have changed. And we’ll be looking at their latest product that doesn’t have a bog – the Commercial grade CK93010 TaskVac. 25 minutes fade free It’s a line that Oreck recently launched and uses the M-PWR Lithium … Read more