Cop Rose Smart Window Cleaner Review: A Robot Window Cleaner

Cop Rose Smart Window Cleaner ReviewWindow cleaning is a tedious and sometimes dangerous task. In our home, cleaning the window can be a dangerous task because you’ll have to go out a very small deck and risk injury just to clean a few window panels.

I have not cleaned the windows in my home for a few years right now but thanks to the Cop Rose smart window cleaner that may change.

When I first saw this robot I have my doubts whether or not this machine will actually work cleaning windows and will it actually stick on a vertical surface?

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After a few days testing this robot, I actually think this robot can be a useful piece of cleaning device that can keep your windows clean and streak-free.

A quick look at the features

  • Cleaning tool that you can use to clean windows or any vertical surface
  • Utilizes a fast and efficient cleaning route
  • Has a microcomputer control that allows you to control this window cleaner
  • App is also available that you can connect to the robot via Bluetooth (download the app through the QR code found in the product page at GearBest)
  • You can also use this on painted surfaces, tile, mirrors or hardwood


  • Finally a tool that allows you to clean the outer part of the windows in the second floor of your home without endangering yourself
  • Strong motor allows this robot to stick on any smooth vertical surface
  • Compact design will enable it to clean most windows
  • Comes with a remote and app to control this robot wirelessly


  • It is not cordless as I had originally thought so range will be limited based on the length of the power cord + extension
  • Very noisy
  • Only does light cleaning (will not scrub vigorously)
  • Power switch isn’t as responsive as I’d hoped it would be

How does this robot work and how does it clean a vertical surface?

At the heart of this window cleaner is a vacuum motor that creates a vacuum through two suction ports underneath the two microfiber pads.

Microfiber pads

The pads then rotate slowly as this robot goes through its cleaning cycle. Beneath the pads are a couple of motors that are responsible for the pads rotating and moving around as you will see in this video I recorded.

The slow rotation means that this machine will not clean caked on stains on the window but only fresh stains.

To use this robot effectively you will need to spray window cleaner on both of the pads just enough to moist it.

Also the manufacturer says to avoid high humidity areas like a steam filled bathroom because it will affect the way this machine sticks on a vertical plane.

These microfiber pads aren’t overly fluffy so it will not clean a large area but on a relatively clean window it should do the job just fine. This machine will work best as a maintenance cleaner that will keep windows sparkling clean.

And it comes with 12 extra pads (all of which are washable) so you can have a fresh set handy while waiting for the other pads to dry.

Cord Length

Power cord and extension

In the first video I mentioned that the cord is around 6 to 8 feet long, I was wrong it is much more than that. I measured it and the extension cord is 154 inches long and the main cord is 100 inches long so when you add them up it’s around 21.3 feet long. Good enough to reach the second floor.

Bungee cord

To protect this robot from falling off while cleaning a vertical plane like a window, it comes with a bungee cord that you tie on the robot and then clip the other end of a solid object like a grill.

Bungee cord

The length of the bungee cord is around 176 inches or 14.7 feet long. Remember to tie the bungee cord on the robot to prevent it from crashing on the floor just in case it falls off.

Cleaning Performance

I like the idea here of creating a product that cleans the window for you without you having to lift an arm. It’s like a robot vacuum only it wipes the windows for you.

But I do have some concerns. First would be the cleaning performance particularly the microfiber pads. In my first actual cleaning test I find that the cloths left a lot of lint. If you look closely at these pads, these aren’t particularly plush so it will not cover a lot of area.

In the video below the window this robot is cleaning is really small and after one pass it was able to do a pretty decent job but after the pads get soiled it leaves a lot of lint behind which means if you’re working on a large window, you’ll have to change pads pretty often.

I have not tested this on a large window but when I do I’ll let you know how it did.


This robot is available in GearBest for less than $200 and depending on where you live you can get free shipping.

If you live in Europe you can buy this window cleaner from GearBest’s EU warehouse (buying here is actually cheaper) and use their coupon code “COPROSEEU” for more savings.


This tool would be great for home owners looking for something that will clean the outer part of the window in high areas that is hard to reach or dangerously too high without climbing a ladder.

The strong suction allows it to stay attached on vertical surfaces like a window. Just spray a window cleaner on the two microfiber pads enough to cover the area you are cleaning.

I’m pretty impressed with this tool but it has areas of improvement that hopefully Cop Rose will address. First would be the pads itself could be thicker to cover a lot more area. Right now, it is too thin and you will have to change to a fresh pad when cleaning a larger area negating the benefit of having this.

Second would be the shape of the pads, the round shape misses spots particularly on the edges of windows.

Third would be the remote, I was trying to press the different options but the robot does not seem to respond or change direction. I was only able to use the start and stop button.

Overall this is a good window cleaner for maintenance cleanups but not something you will use for dirty windows.

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