Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Review: Better Bin, Easier to Empty

Canister vacuums have evolved and at the forefront of this evolution is the Dyson brand that seems to keep on pushing the boundaries of their products.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal CanisterR Review

Earlier models used a washable filter that will last the life of the vacuum.

But the Cinetic Big Ball does not use any filters at all thanks to the Cinetic Science technology that uses flexible oscillating tips that prevent microscopic dust from clogging it.

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This is the same technology found in the Dyson Cinetic Animal but this is a newer version with improvements done based on consumer feedback.

The first and most notable would be the dirt bin design, particularly how you dispose dirt.

Better Bin Design

With the previous generation Cinetic Animal canister, a door at the bottom opens and gravity takes over.

The problem with this design is statically charged dust and hair will stick on the mesh filter located at the middle portion of the bin.

You’ll need to use your fingers to scrape off dust stuck between the mesh filter and outer shell. This can be a messy process.

Improved bin design

This by far is one of the biggest complaint not only with the Cinetic Animal but with Dyson vacuums in general even their cordless vacuums.

Easier to empty

The new design found in this Cinetic canister solves this issue.

Instead of just a trap door that opens, the whole casing moves down. A rubber mechanism underneath pushes dirt, hair and other statically charged debris down, at least most of it.

This two-step process makes it less messy and much easier to empty compared to the earlier variants.

More Compact

Another notable improvement over the previous DC76 Cinetic canister would be the design of the body itself…

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vs DC76 Cinetic Canister

In the older Cinetic variant, the bin is on front of the ball making it longer. The newer design pushes the bin back, flushing it into the ball thus making it more compact.

The downside as would any new Dyson product would be the price, this canister will rip your wallets for around $500 in Amazon.

A quick look at the features

  • Utilizes the latest Dyson technology called the Cinetic Science that has 36 Cinetic tips that separates dust that would normally clog other vacuums that use a traditional filter
  • This technology does away with a filter so there is nothing to wash or replace, you just have to empty the bin regularly
  • “Self-rights” when toppled – perhaps the only canister that picks itself up when it falls sideways
  • New hygienic bin emptying mechanism pushes out the dirt for you making emptying less messy and faster
  • Carbon fiber turbine head (take note this is air powered not motorized) uses a combination of carbon fiber filaments and stiff nylon bristles to pick up fine dust and ground-in dirt
  • 360 degree articulating handle allows you to move the wand around during a cleaning session
  • Ball technology makes turning on a dime easier and moving this somewhat heavy canister around much easier
  • 5 year warranty


  • No filters to clean
  • More compact that older Dyson canister vacuums
  • Larger bin
  • Improved bin design makes this easier and less messy to empty
  • Comes with an adapter to that will make tools on older Dysons fit


  • Short hose
  • Very expensive
  • Main cleaning tool has no motor
  • Short power cord

What to expect from this filter-less top-of-the-line canister?

Before Dyson invented the Cinetic science technology, vacuums are classified as bagged or bagless.

Now you can add a third type thanks to the Cinetic Science technology from Dyson.

Before anything else you have to watch this video to understand what the technology is all about and how it works…

The vacuum featured in the video isn’t the latest variant but the older one. I just wanted to share how the technology works.

These are the oscillating tips that prevent microscopic dirt from clogging these filters.

No more filter

Dyson claims that this technology is maintenance free and you don’t need filters because the dirt that passes through it ends up inside the bin.

Even the ball part of the vacuum does not contain any filters which makes this the first truly maintenance free vacuum in the market right now.

You only have to empty the bin when it gets full. There are some limitations though as Dyson warns consumers not to use this on hot ash as it could damage the rubberized tips.

Watch this video from Ibasaic to see what’s inside the box and how all these attachments go together.

The Dyson in the video is the UK version. If you buy in the United States you may get a different set of tools.

You’ll get a lot for your dollar

For the $500 or so dollars you are spending, you will get a lot.

One of my favorite tools is the tangle free turbine tool which in itself costs around $47. This tool in my opinion is one of the best hair cleaning tools in the market right now.

You will also see how the new dirt bin design works.

It is a two step process. Pushing the level brings the whole outer shell assembly down plus the dirt trapped.

The second step would be opening the bottom door to empty.

In my opinion this is a way better design and again, kudos to Dyson for coming up with these changes through customer feedback.

Interchangeable tools

Fast forward to the 23 minute mark, you’ll notice that all the tools are interchangeable. You can attach it on the wand or hose.

This is huge because there are instances where you will not need the handle – particularly when cleaning tight areas inside the car or in-between sofa cushions.

Stands back up

Towards the end of the video, you’ll see how the canister stands back up when it topples over the side – this is thanks to the clever ball design that’s more compact.

No filters to wash

Dyson Cinetic Science Technology

The Dyson Cinetic technology makes it possible for this vacuum to function without any sort of filter, pre-motor or post-motor. Earlier Dyson Cinetic uprights have a post motor HEPA filter.

Carbon fiber turbine head

This refers to the main cleaning head of this canister.

Take note this tool doesn’t have its own motor so agitation isn’t as good.

It does have a very powerful suction at 250 air watts which somewhat makes up for this limitation.

Carbon fiber turbine head

The main cleaning tool has a motorized brush made from two types of brushes. First is a stiff nylon bristle that agitate dirt trapped under carpet strands. Second is soft nylon bristles that pick up statically charged dust on bare floor.

So yes this vacuum will work on both bare floor and carpet.

Improved dirt bin

This perhaps is the biggest improvement at least for me. The new design makes emptying the bin less messy because it has a mechanism that pushes statically charged debris like dust bunnies off the mesh filter in the middle.

You don’t need to get your hands dirty emptying this vacuum.

Extra-long wand

It also comes with a wand that extends up to 4.1 feet which allows you to reach even the highest areas.

You don’t need to climb a ladder just to take off cobwebs off the ceiling with this tool in your home.

Ball technology

The new ball-technology is ultra-maneuverable and turns on a dime without too much tugging and even if you tug it too much and it tips over sideways, it stands back up by itself.

Larger dirt bin

The new bin is larger and can hold up to .42 gallons of dry dirt. That’s around 1.6 liters of dirt. Interestingly the older Dyson Ball with the older cyclonic system has a bigger capacity dirt bin at 0.53 gallons.

Articulating handle

As you’ve already seen in the video by now, the handle folds for easier storage and rotates at 3 directions giving you maximum flexibility and maneuverability depending on the area you will clean.

Quick release tools

All the attachments in this vacuum lock into place with a locking mechanism that clicks into place. Removing these tools is also easy with quick release latches. This is what separates it from cheaper brands that may use only friction to hold the attachments to theses or wand.

Power cord

Power cord is 21 feet long. No particularly long but it does have a cord rewind to make tidying up much easier.

Cleaning Performance

Before anything else watch this video as it shows you what tools you get with this vacuum (at least the UK version not the US version), performance on carpet, upholstery and tile…

Perhaps the most impressive tool based on this test would be the carbon fiber turbine head. Even without a dedicated motor to power the brush, it still was able to pick up huge amounts of pet hair on carpet.

How did it do on carpet?

Not only did it pick up surface dirt, soil and debris on carpet, it was also able to pick up pet hair not very visible on camera.


However Dyson does not recommend using this to clean a huge amount of fine powder.

On bare floor however it did have a little snow plowing effect but not too much. The snowplow effect only happens when you try to clean big messes like this…


You will not clean messes like this every day but it is nice to know that this vacuum is capable of handling messes like these should the need arise.

I also notice the shroud right in the middle isn’t spotless.


But the process is much simpler.

What comes in the box?

Out of the box you’ll get the following tools…



Dyson corded vacuums have a 5 year warranty.

Product Specification

AttachmentsCarbon fiber turbine head

Tangle-free turbine tool

Stiff bristle brush

Combination tool

Stair tool
Brush roll on/offNo
Cord Length21 feet
Above floor reach35 feet
Net weight17.64 pounds
Shipping weight24.8 pounds
Cleaning pathapprox. 10"
Overall length46.4"
Filter typeWashable
Dust capacity.42 gallons
Warranty5 years

Customer Reviews

Consumers are pretty much consistent with their assessment of this vacuum.

Suction is strong which equates to superior cleaning performance but the main cleaning tool doesn’t have a motor. So agitation isn’t as good as the upright.

Folks like that they don’t have to wash any filters

The fact that it is filter-less is also another plus point for this product, they say that the product pays off for itself by keeping your home clean without the need to buy extra filters or washing them provided it lasts for years.

This may be a little hard to push because of the strong suction. It also poses a problem when cleaning area rugs.

But suction is adjustable using a lever on the handle.

Another potential issue would be the space that this product will take.

Some potential issues

You see this is the biggest downside of a canister that it takes more horizontal real estate compared to an upright that can be stored without you having to rest it on a wall. Also the attachments that come along with this do not have any storage so you have to make your own storage space.

Overall this canister vacuum does perform even with the air powered cleaning head. In terms of tools you have just about every tool you need to clean every nook and cranny inside your home and in your vehicle should you choose to clean your vehicle with this.

Power cord is on the short side as well as the hose but this product makes up for it by being maneuverable. Yes it is an expensive purchase but consider it an investment. Hand down one of the best canister vacuums available in the market right now.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this from Amazon for less than $400. And this will be eligible for the 2-day free shipping if you join Prime. Amazon also sells extended warranties of up to 3 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

To Wrap Up

This new Cinetic canister is great for medium sized homes because of its versatility. It has a more compact design that lessens the storage footprint and improved bin that makes it less messy to empty.

The main carbon fiber turbine tool may only be air powered but based on the video I shared with you, it is fully capable of picking up not just surface dirt but also hard to clean pet hair that under stands of carpet.

But if you have really plush carpeting at home, you may want to consider something with a motorized brush like this Shark Rocket Complete or a Dyson Upright.

Pet owners would love this vacuum because the mini-turbine tool that inhales pet hair off upholstery and any pet owner would tell you this is the biggest trouble spot in their home.

Emptying this isn’t as mess free as I originally had hoped but the new design makes it less messy but you may want to do it outdoors if you have a small bin indoors.

Buying this won’t be cheap but you will get a lot for the $400 you will be spending and it comes with a worry free 5 year warranty from Dyson.

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