Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Review

Dyson DC35 ReviewThe DC35 is the older brother of the Dyson DC44 and while technically they have the same power – 28AW / 65 AW (Max) the later will last longer because it uses a more modern Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery.

The former has 5 minutes less run time and doesn’t have the mini motorized tool the DC44 has.

Editor’s Note: Dyson has been busy the past few years. Ever since the DC44 has entered the market, Dyson has added the DC59 and V6 to their product line, find out how these differ in this article.

Physically both have the same dimensions and weigh just about the same.

At the time of its release sometime in 2011 – it was the most powerful and easily one of the most expensive cordless vacuums out there at close to $400. Right now it’s still expensive at just over $300.

It uses a 22.2 volt Lithium Ion battery that’ll run roughly 12 to 15 minutes and a whopping 6 minutes when you press the max button – this is the equivalent of a turbo boost.

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Features at a glance

  • Has a 22.2 volt Lithium Ion Battery
  • 12 to 15 minute run time on normal mode, 6 minutes on max
  • Comes with 4 attachments – crevice, combination, wand and floor tool
  • Root cyclone technology uses centrifugal forces to spin dirt around and keeping it out of filter inlets making it more efficient
  • Transparent dirt bin
  • Floor tool has a motorized brush head that picks up fine dust on hard floors and larger bits of dirt stuck on carpet
  • Max button more than doubles the suction power
  • Charge can be wall mounted
  • Floor attachment has a ball joint that rotates up to 180 degrees allowing you to reach almost all the areas under your bed
  • Filter is washable and will last the lifetime of the vacuum


  • Charge time is relatively short at around 3-1/2 hours
  • Floor attachment has a motorized brush roll that works great on both bare floor and carpet
  • Can be used as a stick vacuum on floors and a handheld on sofas, chairs, stairs and other hair to clean areas
  • Only weighs 4.85 pounds with the tube and floor tool attached
  • Dirt container is transparent so you see if it needs to be emptied
  • Filter will last the lifetime of the machine
  • Multi speed mode gives you the option to clean more stubborn dirt
  • Floor attachment can be swiveled
  • Easy to clean beater bar
  • You don’t need to take off the filter when emptying dirt
  • Charger is wall mountable and you can store up to two attachments with it


  • Short run time
  • Hair tends to get wrapped on the beater bar
  • No dedicated tool for upholstery
  • Dirt container is small
  • You may need to use your fingers to take off dirt
  • Very expensive
  • It is not self-standing
  • Floor tool will have trouble picking up large chunks of dirt
  • Dirt tends to stick on the plastic dirt container

Features of the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim:

The main difference between the DC35 and 44 is the battery used and attachments included.

The newer DC44 includes the mini motorized brush tool which is a small version of the floor attachment – designed for upholsteries and tighter spaces.


The DC35 does not have this – it only has the 8.25” floor tool with the motorized brush roll to pick up dirt on both carpet and hard floors.

Run time with the floor tool is 12 minutes and without it goes up to 15. If you switch on the max button on the back that number goes down to 6.

Bare Floor Cleaning

The floor attachment has two types of brushes in it, a soft carbon fiber brush (black) that is designed to pick up fine dust and a stiffer red brush that is needed dislodge dirt on tougher to clean carpet.

If you look closely the whole row is filled with it, and they used carbon fiber because it has an anti-static property that is meant to sweep up dust that is statically charged.

Dust have static charge which means they tend to stick on floors and are hard to pick up even with a broom.

The stiffer brushes is meant to pick up hair and other debris on carpet, the down side to this is hair tends to get wrapped around this beater bar.

It is a common problem with all vacuums with a brush roll.

If you are concerned about this scratching the floor, it is equipped with a strip of cloth on the bottom that acts as a cushion on more scratch prone surfaces like wood, linoleum and tiled floors.

Carpet Cleaning

While it’ll do a decent job on low pile carpet because of the stiff red brushes, don’t use this on thicker and deeper pile carpet, it does not have enough power to pick up dirt in it.

The rubber wheels are small so there will a tendency for this to “drag” on thicker carpet. It will not deep clean on this surface.

Upholstery Performance

Since this does not have the mini motorized tool that’s supposed to be used on upholstery, you’re limited to the crevice and combination tool – the score drops here.

Even though you can use the floor attachment on upholstery, I’m not sure if you’d want it on upholstery and risk cross contaminating the dirt on the floor on to your sofas or chairs.

Cleaning the Edges

Surprisingly it did a very good job on the edges of bare floors (based on video reviews), even without edge bristles the carbon fiber brushes and a max option gave it enough to suck in dirt from here.

Cleaning the Stairs

This is great for cleaning the stairs because (1) you can attach the floor tool directly on the unit without the wand you have more control and (2) since it swivels in all directions you maintain surface contact on the floors as you go back and forth.

Less strain on your hands and wrist.

Pet Hair Removal

Since it has a beater bar, it can remove pet hair on carpet and floors but remember that if there is a lot of pet hair it’ll have a tendency to get rolled around the brushroll and it’ll need to be cleaned as well.

Also be mindful of the pathway inside the floor attachment as this can also get clogged if you have a number of pets that shed a lot of hair.

Here’s a video how to clean the floor tool…


You can also use the combination tool to pick up pet hair on upholster and crevice tool on hair floors.

Attachments and Accessories

It comes with 4 attachments – the extension tube / wand, combination, crevice and floor tool.

Charging Time

It takes around 3-1/2 hours to fully charge.

Filter Clean up

There are two parts to this – the bagless container and the pre-filter.

The bagless dirt bin is where most of the dirt and dust get collected, you empty this by push a red lever on the bottom to release the lock of the cover – you then empty its contents.

To clean the filter, push the blue button on top and take off the blue filter – wash it in running water then wring it then air dry.

Do this around once a month, or more if you have a lot to clean.

Battery Life

On normal mode without the motorized floor attachment it’ll give you 15 minutes, with the motorized head attached that number drops to 12 and with the max button turned on it goes down further to 6 minutes.

Even though it has a short battery life, you’ll get constant power throughout, rather that slowly losing power – it’ll shut off after the battery is drained.


Dyson gives you a 2 year warranty on parts and labor.

See it in Action




A salesman giving a demo on how this works…


Product Specifications

AttachmentsCrevice tool
Combination tool
Motorized floor tool
Extension wand
Battery22.2v Lithium Ion
ChargerWall Mount Charger
Charging time3.5 hours

5.5 hours (initial charge)
Battery life15 minutes (normal w/o floor tool)
12 minutes (normal w/ floor tool)
6 minutes (max)
Net weight (with battery, wand and floor attachment)4.85 pounds
Shipping weight9.9 pounds
Cleaning path9.1"
Overall length44.1"
Battery indicatorYes
Filter typeWashable cloth filter
Dust capacity11.52 ounces
Air Watts28 AW
65 AW (Max/boost)
Manufactured inUSA
Warranty2 years on parts and labor

Customer Reviews

Over 440 people left a review with over 230 giving it a 5-star and another 82 giving it a 4-star rating.

A lot of people gave it a poor 1 star rating (over 50). Let’s find out the reasons for both below.

Consumers who left positive reviews (among them pet owners) like the suction performance and the articulating ball head that makes this easy to maneuver that’ll clean well on hard wood and low pile carpet.

Most of them were generally satisfied with the run time saying that 6 to 15 minutes was sufficient for their needs though some were disappointed.

Also among complains in 4 and 5 star reviews is the trigger that can’t be locked, some complained that it strained their arms and wrists but others were fine with it saying it’ll help conserve battery life.

If you read the negative reviews, a lot of them where frustrated with the price tag – over $300 for a cordless it is really expensive – as expensive as some uprights or canister vacuums.

And with that they were expecting a lot perhaps too much from a cordless.

Most complaints were come from people who were disappointed with the weak suction, short run time, the lack of suction, the inability of the floor tool to pick up dog food, cat food, pet litter, cereal and other similar sized chunks of dirt.

The floor tool isn’t designed to pick those types of dirt up because it has a low profile with the small wheels – you’ll need to use the crevice or combination tool to pick those larger chunks up.

Other complaints are related to hair getting stuck on the brush roll which is a common problem to other brand with beater bars.

When you sell an expensive tool, there will be a lot of expectations.

Another common complaint here is trigger that has not locking option so if you have arthritis you want to consider something different.

Reviews from other sites


Over 420 people left a review in Walmart and 90% of them would recommend this to a friend.

A majority who left their opinions were in the 40 to 70 range, some had back problems and a lot of them owned small homes and had pets.

It is worth noting that a number of consumers here are not first time Dyson owners, some already had canisters and uprights but wanted something lighter for spot jobs.

The biggest complaint here is the short battery life and the trigger mechanism that needs to be pressed to turn this on.


Like Walmart, the majority of folks who left reviews here were middle aged men and women (some of them had back problems) looking for something lightweight, agile and reasonably powerful.

Based on what they said, it didn’t disappoint, cleaning both hard floor and carpet.

Like in the reviews all around the web, bad points include poor battery life, the non-locking trigger and the long charging time (according to some).


You can purchase it in Dyson’s or Walmart’s website for a little over $300.00 but in Amazon you can get if for just at just under $300.00 plus you get free shipping! Reconditioned units are also available for just under $290 just in case you’re not willing to spend $300.

Editor’s note: Amazon price may change without prior notice which may be due to store promos.

Look at the box displayed on the right of this page to see the latest price.


This product is great for…

This product is great for people with small homes, RVs or apartment units with mostly hard floors and minimal carpeting.

It’ll be great to use to clean stairs because you can attach the floor tool directly to the vacuum so it doesn’t take a whole lot of space.

It’ll be great for bare floors because of the carbon fiber brushes that have an anti-static property that will pick up statically charged dirt and dust on hard floors.

You’ll be limited on upholstery because it does not come with the mini motorized tool found on the DC44 here.

Ultimately the two biggest limitations of this is the price (costs as much as some upright vacuums) and run time which is only 12 minutes if you use the floor attachment and 6 minutes with the max button pressed.

This is not meant to be a replacement for upright or canisters if you have wall to wall carpeting.

If you want something that’ll last a little bit longer and one with a mini floor tool, go for the DC44 that’ll cost only $30 more.

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