Dyson DC59 Animal Review: Great for Cleaning Pet Hair

Is it possible to have corded power from a cordless vacuum?

Well Dyson claims that the DC59, their latest cordless stick vacuum has that much power from its new 350W digital motor they call the V6.

Mashable goes a step further saying that it runs 5 times faster than a race car.

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Update: Ever since I published this article, Dyson has since released the V6, V7V8 and the V10 series. 

The best deal in my opinion would be the Dyson V7 MotorHead which has the same power as the V6 Animal but it’s less than $300. It a slight bump in power and an easier to empty dirt bin.

However it does not come with the mini-turbo brush that will clean pet hair from upholstery.

What has Dyson upgraded in the DC59?

Well they’ve lightened it up by 0.3 pounds, made the dirt bin 3.84 ounces bigger, widened the floor tool by an inch and a half and extended the run time by 6 minutes (boost remains at 6 minutes though).

It uses the same Nickel Cobalt Manganese battery as the DC44.

All these improvements come at a premium – at close to $315.

Features at a glance

  • Uses the new Dyson Digital Motor V6 rated at 350W
  • 2 radial cyclones help filter out the finest dust particles from coming back out the exhaust
  • Uses a brand new carbon fiber motorized tool that is around an inch and a half wider than the DC44
  • 26 minute run time (on normal mode) and 6 minutes (on boost mode)
  • 3.5 hours charge time
  • 28Aw/100Aw normal/boost mode
  • Motorized floor tool has a generous 9.8 inch clearance width
  • Uses a re-engineered 22.2 volt Nickel manganese cobalt battery that has 1.5 more power
  • 2 year limited warranty


  • Runs 6 minutes longer than the DC44
  • Powerful motor that produces 100 air watts at boost mode which is really close to the power of corded vacuums
  • A slightly larger dirt bin compared to previous Dyson
  • Wide motorized floor tool
  • Light, very ergonomic
  • Has two floor attachments that will work on hard wood, carpet, linoleum, tile, carpet and a variety of surfaces
  • Filter can be removed without removing the dirt bin – this is a time saver
  • Filter will last the lifetime of the vacuum – saves you money in the long run


  • Very expensive
  • Short run time on boost mode
  • Even though Dyson has made the dirt container larger, it is still small compared to other stick vacuums
  • Can’t stand on its own like other stick vacuums
  • Battery cannot be removed

What to expect from the Dyson DC59?

To give you a quick overview of the difference between the DC59 and 44 have a look at the chart I’ve prepared below.

DC44 and DC59 Comparo

You’ll see that the DC59 despite being bigger is actually almost half a pound lighter.

That’s because it used more carbon fiber which provides the structural integrity it needs to withstand vibrations created by a motor spinning at over 110,000rpm (taken from a Mashable article).

Despite some complaints by consumers, Dyson still uses the same trigger mechanism as its power switch to maximize run time.

Powering this is a brand new 350W V6 motor that spins at 110,000rpm. And it’s the 2nd Dyson to use the 2-tier cyclone system. This will help filter out fine dust particles and keep the main filter cleaner for longer.

To see how the DC59 cleans, watch this video…

The Dyson in the video is actually the DC59 MotorHead that has the older cleaning head that’s less powerful. I just want to share with you what type of performance to expect from this.

Is the Dyson DC59 the same as the V6?

Yes both the DC59 and the V6 are the same machine. At it’s core, the DC59 and V6 are the same machine. Both have the same motor and filter so power is about the same. The difference would be the tools that come along with this.

One big difference would be the soft roller head found in the V6 product line that works great on hard floor. You can find this tool specifically in the V6 Fluffy which is great if you don’t have any carpet at home.

Attachments and accessories

Similar to the Dyson DC44, it comes with a mini motorized tool, combination tool and a floor tool that is over an inch wider than the previous Dyson.

Charging time

It’ll take around 3.5 hours to charge.

Filter clean up

Dyson has made it easier to remove the filter compare to older models. Watch this videos on how it’s done…

Run time

If you’re using it in normal mode expect around 26 minutes on average, less if you’re extensively using the motorized brush tool. In boost mode because it uses 3 times as much power, that number goes down to 6 minutes.


Comes with a 2 year warranty. Don’t loose that warranty card and don’t forget to register your Dyson.

See it in Action

See it in action against the other brands in the market.

The vacuum to the on the upper left is a Hoover Linx Stick Cordless while the one in the lower left is a GTech AirRam, am not sure about the one on the lower right…

Bare floor performance

This is an interesting video comparing the DC59 vs Gtech AirRam (which Dyson claims has only 4 Aw at the cleaner head).

Remember that this is a demonstration done in a Dyson lab so take it with a grain of salt.


Carpet performance

Similar to the previous DC44 model, the motorized brush has two main parts, the rubber squeegee and the carbon fiber bristles that agitate and pick up debris respectively.

Remember that this is a brand new design that they’ve made wider – close to 10 inches, which makes it as wide as some corded vacuums.

Pet hair

Reviews from pet owners have been hugely positive, not only can it pick up pet hair and human hair, they also mentioned that it didn’t clog up easily and it wasn’t hard to clean.

You can use the mini-turbo brush to clean hair on fabric upholstery. The main cleaning head does a good job on carpet.

One other attachment is also capable of removing pet hair.

Dyson DC34 Combination Tool


On short to medium pile rugs it won’t have any problem but on thick and plush ones it may have some trouble.

Use it on boost mode on plush rugs.

Comparing the DC59 and the Dyson V6 Animal cleaning a small piece of upholstery…


Product specifications

AttachmentsCrevice tool
Combination tool
Mini motorized tool
Carbon fiber floor tool
Extension wand
Battery22.2v Nickel Manganese Cobalt/Li-ion
ChargerWall Mount Charger
Charging time3.5 hours
Battery life26 minutes (normal)
6 minutes (boost)
Net weight (with battery, wand and floor attachment)4.6 pounds
Shipping weight9.2 pounds
Cleaning path9.8"
Overall length47.8"
Battery indicatorYes
Filter typeWashable cloth filter
Dust capacity15.36 ounces
Air Watts28 AW
100 AW (Max/boost)
Manufactured inUSA
Warranty2 years on parts and labor

What do consumers say?

Since this is just a new product, only a handful of people left a review in Amazon. But expect that number to increase as more and more people get a hold of this.

Consumers like this because it is light. If you compare it to an upright vacuum, the difference is night and day.

One concern by some would be the trigger switch that could strain the finger and wrist because you constantly need to squeeze for power. But the trigger design has been improved through the years and is now feather light.

Cleaning performance was top notched as everyone in Amazon said that it was great at cleaning off dust, dirt and pet hair.

Though there was one consumer mentioning that it didn’t do well on thick rugs.

Don’t expect this to deep clean thick rungs or carpet.

The 2-tier radial cyclone will filter out fine dirt and dust. So if you have some sort of allergy issues, this is a good option.

Another con here as noted by consumers is the lack of run time – only 26 minutes (6 minutes on boost) and the very high price.

One other concern is the small dirt bin that needed to be emptied frequently one positive about this is that Dyson added a feature that allowed you to remove the clear bin so that it can be washed.

Reviews from other sites

John Lewis

Similar to what consumers said in Amazon, people who left a review in John Lewis appreciated that lightweight nature of this product especially those who were in their 60’s who couldn’t carry a heavy upright.

Feedback on cleaning performance was also another positive with one consumer saying that it didn’t scratch his hard wood flooring and another saying that even on normal mode it still picked up a lot.

I only saw one negative review here saying that he or she was only able to clean 1.5 rooms and decided to return it but still said that it had fantastic suction.

Trusted Reviews

Luke Johnson who published the review here said that comparable is the right word when comparing the power of a Dyson DC59 to a traditional corded vacuum.

In their tests using the normal mode it worked well normal carpet but it will struggle somewhat on plush carpet, that’s where the boost mode comes in where it was able to remove embedded dirt in plush carpet, downside to this is that it only lasts 6 minutes.

They’d recommend this product to small homes because of the 20 minute run time.


It received a “Mashable Choice” award from you guessed it popular tech blog Mashable.

Pete Pachal really liked how this was even lighter than the previous DC44 and despite that it still had enough power to clean his living room rug.

Even his 4 year old son had no trouble picking it up and cleaning coffee grounds on the kitchen.

Here’s a demo on how it did on his rug.

Pocket Lint

They did a test on sugar on different surfaces and reported that they didn’t have any issues picking it up.

While they liked the suction power, they said that the run time is particularly short especially on boost mode and would be great for small homes.

Also they mentioned that the battery can’t be swapped which is a big downer at least for me because if it fails then you’d have to replace the whole thing or go to a Dyson service center to have it repaired.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy the Dyson DC59 Animal from Amazon for less than $315. And it’ll be eligible to their free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

They also sell extended warranties if you want that extra peace of mind of up to 3 years!

To wrap up

While other brands claim that their products had corded power this is probably the closest one based on both written and video reviews I’ve found online.

That though has one caveat – it will last only 26 minutes (less if you extensively use the floor tool) and 6 minutes on boost.

Expect to pay a hefty premium as well.

This is great for owners of small flats to medium sized homes looking for a versatile and lightweight cleaner that’ll not only clean floors and stairs but with the long extension wand, it’ll suck in cobwebs out of your home’s ceiling.

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