Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy Review: No More Filters

You may be thinking, what the heck is a cinetic big ball?

It is Dyson’s new filtration technology that they claim to capture microscopic dust that would cripple other vacuums meaning it will clog their filters.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus

According to Dyson, it is so good that they say it does not need a pre-motor filter.

This is possible because it oscillates 350 times per second thus preventing the buildup dust and allergens from blocking airflow.

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This technology comes at a price, in Amazon it sells for a little over $500 (before it was around $700).

This is at least $100 more than other Dyson upright vacuums that use their standard radial root cyclone technology.

Allergy sufferers this could be a worthwhile investment.

But does this new technology justify the high price?

Let’s find out.

A quick look at the features

  • A first of it’s kind filter-less bagless vacuum thanks to the cinetic science technology
  • These cyclones have rubber tips that oscillate and keep fine dust from clogging the machine thus maintaining suction
  • Great for cleaning really fine dust without compromising on performance
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Capable of above the floor cleaning thanks to the quick detachable hose, extension wand and tools (more on that later)
  • Has a 22 foot retractable power cord


  • Captures even fine allergen without clogging up the filter
  • Comes with the tangle free turbine tool (a $70 value add) to clean pet hair
  • Comes with a reach under tool to clean up hard-to-reach spots under furniture that standard vacuums will not reach
  • Very decent reach – 33 feet (that includes the power cord, hose and telescopic wand)
  • Large dirt bin (.53 gallons)
  • No filters to wash or replace (no pre or post-motor filter)
  • Capable of cleaning above the floor with the easy to release wand and hose
  • Comes with a bag for the tools


  • Very, very, very expensive
  • Relatively short power cord
  • Has less suction power than a Dyson DC65
  • Only catches allergens up to 0.5 microns

What to expect from the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball?

Dyson is a leader in terms of innovation and might have pulled it off again with the Cinetic science technology. It’s a feature that allows this upright to capture fine dust particles without compromising performance and keeping the air clean because the allergens stay inside.

To get a better understanding of the cinetic science feature watch this video…

Engineers claim that these cyclones are so efficient that it eliminated the need for a pre-motor filter which means there are no filters to clean and virtually maintenance free (you still do have to clean the motorized brush).


In terms of suction power, it has around 50 air watts less than the DC65 but close to $200 more expensive.

This is somewhat disappointing at first glance but when you look closely at what you are getting for those extra $$$, it is worth it.

Great filtration

First, you’ll get the cinetic science technology that keeps allergens from coming back out while still maintaining performance.

Basically the whole machine is a HEPA filter.

Second, you get the tangle-free turbine tool that picks up all sorts of hair from pet hair to human hair minus the tangles. This tool in itself is valued at $60.


Third, it comes with a very handy tool – the reach under tool that helps low clearance areas where even a handheld vacuum cannot reach.

This tool will come in handy cleaning below cabinets that have really low clearances, keeping dust bunnies from building up. This will cost around $30 by itself.

It also comes with other tools like the carbon fiber soft dusting brush, the multi angle brush and mattress tool that will basically allow you to clean every part of your home. Plus it comes with an accessory tool bag to store everything in after using them.

Bare Floor Performance

This is fully capable of picking up dust particles on bare floor surfaces thanks to the strip of brush found underneath the floor head.

You can also turn off the beater bar just in case you have expensive hardwood flooring in your home.

Suction is excellent and this is fully capable of picking up dirt and sand in-between seams and cracks on hardwood. Check out this video…

Carpet Performance

Despite having less suction power than the DC65, the DC75 cinetic science has great agitation thanks to the stiff bristles I showed you earlier.

This allows it to deep clean carpet, check out this video…

Did you notice how the debris where shaking even if the vacuum head was still several inches away – that’s how strong the agitation is and check how much dirt it was able to pick up.

Here’s how it performed on a large area rug. Showing this to show you how much gunk it picked up…

How it performs on a clean looking carpet…

Check this out – comparing carpet performance against the DC65…

Upholstery Performance

This vacuum has a quick release hose that allows this to clean upholstery. And with it has a bevy of tools that you can attach to it to clean up different types of debris on different types of upholstery.

For cleaning all sorts of hair whether human or animal, there’s the tangle-free turbine head that picks up hair without the need to worry about it getting tangled up…

It also comes with a mattress tool which is great for cleaning up sofa cushions and beds and a carbon fiber soft dusting brush for cleaning dust of tables.

Pet Hair Removal

Cleaning pet hair on upholstery or floors should not be a problem because the brush roll has really stiff nylon bristles. And it comes with the tangle-free turbine tool which you saw a video about earlier.

Attachments and Accessories

This vacuum comes with the following tools, an accessory bag is included in the package.


Here’s an unboxing video…

Cord Length

Power cord is 22 feet and it can be retracted.

Filter Clean up

Despite the claims of Dyson that there are no filters to clean, there are actually two HEPA filters inside the ball where the motor is housed…

It looks absolutely filthy after 3 months of use.

Here’s what to expect when emptying this.

Take note that you will need to put some kind of cloth to cover up the cyclonic filters from the cloud of dust that will form when you open the dirt bin…

Hopefully Dyson will improve the filtration more specifically how it will filter out finer particles of dust that seems to get through the Cinetic Science filtration system if you base it on the video above.

Update April 25, 2016 – If you look at the comments in the video, Kode1996 said that he contacted Dyson and they said that their filters only capture dust up to 0.5 micros and their dual HEPA filters can hold dust up to 10 years. But it’s better to do your due diligence and check once in a while especially if you live in a really dusty environment.


This upright comes with a full 5 year warranty from Dyson.

Product Specifications

AttachmentsTangle-free turbine tool

Carbon fiber soft dusting brush

Reach under tool

Multi-angle brush

Mattress tool
Cord Length35 feet
Auto Cord Rewind
Motorized brush
Brush on/off switch
Filter clogged indicator
Full bin indicator

Dirt bin is transparent
Self propelled
Net weight17.2 pounds
Shipping weight28 pounds
Hose lengthN/A
Cleaning PathN/A
Dirt capacity0.57 gallons
Filter typeNo pre motor filter

2 HEPA post motor filters
Power180 air watts
Voltage120 volts
Manufactured inN/A
Warranty5 years

See it in Action

Digital trends explains the features…

Customer Reviews

Gizmodo says that Dyson has finally perfected the vacuum because it eliminated the need for a filter. Consumers like this machine because of the strong suction power combined with the excellent agitation plus it is does not have any filter.

Some have taken photos of the dirt bins that contained all the dirt that it picked up.

Check this out.

Pet owners also loved this machine because of how much pet hair it was able to pick up, even on a carpet that looked clean.

Some issues

If there are complaints, one of the most common is the emptying part since this is a bagless vacuum you will still be exposed to the dust when you empty it.

Some people reported to have some difficulty in emptying this. And some even used their fingers to scrap off dirt that didn’t fall by itself – particularly hair and dust bunnies.

Another complaint was the weight. This one weighs over 17 pounds, definitely a heavyweight.

Out of the box, this will require some assembly and some people didn’t like that.

Some folks complained about the plastic used – it looked and felt flimsy.

Lastly, it is very expensive so consider this an investment.

Update (July 7, 2015) – CNet recently published a review about the Cinetic and overall they liked the no-filter technology. But found said that it “cost too much as performance gains over much cheaper competition are minimal”.

Based on their cleaning tests, the Cinetic did struggle cleaning pet hair on hardwood. But did much better on carpet however cheaper options like the Hoover Linx Stick and the Shark Navigator did better.

In their other tests – the cheerios (to mimic large debris) and sand/sawdust test (to mimic fine dust) it was pretty much in the top tier of the pack but it didn’t top any of the tests against cheaper brands like the Shark, Hoover, Electrolux, Oreck, Dirt Devil and the cheaper DC65.

So I do understand the concern of the author based on these tests alone.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this upright from Amazon for less than $480. And it’ll be eligible for the free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

To wrap up

This filter-less upright vacuum would be great for homes with a lot of carpet inside because it traps fine dust particles that can trigger asthma or cause allergic rhinitis.

The absence of a pre-motor filter means there is no need to wash anything and one less maintenance task to worry about.

But there are still two HEPA post motor filters that you need to replace (eventually) and based on the video I shared above, it can get filthy after just a few weeks of use.

The filter-less technology still is not perfect. Hopefully Dyson engineers will address this issue.

Take note that this is still bagless so emptying it can be messy if you do it wrong. And if you suffer some sort of asthma you are better off emptying this outdoors wearing a mask.

The stiff nylon bristles scores plus points for agitation as it was able to pick up dust and pet hair underneath strands of carpet, even the carpet was cleaned by another upright.

Costing close to $600, this is by no means cheap but when you consider the time you’ll save because of the filter-less system and all the tools included in the package.

This is a pretty good deal.

If you can afford $600 for an upright, this will be a good buy. It’ll keep your carpet clean and free from allergens.

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