Dyson V6 Comparison

We’ll be looking closely at the Dyson V6. Is it worth the price tag?

Currently, the V6 is the entry-level option of Dyson and the cheapest of all their offerings.

Scroll down and see how the V6 performs and if it is a worthy option as a stick vacuum for your needs.

Entry Level Dyson With High End Performance

The Dyson V6 might be entry level when it comes to the current pricing structure but there’s nothing entry level with the performance. There’s no question that the V6 is very capable and versatile. It can run for up to 20 minutes on normal mode and 6 minutes if you turn on the max.


  • Provides versatility and cleaning performance at a lower price point than other Dyson cordless vacuums
  • Decent suction and agitation will clean surface dirt well


  • Small dust cup
  • The non-hygienic bin can be messy to dispose
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Of all the Dyson cord-free cleaners, the V6 is the most diverse with around 10 options which you’ll see below.

It gives you a wide variety to choose from whether you need something to clean your vehicle or pet hair.

Design of the Dyson V6

The V6 is built on Dyson’s fundamental principle of interchangeability. Before Dyson came along, there was nothing like it on the market.

Having a removable wand gives it the ability to be used in different configurations.

Instead of a traditional power switch, the V8 uses a trigger that engages the motor when you squeeze it.

At the back of the HEPA filter is a small switch that activates the max mode when you push it.

The power will increase four-fold but the run time decreases significantly.

Depending on the variant you’ll choose, it will come with up to a couple of floor tools – one of cleaning bare floor and another for carpet.

Both tools have ball contraptions at the bottom that allows it to swivel, improving maneuverability.

How the Dyson V6 cleans?

At the heart of this vacuum cleaner is a V6 digital motor that spins at 110,000 rpm. The motor will produce up to 100 air watts of power in its highest setting.

Helping with keeping the motor as efficient as possible are 15 cyclones that spin fine dust particles so it does not clog up the filter.

You’ll notice when using a Dyson that the filter does not clog up as quickly as other brands. These cyclones are a big reason why.

The V8 can be used as a stick or handheld vacuum thanks to the removable wand.

With the extension wand off, you can use it as a handheld vacuum. You can also purchase the optional hose tool and use it as a car vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Performance

First, let’s look at how the Dyson V6 cleans using the differing cleaning heads such as the direct-drive head and soft roller tool. Overall, there are three tools that you’ll get depending on the variant you’ll choose.

Let’s look at them one by one.

The first would be the first generation direct drive cleaning head found in the V6 Cord-Free. It is a similar tool found in the older Dyson DC44 series cordless vacuum.

The dirt scattered on the carpet (medium pile to be exact) is a combination of oats, rice, and dust.

While this tool was able to pick up the majority of the surface dirt, it did leave some dust and rice under the carpet strands.

The result is still impressive considering that this tool has less power than the newer and larger direct drive head.

In the maximum setting, it did manage to pick up the smaller particles of dirt. The downside to using the higher setting is it shortens the run time down to 6 minutes.

Next tool we will look at is the soft roller cleaning attachment specifically made by Dyson for hard surfaces.

You’ll get this tool when in the V6 Absolute and Fluffy variants.

One big advantage of this tool is its ability to scoop up big piles of dirt.

Usually, if you’d use a traditional cleaning head, it will plow this pile of dirt forward.

Not so with the soft roller head as it pulls in the dirt.

It was able to pick up all of the dirt on the tile floor.

Next up, at the bigger direct-drive cleaning that has more agitation that allows it to perform better on the carpet.

Watch this video to see how it does cleaning a big pile of pet hair on the carpet.

After a single pass, the V6 was able to pick up most of the pet hair. There was hair that wrapped around the brush, but it was quite easy to pull it out without even using scissors.

Dyson designed their floor tool in such a way that you can remove the brush easily so that you can remove more stubborn hair that may wrap around it.

Is the V6 Easy to Use?

You don’t really need a manual to use the V6, even with assembly. Out of the box, all the attachments are separate, and the process of putting it together does not require special tools.

The vacuum and floor tools all come in fully assembled, all you have to do is insert the accessories into the proper slot and it’s ready to go.

Each tool will lock into place so there’s no risk of it detaching during use.

Once you have the configuration you want, just squeeze the trigger and the vacuum motor runs.

Removing tools is easy with the quick-release button.

If you need more power just press on the “MAX” button at the back of the filter.

Maintenance Costs

There are three main areas to look for the upkeep of the Dyson V6. These include the filters, battery and floor cleaning tools.

The V6 has two filters you need to clean once a month – the main filter and a post-motor HEPA filter.

You don’t need to replace the filters unless it gets damaged. These should last the lifetime of the vacuum if you take care of it.

  • Wash both filters once a month: Washing both filters is an essential step in keeping the V6 performing at peak level. Dyson recommends washing it under running water (no need to soap it) and let it air dry for 24 hours.
  • Brush roll maintenance: Hair and dust will wrap around the brushes and axles of the brushes. Make sure to regularly check the floor tools and mini-turbo brush to maintain optimal performance.
  • Battery: There isn’t a specific time table on how long the battery will last. It really depends on conditions such as weather, humidity, care, etc. The minimum it should last is two years

Another thing to look at is the battery. The battery should last for at least 2 years and if it breaks during the warranty period, Dyson should replace it free of charge.

Just in case it fails after the warranty, you can purchase a replacement battery ranging between $30 and $50 depending on the capacity and brand.

Dyson V6 Comparison: Similarities

First up let’s look at the similarities of all these variants and to help you navigate, click through these links:

Same motor and filtration system

First, let’s compare the similarities across this product line.

All variants have the same motor and cyclonic filtration. However, some options will have HEPA filtrations and others will not.

Run time

Having the same motor means that all variants will have the same run time. Around 20 minutes when you use non-motorized attachments like the crevice tool, brush tool, etc.

Run time will drop if you use any of the motorized tools such as the soft roller head. These tools use extra current, hence the run time drop but on just a few minutes.

These tools have their motors that consume additional current.

Trigger-like switch

Trigger switchIn typical Dyson fashion, all of these vacuums have a trigger mechanism that works like a gun.

You’ll have to squeeze the trigger to engage the motor.

Dyson said that this design is what works best because it’ll only turn on the motor on demand. But the downside would be the strain it puts on your hands and wrist.

If you try to squeeze the trigger for 5 minutes straight, you’ll know what I mean.

But hey it helps extend run time.

Though it has had its share of complaints from consumers, a majority still like this design because it does allow them to maximize run time.

Dyson will change this design if an overwhelmingly large number of consumers ask them to change this.

Dyson changed two things in the V8 that their customers have been complaining about for some time.

These include the hard to empty bin and run time. This change by itself proves that Dyson does listen.

Two speeds

Max functionAll V6 variants come with a “Max” feature that unleashes the full power of the motor. Turning it on triples the suction from 28 to 100 air watts.

The extra power comes at the expense of run time. With the max feature, the V6 can only run for about 6 minutes.

Dirt Bin

Before the Dyson V8 or V7 came out, all of their cordless vacuums utilized the same trap door design. This feature relies heavily on gravity to empty.

It will not be a problem if you clean stuff like oats because it’s heavier than dust.

But when you clean stuff like dust, these types of debris tend to stick on plastic surfaces and with the small bin.

So what happens in when you open the bin, nothing only the heavy stuff falls, and you’ll need to stick your fingers in or disassemble the bin to get everything out.

The Dyson V7 address this issue thanks to the new bin design from the V8. This variant is cheaper than the V8 because it doesn’t use the V8’s motor and it’s a slight upgrade from the V6. If you don’t mind spending a few more $$$, then go with the V7.

Differences: Dyson V6 Absolute vs. Animal vs. MotorHead vs. Fluffy vs. HEPA vs. Cord Free vs. Trigger, etc.

Now let’s move on to the differences between these variants.

Let’s start with the obvious – the tools that come with it. Each of the ten variants come with a set of attachments for a specific purpose.

Dyson V6 Absolute

In terms of tools, the V6 Absolute has the most complete set that will cover most of your cleaning needs at home.

It comes with the big two brush roll set. First one is the soft roller cleaning brush that works great on bare floor.

The second tool is direct drive cleaner head that has bristles.

Both of these tools have their own motor so that it will provide great agitation.

It makes it the most versatile of the bunch because of its capability of cleaning both bare floor and carpet.

In addition to these two motorized tools, it comes with a crevice tool, soft dusting brush, combination tool, and a docking station.

V6 Absolute attachments

Lastly, of the V6 stick vacuums, this is the only variant that comes with a HEPA filter (don’t worry this is washable, so you don’t have to replace it).

Bottom line: This variant is great for homes with lots of carpets or bare floor surfaces because it has the attachments to clean both surfaces equally well. It’s the most expensive of the bunch, but it gives you a lot of value for the money you pay.

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Dyson V6 MotorHead

If your home only has carpet flooring inside then, the V6 Motorhead is your best option.

It comes with a single motorized attachment. Dyson calls this the direct drive cleaning head that has 150% more agitation compared to the V6 Cord-Free.

You won’t be able to turn off the brush roll so I wouldn’t recommend this on bare floor. On carpet, agitation is a welcome sight.

If you’ve ever tried using a bristled brush on a big mess such as cereal or oats on the hardwood, it will create a bigger mess.

But on fine dirt like dust or stuff like powder, it should have no problem picking up dirt.

You can still use this on hard floor for cleaning a small area of messes like dust, so yes you can even use this on hardwood which is excellent because this it’ll be cheaper than the V6 Absolute.

Here are the tools you’ll get with the MotorHead:

Motor Head Tools

You will notice that Amazon is selling both the V6 and the DC59 MotorHead so what the heck is the difference?

The DC59 comes with the mini-motorized brush, and the V6 does not – this for a $90 premium.

Bottom line: If your home has mostly carpet then the MotorHead would be a great option because of the direct drive cleaning tool. It is much cheaper than the V6 Absolute, but you won’t get the mini turbo brush, soft roller cleaning head, and the mini soft dusting brush.

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Dyson V6 Animal

If you’re not familiar with the Dyson cordless product line, the V6 is the same as the DC59.

The V6 Animal is a MotorHead with more attachments. Both have the same direct-drive bristle brush, but the Animal has two extra tools – mini-motorized head and soft dusting brush.

Both allow you to clean upholstery and sensitive easily scratched furniture.

V6 Animal Tools

Bottom line: The Animal is a more complete version of the MotorHead. It comes with two extra tools, but it will cost a little bit more.

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Dyson V6 Cord Free

Of the stick vacuums in the V6 line, this is one of the cheapest options available.

It has the least amount of tools, but you still get the same performance, same motor minus the less versatility.

The beater bar that comes with this isn’t the same as the one in the MotorHead or Animal. It uses the same brush found in the DC59 that has less agitation.

Tools that come along with the cord fee:

V6 Cord Free Tools

Bottom line: Of the four stick vacuums in their product line this one of the cheapest but also the least equipped. You can use this to clean high traffic carpet areas or stairs. It uses the older motorized brush so do not expect as much agitation. If you don’t find the need for the mini motorized brush or the crevice tool, this is a great deal.

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Dyson V6 Fluffy

If the Animal and the MotorHead are geared towards homes with a lot of carpets, then the Fluffy is the opposite.

Instead of including the direct-drive cleaner head, this variant has the soft roller cleaner head that works exceptionally well on hard floor surfaces.

If you don’t know what the soft roller cleaner is all about then, you have to watch this video and see for yourself:

Notice that the fluffy tool does not have any bristles. Instead, it uses soft nylon material that “grabs” larger pieces of dirt and fine statically charged dust.

This new design is much more efficient than bristles on bare floor. It will need periodic washing though.

Here are the tools that come with the Fluffy:

  • A soft roller cleaning head
  • Mini-motorized tool
  • Upholstery tool
  • Stiff brush
  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool

The toolset you see above is exclusive for Amazon only. You will not see this set elsewhere. It’s a bit pricey, but you’ll get a lot for the money.

Bottom line: The Fluffy is a no-brainer choice for homes with only bare floors. It comes with the Fluffy tool that provides excellent pick up without the risk of scratching it.

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Dyson V6 Trigger

Dyson calls this the most powerful handheld vacuum and I wouldn’t disagree with them.

The V6 Trigger is a barebones handheld that comes with the combination tool and crevice tool that will help you clean areas above the eye level like vents.

It  is one of the cheapest of all the V6 variants, but it has the least number of attachments.

Bottom line: This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a “cheap” Dyson handheld that will be able to handle your above the floor cleaning needs.

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Dyson V6 Top Dog

Like the name says, V6 Top Dog is an option for pet owners looking for a handheld that will help them clean pet hair off upholstery and litter off baseboards.

This variant comes with a crevice tool, a stiff brush tool, and the mini-motorized brush.

All of which is capable of picking up pet hair on upholstery, carpeted stairs or tight crevices.

There are two versions – the standard Top Dog and the HEPA version that comes with a HEPA filter. If you have any allergies, go with the latter.

Bottom line: The Top Dog as the name implies is a pet hair inhaler that will help you clean pet hair in most areas around your home from small areas on the floor, stairs, upholstery, everywhere. It is perhaps the cheapest of all the products listed here, and a must have for any pet owner.

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Dyson V6 Car + Boat

Having a vehicle myself I admit that it is hard to find a vacuum with good enough suction and good enough quality to handle the rigors of cleaning an automobile.

I owned a cheap vacuum that had decent power. The problem was quality control. Most of it was made from cheap plastic. Over time because of wear and tear, these plastic parts will harden and crack within the first two years.

So I had to use duck tape to keep the tools from falling apart.

The V6 Car + Boat does not have this problem because all its tool has a locking mechanism that securely fastens it.

This variant, in particular, is designed for cleaning your vehicle’s interior.

And it comes with one important tool that makes it all possible.

That is a flexible hose that allows it to reach in tight areas like the dashboard and underneath seats.

All non-motorized tools are compatible with the hose, so this is great inside your vehicle or home.

V6 Car + Boat Tools

Bottom line: This variant is an excellent option for car owners looking for a cordless for cleaning their vehicle’s interior. It has a bevy of tools all of which you can attach to a flexible hose that allows it more reach, making it capable of cleaning more areas no matter how tight it is.

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Dyson V6 Mattress

I have a 4-year-old, and he has eczema that he hasn’t completely outgrown.

It’s getting better with treatment and keeping the environment clean.

I did some research, and one of the causes of this or trigger factors are bed bugs. And if take a microscope and look on the mattress, it has millions of them. These microscopic creatures multiply fast because it feeds on dead skin that we shed daily.

One of the ways of keeping their population in check is to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the excess dead skin and bed bugs.

If you have a few thousand dollars to spare, I’d recommend a Rainbow Vacuum, but I must warn you that machine weighs a ton.

For folks who want a lightweight albeit less effective option for cleaning up bed bugs, they should have a look at the V6 Mattress.

It comes with a mini-motorized tool called the mattress tool. This tool agitates and cleans bed bugs using a stiff brush.

Of all the five handheld V6 variants, only this has HEPA filtration.

Bottom line: If you want to keep your mattresses clean and control the population of bed bugs from multiplying to scary proportions then go with the V6 Mattress. It comes with a mini-motorized tool designed for mattresses along with HEPA filtration so that all the allergens that you suck in stays inside the bin.

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Dyson V6 Baby + Child

The last but not the least variant is for parents who have newborn babies and want to keep their homes as clean as possible.

Here are the tools that come along with this…

V6 Baby + Child

The main tools would be the wide nozzle tool would be best utilized on the bed sheet or direct on the mattress. It has a felt-like material on the upper and lower portions of the inlet that agitate and remove allergens.

You’ll find this variant in Dyson.co.jp and Amazon.

Bottom line: This is a good option for parents looking to keep their baby’s room clean and free from allergens. Take note that this variant does not come with HEPA filtration and if you prefer that, go with the V6 Mattress.

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V6 Tools

If you’ve already purchased a V6 and want more from it, you can look at optional tools that can extend the reach of your Dyson.

Handheld V6 variants will get a boost from these tools.

Let’s say you’ve purchased a V6 Mattress and want to clean your vehicle; you don’t need to buy the Car + Boat variant.

Purchasing the handheld toolkit that includes the flexible hose in Amazon that includes the hose, upholstery tool and stiff brush should be enough.

Which is Best for Hard Floor?

For homes with only hard floor, it would be overkill to buy the Dyson V6 Absolute. You don’t need the direct drive head that has the bristled brush.

The best option for these homes would be the V6 Fluffy that has the soft roller tool that works great on hard surfaces.

This tool will not scratch hardwood because it made from a fabric like material but with a rigid backbone that will take the abuse of daily use.

It’s not the cheapest variant at just a little over $300, but it does include the mini turbo brush, bare floor brush tool, crevice and combination tool that’ll cover all your needs.

How about Carpet?

If your home only has carpet, then I would suggest getting the V6 MotorHead or Animal. Choosing between the two will depend if you have pets or not.

For pet owners, the Animal would be the better option because it comes with the mini-motorized brush (or turbo brush) that’ll clean pet hair on upholstery.

Unfortunately, Dyson has discontinued production of these two variants, and you’ll only buy these refurbished.

Another option (it’s actually cheaper) would be getting the V7 MotorHead. It performs better and runs longer than the V6 with an easier to empty dirt bin.

Does the Dyson V6 Offer Good Value?

With newer options available, the Dyson V6’s prices have dropped significantly in the low $200 range.

This drop helps increase the appeal of the V6, and it has pretty good value if you base it on performance alone.

I would suggest that you spend a little bit more on the Animal or Absolute options if you can afford it because their cleaning heads are much better than the Cord-Free option.

But there are some issues that come in when choosing the V6 and other options such as the V7 or V8.

The first and biggest issue for me would be the dust cup, the V6 design tedious and messy to clean.

If you clean a lot of dust, this can be a big issue.

Related: Do you like a Dyson but want something better performing? Check out our Dyson reviews here, or check out other brands such as the Roomba or Shark.

Next issue would be run time. In my opinion, the 20-minute figure isn’t long enough if you’re relying on this to clean your whole home.

Other than that, the V6 is still a very good product that deserves your attention.

It comes with a two-year warranty and 30-day return policy, decent but not as long as other brands like the Shark.

The Verdict: Who Should by the Dyson V6?

The Dyson V6 offers a versatile product that has two-in-one functionality that has a strong enough suction giving it the ability to clean different surfaces.

It is one of the lightest options in the Dyson cordless options at just 4.5 pounds. So this vacuum is a great option if you want something really light.

Cleaning performance isn’t an issue as this vacuum will clean surface dirt well. However, it won’t do as well as the V8 or V10 when it comes to deep cleaning.

There are also some issues with the dirt bin that can be messy to empty and the 20 minute run time that some folks say is too short.

If you don’t mind these issues and will to pay the $$$ for it then the V6 is a great mid-priced option.

I would recommend the Dyson V6 if you’re looking for these features:

  • Lightweight and mobility: The Dyson V6 is one of the lightest options available at just 4.5 pounds.
  • Usable in different configurations: You can use the V6 as a handheld or stick vacuum, and this versatility gives it the ability to clean your whole home.
  • Multiple tools: Depending on the variant, you’ll get different tools like the crevice tool, dusting brush, motorized floor tools, and more.
  • Two cleaning modes: The V6 has two power modes – normal and max. It gives you the option to deep clean carpet in short bursts with the max mode or use it like you would a regular plug-in vacuum in normal mode.

For more information on the Dyson V6 please check this link.

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  1. Just an FYI for you. When discussing the v6 mattress you mentioned your son’s bed had millions of “bed bugs” I think you might have meant dust mites.
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    • Nathan, you’re right, I meant dust mites.

    • Thank you for highlighting this.
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  2. Does the same soft fluffy head fit all V6 models?

    • No, the Fluffy head from the V6 Fluffy will not fit my V6 Motorhead. It looks like it will and it attaches but Dyson made the connections just a little bit different so it doesn’t engage. I even called and verified, I couldn’t believe it. I was not happy, I feel it’s a money grab on Dyson’s part. Chargers are also different, at least on these two models.

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    • The Dyson V6 Fluffy is a good option…

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  7. I just bought two of (what I thought) were the exact same Dyson V6 vacuums however when I got them here I realized one runs a motorhead and the other didn’t ….I’m very confused I would assume one is just a basic V6 and the other is a DC 59? Need names, and distinctions between the two, to educate myself further..
    Help!?!? Any jumpers/adapters to make these both run MotorHeads, possibily the same motorheads or should I -or could I -buy an older version a somewhat weaker motorhead ?
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  8. I have the V6 and want to mount the stick part to the wall. Do you know whether the v6 will fit a v7 mount?
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  9. The V6 design is rubbish, from the way pet hair and dust clog in the head before getting to the bin, to the near impossibility of clearing such clogs with special tools, to needing a stick or piece of wire to remove the hair and lint from around the upper perimeter of the bin, to the trigger that will stick leaving no way to turn it off u til the charge dies, which thankfully will be in just a few minutes, to the fact that even the serial number sticker is in a completely inaccessible location. Huge waste of money on a device that NEVER should have been allowed to proceed out of R&D. They brag about their superior suction. I agree they suck.

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