Eureka AS3030A Airspeed Review: Great Budget Upright Option

For upright vacuums, you’ll want something that has as long a power cord as possible.

This minimizes the need constantly to plug and unplug.

Eureka AS3030A Airspeed Review

Also, you’d want something with cord rewind. So you don’t spend time wrapping and unwrapping the cord.

On top of that it has to be lightweight and have great suction.

This new upright from Eureka claims to have all of these qualities at a fraction of the cost of a Dyson.

Is this really better than a Dyson DC41?

That’s what Eureka claims and we will find out how it performs and what consumers think in this review.

A quick look at the features

  • Capable of deep cleaning both carpet and bare floor with its on/off brushroll feature
  • Has soft rubber wheels that minimize chances of scratching hard wood or linoleum flooring
  • AirSpeed technology minimizes power loss by directing suction from the motor to the floor nozzle in a straight line instead of going through hoses
  • 27 foot retractable power cord
  • 12 foot stretchable hose
  • Comes with a turbo power brush, crevice and dusting tool plus an extension wand
  • Equipped with an allergen filter that prevents allergens from coming back out
  • Bagless system eliminates the need for a bag
  • 3 year warranty


  • Strong suction – unlike other uprights where the air goes through a maze of hoses, Eureka designed such that the suction produced by the motor goes straight to the nozzle thus providing better suction.
  • Long 27 foot power cord with cord rewind means better reach minus time wasting manual coiling and uncoiling of the long cord.
  • Comes with a long 12 foot stretch hose plus brush and turbo nozzle tools that allow you to clean upholstery, stairs, nooks and crannies.
  • Light for an upright – only 15.5 pounds
  • Uses two filters for better prevent dirt from coming back out from the exhaust
  • Very affordable at just $100
  • Brush roll on/off feature improves performance on bare floor
  • Wide 13 inch cleaning path


  • Bulky – you need to clear up some space to store this
  • Turbo brush tool not too effective in cleaning cheerios on upholstery
  • Consumers didn’t like that they had to adjust the height adjustment knob (to clean low, medium or high pile carpet)
  • Does not swivel unlike the DC41
  • It will have trouble going under furniture because of the bulkiness
  • No self-propelling feature make this tough to move around (according to some reviews)
  • Noisy

What to expect from the Eureka AirSpeed?

The most impressive feature for me is the AirSpeed technology that minimizes power loss by directing suction straight to the nozzle without going through the length hose (this is why other uprights have weaker suction).

To use the hose you need to turn a knob to move the suction from the vacuum inlet to the hose.

Hose and extension wand adds versatility

Speaking of the hose, it is rather long at 12 feet, add the extension wand you have around 15 to 16 feet of reach at your disposal.

It allows you to clean stairs, upholster, blinds and even vents up on the ceiling.

Retractable cord

Another great feature would be the retractable power cord. Even with this feature, Eureka still managed to keep the weight down at just around 15 pounds. Cord length is a decent 27 feet!

Eureka AS3030A Airspeed Features

This is also suitable inside homes with hardwood because it comes with a brush roll on/off feature so it’ll not scratch.

Attachments and Accessories

It comes with 4 – the extension wand, crevice, dusting and turbo nozzle tool.

Filter clean up

There are two filters here, an allergen filter that prevents allergens from coming back out and a washable foam filter.

Both are washable and you’ll have to change it twice a year to maintain performance.

It is just below the dirt canister and is easy to remove.

The main foam filter is at the top of the dirt container and easy to access when you empty the bin.

Make sure to air dry both before putting it back.


Eureka backs this up with a generous 3 year warranty.

See it in Action

Emily Knight of tests this on carpet, tile and upholster, let’s see how it goes…

Take note that this is a different variant.

The model featured in the video does not come with the retractable cord but it has the same motor.

I just wanted to show you how it well it cleaned different surfaces just to give you an idea how it performs.

Bare floor performance

This performs well on bare floor because it gives you the option to turn off the motorized brush. It is a two-fold benefit.

First this prevents scratches when the stiff nylon brushes come in contact with the surface and second, it works great on larger bits of debris like crushed cookies or cereal – as you’ll see later in the video.

Suction is strong enough to clean this surface without the need of a motorized brush.

Carpet performance

The motorized brush plus strong suction gives allows this to deep clean carpet but it may not deep clean as well on thick plush carpet.

It also has a knob located on the base that lets you switch from bare floor, thin all the way to thick carpet. Make sure to set it at the right setting before turning it on.

Upholstery performance

You can clean upholstery using the turbo nozzle or the brush tool depending on the type of dirt.

For stuff like pet hair or embedded dirt, the turbo nozzle will do quite well, for larger bits like cheerio crumbs, use the dusting brush tool.

Pet hair removal

This vacuum is capable of dealing with pet hair on bare floor, carpet, or upholstery.

On carpet just turn on the motorized brush then let it do the work for you but on bare floor, turn off the brush roll.

If you’re cleaning fabric upholstery, you can use the mini-turbo brush and hose. However, I wouldn’t rely this on cleaning upholstery because it’s too big and bulky for the task. You may want to check out our comprehensive guide on hand vacuums for spot cleaning or pet hair removal on upholstery.

Product Specifications

AttachmentsCrevice tool

Dusting Brush

Stair & Upholstery Turbo Nozzle

Extension wand
Cord Length27 feet
Auto Cord Rewind
Motorized brush
Brush on/off switch
Filter clogged indicator
Full bin indicator
Self propelled
Net weight15.5 pounds
Shipping weight18.6 pounds
Hose length12 feet
Cleaning Path13"
Overall length43"
Dirt capacityN/A
Filter typeAllergen + Washable foam filter
Power12 Amps
Voltage120 volts
Manufactured inChina
Warranty3 years

What do consumers say?

Since this is relatively new in the market, it still has a low number of reviews, and consumers, in general, were happy with the suction power of the A3030A AirSpeed.

It was able to pick up dirt, debris, dust bunnies and pet hair on a variety of surfaces like hardwood, linoleum, and tile.

While it has strong suction, it still isn’t a match to more powerful uprights as some consumers noted.

One said that it isn’t strong enough to deep clean thick carpet others say otherwise.

The retractable cord feature is a nice addition as it is a time saver but some complained that it did not fully retract the cord and it would leave the last few feet hanging.

This could be a quality control issue.

The power cord isn’t terribly short at 27 feet but there were reviews that did not like it. If you compare it to a Dyson DC65 that has a 35-foot cord, it is short.

Like most cleaners at this price range, there will be issues with fit and finish as some didn’t like how the attachments snap together or how the plastics used are low quality.

And as usual, there are complaints about defective units which by the way is normal as a small percentage of products coming out of their factory in China will have defects.

Remember that this has a 3 year warranty so make use of it.

Overall, consumers were pretty happy with the performance that comes at a fraction of a cost of a Dyson but for the price you pay for and the features you’ll get, it is very good value for money.

Where can I buy this?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy this particular variant brand new in Amazon. Only second-hand units are available.

Fortunately, a new version has come out called the NEU188A PowerSpeed Turbo which will cost less than $90. And it’ll come with their free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

Amazon also sells extended warranties of up to 3 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

To wrap up

This would be a great budget option for people who cannot afford a Dyson or a Shark Lift-Away.

It may not have the features found in these two. But in terms of cleaning performance, it won’t be very far off.

One bonus would be the 3-year warranty that gives you some peace of mind.

Also, it is versatile enough that you can use on upholstery and stairs, it has enough reached to clean dust bunnies and cobwebs off the ceiling.

It even has a turbo brush tool that allows you to clean pet hair off fabric upholstery and stairs, though you may struggle with this if you have a tall flight of stairs heck all upright vacuums will struggle here.

For the price, this upright vacuum is a bargain. But remember that there will be quality control issues and it won’t deep clean as well as high-end brands like Dyson.

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