Eureka RapidClean ION 240A Review

With the RapidClean 2-in-1 Ion, Eureka allows people to clean their floors, upholstery, tables and everything in between with just one product.

This saves them a lot of valuable real estate in their home, especially for those who live in small flats.

The RapidClean ION 240A is yet another Eureka 2-in-1 cordless but unlike the older quick-up series this comes with a lithium battery and has a switch on the handle so there is no need to bend down.

Since this is a new release, it doesn’t have much in terms of reviews so we’ll make with the reviews available to give you an accurate real life performance report.

You can use it to clean floors as well as upholstery because the handheld part is detachable from the body.

It comes with a couple of attachments for the handheld that’ll help you remove dirt and dust from areas of your home above the floor.

Features of the Eureka RapidClean ION 240A

  • Uses a 14.4 volt lithium ion battery
  • Has 2-in-1 functionality – a handheld + stick vac in one
  • Comes with a brush and crevice tool attachment
  • 180 degree swivel
  • Two filter system – both are washable
  • Base has a built in motorized brush roll to help pick up pet hair
  • Comes with a wall mountable charger and charging stand
  • Floor attachment has a ball joint that rotates up to 180 degrees allowing you to reach almost all the areas under your bed
  • Filter is washable and will last the lifetime of the vacuum


  • Decent charge time of around 6 hours
  • Vacuum base has a motorized brush that help pick up pet hair
  • Wall mountable charger and charging stand gives you options in storing this
  • Lightweight at only 5.8 pounds
  • Both filters are washable
  • Removable brush roll
  • It can be swiveled which helps in manuevering this around and under furniture where dust is hardest to reach
  • Versatile vacuum that’s usable as a stick or handheld vacuum
  • Foldable handles has less footprint


  • You can’t use this on medium or thick carpet
  • Brush roll tends to throw larger debris around rather than picking them up
  • Limited on upholstery with only the crevice and brush tool
  • Very small dirt canister that needs to be emptied often
  • Cleaning the filter has too many steps
  • Expensive
  • Attachments doesn’t have any lock mechanism so it easily dislodges when you put too much weight on it

What to expect from the Eureka RapidClean ION 240A?

The older Quick Up series vacuums uses a 6 volt nickel cadmium battery, this one uses a more powerful 14.4 volt lithium battery that shortens the charge time from 16 hours down to 6 hours.

Run time varies between 11 to 40 minutes.

This vacuum can transition from a stick to a handheld vacuum. It’s basically a handheld with a body that allows it to clean floors.

So don’t expect this to deep clean carpet.

It comes with a motorized brush so it can still clean carpet.

Cleaning the edges

Doesn’t do well on the edges because it has no edge brushes and motor can’t generate enough power to suck dirt in outright.

Can this clean stairs?

The ability to use this as a handheld makes it possible to use this as a stair cleaner. But it won’t be as effective on carpet because the main cleaning head does not swivel.

Please check my guide on vacuums for stairs that are better options that this product.

Pet hair removal

With the beater bar, this vacuum can clean pet hair but it lacks power deep clean.

It will pick up surface hair and dander but not dirt under carpet fibers.

Attachments and accessories

It only comes with two attachments – the crevice and brush tool plus the charger.

Charging time

It takes around 6 hours to fully charge.

Filter clean up

There are around 6 steps total to clean the filter:

  1. Remove the handheld from the body
  2. Unlock the dust container by pushing a button underneath the handheld
  3. Pull out the cyclone filter using its handle
  4. Empty the dust container on a trash bin
  5. Visually check the filters if it needs to be washed – only wash in running water
  6. Assemble the filter back together and attach it on the handheld

Run time

There are no official run time numbers from Eureka so I’ll base it on reviews.

Longest run time according to reviews was around 40 minutes, shortest is 11 minutes.

One plus is that this uses a Li-Ion battery so there will be minimal power fade. And it will last longer in terms of service life.

It will give constant power until battery is low then it shuts off.

Unfortunately the battery isn’t removable so just in case it breaks, you’ll have to replace the whole vacuum or send it to Eureka for repairs.


Eureka only gives a 1 year warranty on the battery and motor.

Bare floor cleaning

This is the surface where it’ll be most effective in, capable of picking up fine particles but performance suffers on larger bits like cat litter because of the low clearance of the base.

Carpet cleaning

Forget about using this on anything other than low pile carpet, it’ll drag and won’t pick up anything that’s embedded deep.

It’ll do a decent job on area rugs as long as it isn’t anything too shaggy or thick. Even with the brush roll, it doesn’t have enough power to suck up dirt in medium to thick pile carpets.

Upholstery cleaning

Since you can use this as a handheld, it is capable of cleaning upholstery. The crevice and brush tools work great for loose, surface dirt.

It lacks a mini turbo brush so if you have pets you may want to check these other options.

See it in action

No video reviews found yet…

Product specifications

AttachmentsCrevice tool
Brush tool
Battery14.4v Lithium Ion
ChargerWall mountable charger that can also be mounted on its floor base
Charging time6 hours
Battery life11 - 40 minutes
(based on user reviews)
Net weight (with battery, wand and floor attachment)5.8 pounds
Shipping weight8.6 pounds
Cleaning path10"
Overall length45"
Battery indicatorYes
Filter typeWashable plastic and cloth filter
Dust capacityN/A
Air WattsN/A
Manufactured inChina
Warranty1 year on battery and motor

Customer reviews

Only 40 people left reviews and a majority of them were positive. One common theme here was this isn’t for heavy duty use, it is only meant for spot duty.

Battery life is very good, one user in particular reported getting 40 minutes of run time on a single charge.

It’s easy to assemble and lightweight and it swivels 180 degrees in all directions, where as the older quick up only swivels up and down – makes it more agile.

In the negative reviews, people mentioned that it lacks power and struggles in picking up larger pieces of dirt like cereal if you use it as a stick.

It has a tendency to regurgitate larger particles back out. And the brush roll while good in picking up hair has a tendency of flinging again large pieces of debris all over.

You’ll notice that in every one of the reviews, there’s an Amazon Vine tag below their names.

This means that the people who left the reviews didn’t purchase this product rather they were sent this product and were required to leave a review within 30 days of receiving the item, since this is a new product there weren’t any “buyer reviews” available.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this in Amazon but currently it is out of stock.


This product is great for those small cleaning tasks around the home. Need to clean a few bits of crumbs here and there? No problem. Remove the handheld and it will have enough suction to do the task.

Spilled cheerios on the sofa? It is capable of doing the job.

But for bigger messes, you might want to get something with more power like the Shark ION Flex.

The swivel feature makes this easy to move around furniture where a lot of dust accumulate.

It will also do well cleaning thin pile rug.

If your home has lots of carpet stay away from this. It does not have enough power or agitation to work effectively on this surface.

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