Euroflex Monster H055 Hi Performance 2-in-1 Review: Versatile and Light

I’d normally recommend a cordless 2-in-1 vacuum for quick pick-ups but when I saw the Monster H055.

This cleaner impressed me so much that I’d recommend this for anyone looking for an affordable 2-in-1 vacuum.

Euroflex Monster H055 Review

It does come with a 15-foot cord so you’ll have to find an outlet to plug this in.

What’s great about this product is it can be used as a handheld and a stick vac which removes the need to buy two separate products which save you a little bit.

Even though it does not have a motorized brush, consumers said it had strong enough suction to clean carpet.

But I would not recommend this for homes with wall to wall carpeting.

Tall people (over 6 feet) may want to avoid this because it is rather short.


  • Strong powerful 500 watt motor
  • Very good suction
  • Lightweight
  • Bagless and washable filter lessens operating cost
  • 2 in 1 versatility – can be used as a stick or hand vac
  • Great on stairs


  • No motorized brush roll limits its efficiency on carpet
  • Short 15 foot hose
  • Small dirt cup
  • No swivel action
  • A little hard to adjust the floor tool
  • Noisy
  • Attachments only relies on friction to hold it in place unlike higher end brands like the Dyson that have a locking mechanism

What to expect from the Euroflex Monster H055?

The biggest reason to buy the Monster H055 is the versatility it gives you at a very affordable price.

The 6 tools included in the package can be mixed and matched to clean upholstery, floor, stairs and even tight spaces.

Suction is above average because of the 500 watt motor which is almost unheard of for a vacuum this size.

Monster H055 Features

Here’s the full list of features:

  • Weighs only 3.8 pounds
  • Comes with 5 attachments – floor tool, crevice tool, combination bush / upholstery tool, 2 extension tubes and a carry bag
  • Interchangeable attachments make this a great all around cleaner
  • 15 foot power cord
  • 500 watt motor
  • Made in Italy

Bare Floor Performance

This will perform best on bare floor because of the strong suction.

It won’t have a problem picking up dust, hair, pet dander, cheerio’s and all sorts of debris that you’ll normally get around the house.

Consumers were very happy on how this performed on this surface saying that it picked up TONS of dirt.

You’ll notice that the floor tool didn’t pick up pet liter along the grooves, you’ll need to use the crevice tool for this purpose.

Carpet Performance

I’d like to preface that this does not have any motorized brush roll so in terms of cleaning deep pile carpet, this will be limited but it’ll still be able to clean a thinner pile of carpet and rugs.

Pet Hair Removal

This 2-in-1 should be able to remove pet hair from hard floor, low pile carpet, rugs and upholstery.

The absence of a motorize brush hurts it a little bit in that it won’t be able to remove pet hair from plush carpet but aside from that it shouldn’t have any problem.

Attachments and Accessories

Monster H055 Tools

It comes with a crevice tool, a combination brush / upholstery tool, floor tool and a couple of extension tubes 13-1/2” long.

These tools can be interchanged which makes this vacuum versatile – you can either use one extension tube if you want to clean stairs or two if you want to use this as a stick vacuum.

The extension tubes can also be removed and you can attach tool directly on the vacuum depending on the need.

Cord Length

It is around 15 feet and does not have any cord rewind or any wrap where you could neatly store it. So you’ll need to manually wrap the cord and use a wire or rubber band to keep it tidy.

Filter Clean up

Dust Cup Clean up

Removing the dust cup is very easy, just push on the lever on top to remove then pull the filter holder to empty dust cap.

You’ll have to use your fingers to remove some statically charged dirt like dander that may stick on the cloth filter and tap it on a solid object to dislodge other debris that may be stuck in there, so it can be quite messy.


Euroflex only gives this vacuum a 1 year warranty.

Product Specifications

AttachmentsCrevice tool

Combination brush/upholster tool

Floor tool

2 x extension tube
Cord Length15 feet
Auto Cord Rewind
Motorized brush
Brush on/off switch
Full bin indicator
Self propelled
Net weight (with battery)3.8 pounds
Shipping weight4.2 pounds
Hose length
Cleaning Path7"
Overall length40"
Dirt capacityN/A
Filter typeWashable
Power500 watts
Manufactured inItaly
Warranty1 year

Customer Reviews

The consensus is this vacuum had strong suction power and it was very nimble.

Consumers say that it was able to clean their floors well, both carpet and bare floor.

The versatility is also another big plus point because it allowed folks to clean stairs, upholstery as well as tight spaces around their homes.

Remember that stairs and upholstery are tough of the toughest areas to clean because a majority of vacuums aren’t equipped to clean these two areas efficiently.

Even though consumers say that this can clean carpet, it does not mean you should buy this if your home has wall to wall carpeting because it does not have a motorized brush which is a must-have when cleaning carpet.

Indeed some have complained that this didn’t clean their carpet floors well enough so I’m guessing that their homes had plush carpet.

Another concern for one consumer is the tendency of heavier bits of debris like small rocks to go back out the vacuum when you turn it off.

Remember though that this cannot be considered a shop vacuum.

If you want a more heavy duty vacuum, I’d recommend the Makita BCL180W which can pick up heavier debris small marbles without any difficulty.

The last concern based on reviews is the tendency of the motor to heat up quickly which is a common problem for small vacuums so it will be best to use this in short bursts rather than an extended period of time which could burn out the motor.

This is the reason why I’m recommending this vacuum as a spot cleaner.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this in Amazon but currently it is out of stock.

If you buy this directly at Euroflex, it will cost you $90.


This vacuum would be great for small homes or apartments with mostly hard surfaces because even though it has a strong powerful motor, it tends to heat up pretty fast according to one review so this would be best used in short bursts.

The short 15 foot power cord also will limit the reach of this to small areas without unplugging.

Suction is very good and it will pick up all sorts of dirt and gunk from mostly bare floor surfaces.

This will struggle on medium to thick carpet because it does not have any motorized brush that is a must have to clean plush carpet.

If you want a good 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner but don’t want to spend over $100 on a good cordless vacuum then this should be a great budget alternative because run time should not be an issue but you’ll have to know where the power outlets are.

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