Latest GearBest Deals and Coupon Codes

GearBest has tons of great deals and rather than just listing it just in individual product reviews, I thought it’d be better to list everything in this page.

The list here is not limited to robot vacuums but it’ll span to other product categories such as mobile phones, drones and all the fun stuff so make sure to bookmark this page for your reference.

Christmas Gift Week

Christmas is just a week or so away and if you don’t have any idea what to give then please check on the latest promos available at GearBest.

Enjoy up to 50% OFF on products like vacuums, mobile devices and much more.

Christmas Appliance Zone

GearBest has a new promo with great deals to be head on home appliances like vacuums.

If you’re looking to buy a vacuum now is the time to do so thanks to these deals. You can buy products like the ILIFE or Xiaomi vacuum cleaners at discounted prices so make sure to check this out!

GearBest also has great deals on their best selling products. These include the Xiaomi first and second generation robot vacuums, One Plus 6 A6000 4G Phablet and much more!

Click on the banner below to find out more about these deals!

It’s December and Christmas is fast approaching! If you have not thought of anything to give your family and friends, please do check out some ideas from GearBest.

Get great deals on mobile phones, laptops, scooters, vacuum cleaners and much more!

If you’re looking to buy any of the vacuums I’ve featured in this blog like the S50 RoboRock, Roidmi F8 or the Jimmy JV51, now is the best time to get these items at insane discounts.

All the promos:

Robot Vacuums

First Generation Xiaomi

Second Generation Xiaomi RoboRock


  • QWYR387550 (Gray US PLug) – $159.99 *Flash Sale (14% OFF)


V5S Pro

  • QWYD795061 (Champagne Gold EU Plug – $129.99 *Price with coupon code



  • Flash sale (China warehouse) – $179.99 *Flash Sale (13% OFF)

V8S Pro

  • QWYN60L022 (Platinum EU Plug)$249.99 *Flash Sale (17% OFF)
  • QWYT58R981 (Platinum)$279.99 *Price with coupon code

Stick Vacuums

Non Vacuum Promos

There are also other great deals in GearBest that you may like. I’ll enumerate them below.

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  1. I recently purchased the iLife v7s plus with ‘I-dropping technology’. However, the water tank valve system is not working. After mopping for a full cycle (about 2 hours) the water tank is still full. I do not see any blockages in the valve or tubing. Attempts to contact iLife or Chuwi or Gearbest have been futile. Any suggestions? Is there technical support for this robot?

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