HIZERO Multifunctional Bionic Floor Cleaner Review

Hizero Multifunctional Bionic Floor Cleaner ReviewOne of the toughest areas to clean inside a home would be the kitchen. Imagine all the oil, gunk, spilled water, food and sauces scattered on a floor.

Depending on what you cook the messes may vary but one thing is constant, these messes are really tedious to clean.

If you’d do it the traditional way, you’d get a bucket and mop then slowly pickup these messes. Worst case is you don’t have a mop and do it with a rag and bucket.

Now what if I told you that there is a new product that can help you deal with these types of messes without you having to writing out a mop or rag with your bare hands? Would that make your life much easier?

The HIZERO Multifunctional Bionic floor cleaner is a bare floor cleaner that specializes in cleaning messes like these in your kitchen.

According to GearBest, this product has 4-in-1 functionality, this means it vacuums, mops and dries the floor at the same time.


You may ask Garrick, I thought it had four functions you only mentioned three? I was getting to that point. The last function is the “self-cleaning” function that separates the wet and dry messes.

This means that spaghetti sauce is stored in a water tank while strands of spaghetti are stored in a dry container.

If you look closely at its features this product is very close to the Bissell Crosswave.

I have not gotten my hands on this product yet so I won’t be able to report on the performance but based on the marketing material this really looks promising and I can’t wait to really test it out.

What to expect from this 4-in-1 vacuum and mop?

Before anything else, you’ll have to watch this video to see what this product is all about…

Based on what I’ve seen (the video and photos) so far the HIZERO Bionic floor cleaner is designed only to clean bare floor surfaces. It combines the functionality of a vacuum and mop.

Underneath the main cleaning head is a polymer roller that absorbs solid waste and liquid as it rolls over the floor. This is where the magic happens, as the roller spins – it separates solid waste on a tray and dumps the wet trash in a dirty water tank.

Cleaning process

The image above basically shows how this product works in separating wet trash from dry trash that is stored in a try that looks like this…


A separate water tank holds clean water that cycle through the roller to keep it clean as clean the floor. This minimizes the chances of the mess getting smeared over the cleaner parts of the area you are cleaning.

So in essence this product has two water tanks and a tray to handle all the cleaning tasks. It is a unique system that makes cleaning spills much easier and less messy.

Wet/Dry Cleaner

Wet and Dry Cleaning

The mechanism that I shared above allows this stick vacuum and mop to clean both wet and dry messes with the main roller bar acting as the main agitator that funnels dry debris on the try and wet messes inside a water tank.

So next time you have spilled spaghetti or cereal, just bring this out and it will clean up the mess for you without you having use a rag to pick out strands of spaghetti or pieces of cereal.

LED Control Panel


HIZERO designers also did a good job designing the controls for this cleaner. It utilizes LED to illuminate the different control options so it is easy to read even during the day.

Everything is accessible on the control panel so you do not have to bend down just to turn on this machine.

Battery and Run Time

This product uses 19-volt lithium ion battery that will run for up to 80 minutes which gives you enough time to clean multiple rooms without having to recharge that by the way takes around 4 hours.

Product Specifications

Battery19-volt Lithium Ion
Net weight8.59 pounds
Shipping weight17.75 pounds
Cleaning path11.42"
Overall length47.24"
Run Time80 mins.
Charge Time4 hours
Manufactured inChina

Price and Availability

This stick vacuum and mop is available for pre-order in GearBest for around $399 but you can use the promo code “HIZERO” to get around a $40 savings.


This product would be a great buy for home owners who have children or who cook a lot themselves.

If you have kids you know that children are mess magnets. They’ll either make a mess while eating or throw up after eating. It’s really unpredictable really so this tool comes in handy when the inevitable happens.

For those who like to cook, you know how tiring it is to prep, cook and then wash the dishes afterwards then you’ll have to clean the floors with a mop? That’s a killer and you may not want to cook anymore because of the mess it makes but this cleaning tool at least helps you solve one of the biggest concerns when cooking which is to clean up greasy and messy floors.

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