Year End Deals: Home Gift Guides for Christmas

It’s December and Amazon has got some great deals for the coming holidays and Christmas season.

You can start by looking at the Last Minute Deals where you can find great deals in different categories.

Since we’re a vacuum site I’ll be focusing on vacuum and carpet cleaners in this page. And there are lots of deals to be had.

So if you’re in the market for one now is high time to get one.

Unless you want to spend hours combing through product pages, bookmark this page and spread the word.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, I suggest that you give it a shot. Even if you cancel you can still get Free Shipping for at least 7 days. So make a list of the things you need and buy them in one go.

And you’ll get it in just a few days after. Here’s the thing, if you cancel your free trial, they’d still offer you another Free Trial months after.

If you plan this well you can get a lot of savings and get the products as soon as possible. Another benefit of a Prime Account is access to special discounts to products only accessible to members.

One thing you need to know about Amazon’s pricing structure is that it is finicky. So take the prices I listed down here as a guide as they could go up or down without warning.

The great thing though is Christmas is just around the corner and deals are there to be had.

Click on any of the links below to jump to a category you’re interested in and I’ve listed products on sale…

Deals for Stick Vacuums

Deals for Hand Vacuums

Deals for Upright Vacuums

Deals for Canister Vacuums

Deals on Robot Vacuums

Deals of Carpet Cleaners

Deals on Robot Mops

Deals on Hard Floor Cleaner

    Garrick Dee

    Garrick is the founder of the Cordless Vacuum Guide that originally focused on cordless vacuums but he has now expanded to reviewing corded vacuums and carpet cleaners to be able to provide a more complete guide in terms of choosing the right cleaner.

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