Hoover Corded SH20030 Review: Corded Version of the Linx Stick

A full sized upright weighs between 12 to 25 pounds fully loaded with a powerful motor to deep clean carpet.

But these machines are heavy and can take a toll on your back  if you use it every day.

Hoover Corded Cyclonic SH20030 Review

For older folks getting up there in years, these types of vacuums aren’t ideal.

This is where the Hoover Corded SH20030 comes in.

Unlike an upright this stick weighs just 8 pounds or more than 50% lighter than an upright.

This is a great option if you need something that’ll clean high traffic areas such as the living room or kitchen.

Yes it does not have any hose or attachment. But you can buy a handheld vacuum that is better equipped to clean nooks and crannies.

If a cordless vacuum is too expensive for your taste then have a look at this gem.

The SH20030 is great for small homes or apartments where a very long cord isn’t a requirement.

There is a brush roll on/off feature that makes this usable on hard floors. It has enough suction to pick up dirt on such surface.

By the way this is the corded version of the Hoover Linx Stick I’ve reviewed previously.

A quick look at the features

  • 20 foot power cord
  • Brush roll on/off
  • Extreme recline combined with low profile base allow this to reach below furniture
  • Easy button release cap
  • Washable filter
  • 11 inch wide cleaning path
  • Weighs just under 8 pounds


  • Great suction
  • Lightweight
  • Has a brush roll on/off feature (this is usable on bare floors)
  • Great price
  • Even with the cord, it is still great for spot clean ups
  • Low profile base will fit under most furniture but it won’t go all the way through because it does not recline low enough


  • No hose and attachments like the crevice tool that will clean areas above floors
  • Short cord
  • No cord rewind
  • Does not work well on a really dirty surface, you’ll need a heavy duty vacuum with a stronger suction
  • Small dirt bag
  • No switch on the handle which makes it a bit inconvenient

What to expect from the corded version of the Linx?

Feature-wise this is similar to its cordless counterpart the Linx stick vac. Both have the same cleaning path and weigh roughly the same, around 7.3 pounds.

Biggest difference would be that this has a cord and the Linx does not.

Cord is around 20 feet long but there’s no rewind feature so you’ll need to manually wrap it around cord hooks.

If you’re not fond of this then avoid this and the get cordless version which will have around 15 minutes of run time.

Hoover does not specify how much air watts this vacuum has. But based on reviews it seems to be slightly stronger than the Linx Stick because of the corded power source.

Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Features

Bare Floor Performance

Performance is great on bare floors because it has more suction compared to the Linx. And you can turn off the brush roll which can sometimes create larger messes.

This feature is not available in vacuums at this price range. It gives you flexibility and an option in case you’re cleaning large debris like cereal. Also, it lessens the risk of scratching sensitive hardwood.

For fine debris this will work great because of the brush roll and strong suction. For larger debris it may struggle a bit because of the low profile base that won’t be able to accommodate these larger pieces of dirt.

It does have a recessed inlet on the vacuum base that will fit debris as big as cheerio.

Inlet for larger debris

Anything larger, this vacuum would have trouble picking up.

Carpet Performance

A lot of consumers were happy with this vacuum’s performance on short pile carpet and throw rugs.

The bristles of the brush roll works great on carpet but it isn’t heavy duty enough to work on deep pile carpet and would have trouble on wall to wall carpeting.

Pet Hair Removal

Cleaning pet hair won’t be an issue thanks to the motorized brush roll. But it’ll only clean pet hair on flat surfaces since it does not have above floor tools.

You just too need to clean it up regularly so that it does not clog.

A lot of consumers were happy with the SH20030’s ability to pick up not only pet hair but pet litter as well.

Attachments and Accessories

This does not have any accessories included which make this strictly a floor cleaner.

Cord Length

The power cord is roughly 20 feet long but it does not have a rewind function so you’ll need to wind it up by hand.

This may limit this vacuum to smaller homes because of this but the good news is shorter cords are easier to wind up.

Filter Clean up

The corded cyclonic only has one filter that needs to be cleaned up and can be accessed by removing the filter cap located on top of the dirt cap.

Here’s how it’s done…

Filter clean up

The process is very easy but can be a little bit messy because dust will tend to fly around when you empty this.

Try to empty it outdoors and wear a mask if you have any sort of allergy so you won’t inhale any of the dust.


It comes with a 2 year warranty. Some consumers mentioned that you have to bring this to an authorized service center for repairs and warranty claims.

So before buying one you have to check if there is a service center near your home and make sure to buy this from a reputable seller like Amazon.

See it in Action

Sorry, there are no available videos on YouTube.

Product Specifications

Cord Length20 feet
Auto Cord Rewind
Motorized brush
Brush on/off switch
Full bin indicator
Self propelled
Net weight (with battery)7.3 pounds
Shipping weight9.3 pounds
Hose lengthNo hose
Cleaning Path11"
Overall length42"
Dirt capacityN/A
Filter typeWashable
Power2 amps
Manufactured inChina
Warranty2 years

Customer Reviews

More than a thousand consumers left reviews in both Amazon and Hoover so this is quite a popular stick vacuum.

A lot of them were happy with the suction power saying it performed well on hard wood, tile, throw rugs and low pile carpet.

It can even pick up dirt on recessed areas on tiled flooring that other vacuums will struggle with.

Pet owners liked how this product cleaned up pet hair on carpet, rugs, tile and various surfaces.

Not a lot of people who purchased this had thick pile carpet so I’m assuming that this will work best on the surfaces I mentioned.

Maneuverability is another strong suite of this vacuum. The lightweight and compact design makes this easy to move around.

But the swivel steering isn’t as good as a Dyson V6 or DC59. And it will not fold flat like a Dyson cordless will.

So reach under furniture is compromised.

The 20 foot cord seemed to be long enough for most consumers because they used this on smaller sized homes but if you own a big house, I’d pick something with a longer cord but this should still work to clean up a smaller high traffic areas around the house.

In terms of how much dirt it can collect, it won’t collect very much as it had a below average dirt cup size that is easy to empty but since this is bagless you’ll need to be careful how you dispose the contents.

Power switch is in an awkward position – it is on the body and not on the handle. So you’ll need to bend a bit to change settings when transitioning from carpet to hard floors.

Other concerns involved the build quality but a lot of vacuum cleaners have these complaints but it had a very high rating so more often than not, the product you’ll get will perform well enough to last at least a couple of years.

Where can I buy this?

The best price I found online was in Amazon where you can buy this for just a tad under $80 plus it comes with free 2 day shipping if you sign up with Amazon Prime.

To Wrap It Up

This vacuum would be great for small to medium sized homes with mostly hardwood or low pile carpeting and some throw rugs.

This cyclonic stick vac will be great for in-between clean ups because it has a lightweight design that swivels to an extent but don’t expect Dyson-like flexibility.

If you cannot afford the cordless Hoover Linx stick vac then this would be a viable alternative that costs around $40 less.

The 20 foot cord is a bit lacking. But for small homes it may not matter too much since there is less real estate to clean.

Brush roll on/off feature is great because it makes this usable on hard floors and lessens the risk of scratching.

It’s always nice to have that option rather than not.

Overall a great deal because it has good suction that will pick up fine to medium sized debris without too much problem and a 2 year warranty which is not common for vacuums at this price point.

This will work great on hard floors, throw rugs and low pile carpet but take note it will struggle on thick carpet because the brush isn’t sturdy enough to pick up dirt on this surface.

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