Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 Pet Review: Great for Pet Owners

According to Pete Wedderburn, Moulting or shedding is a common problem among problem that pet owners face, particularly during shedding season.

Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 Pet Review

While we can help minimize shedding by feeding our pets a healthier diet and regular grooming…

…pet hair is inevitable and you need to clean it ASAP or it’ll pile up, making it more difficult to clean later on.

Would it be great to have something to have on standby to clean pet hair on demand?

The Hoover Linx Pet cordless vacuum is one such tool that allows you to clean up pet hair anywhere around your home with its pet hair and power head brushroll attachment.

It will excel on upholstery and stairs because these attachments pivot 25 degrees that maintains 100% surface contact when going back and forth on the whatever area you’re cleaning.

This makes it easier manuevering this around.

This cordless will work best as a pet hair cleaner on flat surfaces like tables, stairs and carpet.

If you happen own the linx stick cordless vac, you can swap batteries between these two which is a nice bonus.

You can buy an extra battery and use it for both. Downside is it costs 50 bucks.

Spec wise there are some key information that’s lacking so let’s see what do the consumers say about its performance?


  • Has a two attachments that can pick pet hair on carpet and sofas
  • Batteries are interchangeable with other hoover cordless vacuums
  • Easy to remove batteries and can be replaced
  • Motorized brush great in cleaning carpet and upholstery
  • Pivoting cleaning head helps maximize surface contact
  • Quick charge time – only 3 hours
  • Decent run time around 10 to 30 minutes
  • Has 2 attachments that you can use in removing pet hair
  • Cyclonic technology keeps dirt off the filter as you clean and maintains efficiency even as the dust cup fills up


  • Limited dirt capacity – you need to empty it  frequently
  • Flip down crevice tool easily breaks according to several reviews – make sure to lock it well
  • Might not be able to handle a lot of pet hair
  • Replacement battery is expensive
  • A bit pricey but it’s cheaper than a Dyson
  • Can’t use it on leather

What to expect form the Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030?

This cordless has three, all of which are around 6.4 inches wide. It also has a built-in crevice tool that you can fold out.

These three attachments include a mini turbo brush that’s usable on carpet and a pet upholstery tool.

Lastly there’s the dusting brush that works great at dusting tables, keyboards or vents.

So there’s a total of 4 tools that you can use around your home not just on pet hair but on all sorts of debris.

Check out these features of the Linx Handheld

  • Uses the 18 volt lithium battery that’s also compatible with the platinum stick vac
  • Retractable crevice/brush tool located under the head – to use it fold it down and lock it in place
  • Has 3 extra attachments – motorized brush roll, brush tool and pet tool
  • Motorized brush roll
  • 2 stage filtration system – a pre-screen and cloth filter
  • Transparent dirt container
  • 3 hour charging time
  • Can clean more delicate surfaces using the brush tool
  • Uses cyclonic technology that keeps dirt away from the filter
  • Charger has the Energy Star certification so it is energy efficient
  • All attachments can pivot 25 degrees

Can it clean my car’s interior?

You can definitely use this inside your vehicle since it is light, compact and cordless. But since it lacks a hose tool, you may not be able to clean hard to reach areas like the dashboard or areas under seats.

These are the areas where a flexi hose would be great.

Please check out or list of the best vacuums for cars if you’re looking for one to clean your vehicle.

The brush roll on paper should be great on floors but in real life testing, it didn’t do as well on contoured surfaces as it would do on a flat surface.

The dusting brush may not long enough to reach all the way to the end of the dashboard – it’ll depend on the design of the dashboard and sharp the angle is, the sharper the angle the more difficult the dash will be to clean.

Plus if you’re car has leather seats, forget about using this because it isn’t suitable for leather.

Attachments and accessories

It comes with 3 external attachments – a brush roll, pet upholstery and brush tool.


It also comes with an integrated 2 in 1 crevice and brush tool that can be pulled out under the head.

Crevice Tool

As a bonus Hoover gives you a bag for you to store these attachments


Some important notes about the attachments

  • You’ll need to clean the brush roll periodically because hair will wrap around it just to maintain performance
  • Remove the battery before you put on any of the attachments

There’s no extra battery included in the package.

Charging Time

Charging time will take roughly 3 hours.

You have to remove the battery from the unit and plug it on a charging stand.

To extend the battery service life, don’t leave it on the charger – once it’s full take it off and plug it in the unit.

Filter clean up

Cleaning the filter will take a few steps:

  1. Twist off the transparent dirt cup of the body.
  2. Pull off the filter from the dirt cup
  3. Empty dirt cup on a trash bin
  4. Pull the cloth filter off the pre-screen then dislodge any embedded dirt on it.
  5. Clean the pre-screen filter by tapping or shaking over a trash bin
  6. If needed, wash the cloth filter in cold water and air dry before putting it back.

It can get messy especially if you’re trying to pull off pet hair the plastic mesh filter (pre-screen).

There were some complaining about the difficultly removing the dirt cup because it’s too wide and slippery. Take note that one of them had arthritis and another had small hands.

Battery life

Hoover doesn’t didn’t state how long it’ll run on a full charge so this is based again on reviews.

Consumers got between 5 minutes (shortest) to about an hour on a full charge (longest).

The funny thing is in one review the person complained that he/she only got only about an hour because he/she was expecting it to last close to 6 hours which is really unrealistic even with lithium batteries.

On average, a majority of users got between 10 – 20 minutes on a single charge.


It comes with a 2 year limited warranty on the whole unit.

For warranty claims, you can call their hotline at 1800-944-9200

Bare floor performance

This isn’t really designed as a dedicated floor cleaner unlike stick vacs as it’ll only work for spot clean-ups, but it has enough suction to pick up loose dirt and pet hair using the crevice or brush tool.

Great to use if you want to clean the edges and corners of your room where a bigger vacuum would have trouble reaching.

Carpet Performance

Good performance on carpet because it is equipped with a brush roll that is great in picking up dirt on this surface.

This attachment is motorized so it’ll eat up additional battery power if you plug it in.

Great for spot clean ups and cleaning stairs.

Take note that it pivots 25 degrees so you maintain surface contact majority of the time as you move it back and forth so you don’t strain your wrist as you clean.

Again this is a spot cleaner and not a dedicated floor cleaner.

Upholstery performance

Again because of the motorized brushroll and upholstery tool, it gets high marks on this surface.

Both are capable of picking up hard to remove pet hair and all sorts of debris left on here.

One downside – you can’t use this on leather.

Pet hair removal

Even though it has a pet hair attachment, some people weren’t happy on how it performed because it tends to roll and push it around rather than pick it up.

Some people have better success using the brush roll attachment for this purpose.

One reviewer in particular said that the pet upholstery tool was worthless on their suede sofa and when he switched to the brushroll, it did the job.

Please don’t wait several days before cleaning pet hair because if you let pet hair accumulate, either the pet upholstery or brushroll tool might not be able to handle it.

It’ll get stuck in between the brushes of the brush roll or just get rolled to a ball when you use the pet upholstery attachment.

See it in action

Fellow review site Vacuum Wizard tests this hoover out.

Product specifications

AttachmentsDusting brush
Pet hair tool
Upholstery tool

Built-in crevice/brush tool
Battery18 volt Lithium Ion
ChargerCharging stand
Charging time3 hours
Battery life10 - 30 minutes
Net weight (with battery)N/A
Shipping weight6.2 pounds
Cleaning path6.4"
Overall length19.2"
Charge indicatorYes
Filter type2 stage filter:
1 - plastic mesh or pre-filter
1 - cloth

(both are washable)
Dust capacityN/A
Air WattsN/A
Manufactured inChina
Warranty2 year limited on the whole unit

Customer reviews

It has close to 200 reviews in Amazon with a lot of them giving the thumbs up.

A lot of them (as expected) were pet owners who were looking for a cordless vac that’ll do the job, since full sized vacs are too heavy and a hassle to move around especially if you have pets that roam around and shed hair all over the place.

These pet owners were happy particularly with the brushroll attachment that really does a good job in pickup dirt on carpet and upholstery!

They loved that it had a battery than can be removed and used with the cordless stick.

A number of consumers got around 10-20 minutes from a single charge – a low of around 10 mins to a high of about an hour.

I also noticed several people choosing this over the more expensive Dyson cordless because of the price difference and they were quite happy with their decision afterwards – saying that the motorized brushroll here is as strong and useful as that of a Dyson.

Biggest complaint here are batteries that died prematurely and the crevice tool that gets dislodged and knocked out of place when pushed on too hard.

Reviews from other sites

What Walmart customers had to say:

A total of 14 reviews, and out of the 14, 12 would recommend it to their friends or family. Out of those 14, 7 owned dogs. They loved the power, battery life, and the brush roll and upholstery attachments that they used to remove hair left by their dogs. There was one complaint about battery that went kaput prematurely but he was happy with the overall performance of it.

What Hoover.com customers had to say:

Only two people gave reviews, one was a 5 star and the other was a 3 star. The person who gave 3-star review complained about a busted battery after a year of use but nonetheless was still satisfied with the performance.

What Macy’s customers had to say:

Of the 7 total reviews, 5 gave it a 5-star rating. A majority of them are dog and cat owners who loved how it removes pet hair from upholstery and floors.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this in Amazon but unfortunately it is out of stock. Please do check our list of the best cordless handheld vacuums for other options that do offer better cleaning performance and longer run times.


This product is great for…

Pet owners looking for a cordless handheld that’s more affordable than a Dyson but remember that because of the design attachments, it can’t handle cleaning a thick layer of pet hair on upholstery.

Even non-pet owners can benefit from this because the mini turbo brush will be capable of cleaning carpet stairs.

The downer here is the built in crevice tool that doesn’t seem to lock firmly in place and breaks off easily if you’re not careful.

Take note that it won’t hold too much dirt, so it is a spot cleaner at best. Expect to empty to dirt cup frequently.

It’ll be a good idea to get an extra filter so you alternate both if one needs to be washed.

It may not be the best tool to clean your vehicle if it has a lot of contours on its flooring and it’ll not reach tight areas because the crevice tool is too short.

But for bigger SUVs with flatter floors, it’ll work great but avoid using it on your car’s leather seats or it may scratch it.

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