Hoover PowerScrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150 Review: Deep Cleaner At An Affordable Cost

In the world of consumer grade carpet cleaners, the Hoover PowerScrub stands out because of its combination of performance power and affordability.

With over 10,000 reviews in Amazon and counting, this machine will perform.

There are some quirks and quality issues that linger.

But these aren’t deal-breakers, only minor inconveniences.

If you don’t mind these then this would be a great option to keep your carpet clean without having to rent or hire an expensive carpet cleaning service.

One of the main selling points of the FH50150 would be the PowerScrub technology that spins in a circular motion rather than a sweeping, beater bar motion in other variants.

This will provide better agitation, leaving a cleaner and fluffier carpet behind.

Another selling point would be the narrow cleaning head that’ll save space.

Good if you want something easier to stow away.

But this may not fit those who want something wide that’ll go less passes.

A quick look at the features

  • Comes with the SpinScrub brush system that agitates carpet from every angle providing better cleaning performance than sweeping brushes
  • Weighs only 19 pounds
  • Has a dual tank system that carries water and cleaning solution separately
  • 4 Easy to access handles make it simple to transport to and from the sink
  • Wash/Rinse selector makes it simple to deep clean and rinse without any guesswork
  • Automatic detergent mix system provides precise mix and detergent and water every time for optimal results
  • 2-year warranty
  • 20-foot power cord
  • Other tools include an 8-foot hose, SpinScrub hand tool, stair tool, upholstery & crevice tool, sample bottle of cleaning solution and a mesh bag for storing all these


  • Lighter than the typical carpet cleaner that weighs around 30 pounds
  • PowerScrub technology provides excellent agitation
  • Leaves very little residue so it dries fast
  • Compact design makes it easier to store
  • Has tools that allow you to clean upholstery and stairs without having to use a separate machine


  • There are some leaking issues with the water tank
  • Short power cord

What to expect from the Hoover PowerScrub FH50150?

In terms of cleaning your carpet, the Hoover PowerScrub has to be on top of your list. You don’t get more than 10,000 reviews without doing something right, right?

And for the FH50150 Deluxe Carpet Washer, it’s a combination of excellent agitation, little residue and fast drying times.

At the center of all this is the PowerScrub system that Hoover has made popular.

PowerScrub technology

Unlike other carpet cleaners that use a sweeping motion from a brush that’s similar to a vacuum. Hoover has something different up their sleeves.

The PowerScrub technology is what makes this Hoover carpet washer a mean, deep cleaning machine.

To put simply, PowerScrub are five counter rotating brushes that agitate carpet from every angle to pick up dirt trapped underneath carpet fibers.

Consumers say that this technology has left their carpets clean and fluffy with very little drying time needed.

Heated Cleaning

To complement the PowerScrub system, this machine also comes with heated cleaning that forces hot air on carpet fibers.

This helps remove tough stains left on carpet for days or months and also speeds up drying time.

Dual-V Nozzle

The Dual-V nozzle will suck up excess soapy residue and dirt of carpet leaving it almost dry. This with the heated cleaning helps cut drying time significantly. So you can go about with more important things in the home.

Dual Tank System

To make things easier to clean, this machine comes with a separate tank for clean and dirty water.

One advantage of having separate tanks is the convenience it provides.

There’s no risk of dirt particles contaminating the clean water/detergent solution.

In total, both tanks will provide a gallon of capacity. It may not be enough to clean a large home with wall-to-wall carpeting.

Automatic Detergent Mixing

Aside from the SpinScrub technology, I like this feature because it takes out the guesswork in mixing water and detergent.

Just fill up both slots before cleaning and the machine will do the mixing for you.

This system will provide optimal results every time you run the machine.

And prevent any risk of adding too much detergent leaving behind a messy residue.


Unlike other carpet cleaning behemoths that weigh over 30 pounds, this machine is packs less calories.

It only weighs 19 pounds which makes it easier to move up and down the stairs.

Tools for Above-The-Floor Cleaning

Not only will the Hoover PowerScrub FH50150 clean carpet, it also comes with a few nifty tools that will help clean upholstery and stairs.

It has an 8-foot flexible hose, mini SpinScrub power hand tool and an upholstery tool for the task.

Hoover also adds in a sample bottle of cleaning solution to help you get started.

Cleaning Performance

One of the biggest reasons why this carpet cleaner is so popular is the way it cleans carpet.

Consumers say that this machine will work on all sorts of carpets.

The five spinning brushes underneath will do a good job in agitating, cleaning and rinsing dirty carpet.

If you don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands on a professional carpet cleaning service then this is a good alternative if you want to do it yourself.

To show you how good this carpet cleaner is please watch this video from Kode1996…

First you can see how dirty the carpet is and how the PowerScrub Delux was able to clean it up.

Switching between soaping and rinsing modes is easy with the dial on the water tank.

You can clearly see the difference and the difference is night and day.

Another great feature would be the transparent dirty water tank where you can clearly see if it’s full or not. It gives you a visual cue when to empty it and prevents unnecessary spills.

Here’s another video this time comparing the PowerScrub Deluxe and the Rug Doctor deep clean…

The Rug Doctor did a much better job in this test with a single back and forth pass but you’ve got to remember that it’s a much more expensive piece of machine.

This exact model costs under $240 in Amazon so that’s almost a $100 difference.

If you don’t mind the price difference then go with the rug doctor. But the Hoover isn’t too shabby if you look at the first video.

Even if it took a few more passes, it was able to clean a dirty carpet.

Consumer Reviews

One thing is constant in nearly all the reviews – this machine cleans and cleans carpets well. Not only will this machine clean carpets, it will also clean rugs.

And you’ll see before and after photos of how well this machine was able to clean really dirty carpet.

One of which was a photo of a light carpet with smoothie puke on there. Hiring a professional would have cost at least a few hundred dollars so this machine paid for itself in that instance.

A lot of pet owners appreciate how well this product deep cleans carpet and it won’t cost an arm or leg.

Most of the complaints by consumers have to do with quality control issues. There were reports of the water tank leaking, PowerScrub brushes not working and the motor failing.

But one review said that you need to clean the SpinScrub brushes and filter inside the water tank after every use. So this could be the reason of the premature failure.

The leaking is a hassle but if you don’t mind a few leaks you can save yourself at least a hundred bucks.

Take note a higher end carpet cleaner like Rug Doctor will cost more so this is a good budget option.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy the Hoover PowerScrub FH50150 in Amazon for less than $130. And you can avail of the free 2-day shipping from Amazon if you join Prime.

Another reason to buy in Amazon would be the optional extended warranty of up to 3 years. Add this to the 2-year warranty from Hoover and you’ll get a total of 5 years of worry free ownership.

To Wrap Up

The Hoover PowerScrub Deluxe FH50150 is a great cheaper alternative to more expensive brands such as Rug Doctor. Its 5-brush PowerScrub system will do great at deep cleaning dirt and grime from carpet.

However it will not clean as quickly as a bigger machine. There are some issues you should be aware of like the leaking issue and other quality control issues like the prematurely breaking motor and brush.

But you’ve got to remember that there are maintenance steps to keep this machine in tip-top shape such as cleaning the brush and filter after every use.

For folks who use this to clean really dirty carpet, those steps are essential to keep the machine running for years.