Hoover Sprint QuickVac UH20040 Review: Good Budget Upright Vacuum Option

A lot of “budget” uprights would cost close to $100 which is still expensive for some people. So I had to look for cheaper options that will still perform.

Hoover Sprint QuickVac UH20040 Review

Just today, I stumbled upon this relatively lightweight bagless from Hoover called the Sprint QuickVac.

I say relatively lightweight because it weighs 12.75 pounds. It’s only around 2.75 pounds heavier than the Air Cordless but at least 3 to 4 pounds lighter than the next lightest upright.

Not only will this upright clean floors but also upholstery.

It comes with a 7 foot flexible hose where you can attach the wand and various tools to clean areas above the floor like blinds, tables, chairs, baseboards, etc.

So in essence this is a 2-in-1 vacuum but with some limitations.

Before I continue, let me remind you that this vacuum isn’t cordless. It has a 23 foot long power cord.

A quick look at the features

  • Multi-cyclone technology uses “cyclones” to separate fine particles of dirt before it reaches the filter which should in theory require less frequent rinsing.
  • 23 foot power cord (no cord rewind)
  • 5 foot hose and a total of 7 feet above the floor cleaning reach
  • Has 3 height position adjustment – low, medium and high that can clean different floor types
  • 2 filter system – a washable main filter plus a secondary HEPA filter that prevents microscopic dust from coming back out
  • Performance check indicator that lets you know when to clean the filter
  • Comes with an extension wand and a combination brush/crevice tool


  • For an upright it is lightweight weighing just 12.5 pounds
  • Has a HEPA filtration system at the end of the dirt canister that prevents microscopic dust from coming back out
  • Washable primary and HEPA filters will save money in the long run
  • Wide 12.5 inch cleaning path
  • Versatile – comes with a wand plus crevice and brush tools to clean nooks and crannies
  • Very cheap for an upright
  • Long 23 foot power cord


  • Noisy
  • Small dirt cup
  • No cord rewind
  • Even though it has a hose, it is relatively short at just 5 feet plus the extension wand does not provide too much reach

What to expect from Hoover Sprint QuickVac?

Hoover says that the Spring QuickVac will have minimal loss of suction because it uses multiple-cyclonic technology that basically keeps fine dirt away from the filter when the vacuum is on so that it maintains suction performance even as the dirt cup is getting filled with dirt.

They call it cyclonic because air moves like a cyclone around the filter.

Hoover Sprint Quick Vac Features


While it has an extension wand where you can attach the 2-in-1 crevice and brush tool.

It does lack a mini motorized tool that could have been useful for cleaning pet hair on upholstery or carpeted stairs.

Attachments and accessories

To help with your above the floor cleaning needs, this Hoover comes with one attachment that you can attach to the wand – the brush/crevice combo tool. So don’t expect this to be efficient at cleaning pet hair on upholstery.


Cord length

The power cord is 23 feet long but it does not have any cord rewind but it does have cord bracket where you can wrap the cord around.

Filter clean up

There are two filters inside. Primary filter is on top of the dirt bin. You’ll need to eyeball this at least once a week to see if it needs cleaning.

Some consumers mentioned that they need to wash it every 2 weeks or so but this would depend on how much you use this and how dusty the area is. To remove the primary filter, first thing you need to do is remove the canister.

Do this by pressing a lever located on top of the handle.

Once you’ve taken off the dirt cup, open the top cover by pulling another lever in front, pull out the filter then rinse under running water. Let it air dry for 24 hours before putting it back in.

There’s also a post motor HEPA filter at the bottom of the dirt bin. This also is washable according to the manual.

It isn’t very hard to remove but like what I said several times, you’ll have to empty this often if you’re cleaning a large area.


This upright only comes with a one year warranty.

Bare floor performance

To use this on bare floor just set the dial to low. You’ll find this dial at the base of the vacuum.

Brushroll height adjustment

Based on reviews, suction is great and works well on hard surfaces because it has a motorized brush that will pick up smaller pieces of dirt as well as an add on wand + crevice/brush tool for larger bits of dirt like cheerios or paper clips.

Flexible hose is thick enough to handle larger bits of items but my pet peeve here is the relatively short 5 foot hose and wand. It won’t reach very far and limits what areas this machine can clean.

Carpet performance

The other two settings I was taking about earlier is the medium and high both of which are for carpet.

Even if Hoover says it’ll clean all sorts of carpet, reviews say otherwise. One consumer said that it cleaned a thick carpet decently but you’ll need to go over time several times.

This machine is not designed for large homes because of the small dirt cup.

Also there is a performance check indicator on top of the dirt cup, make sure that it’s green, if it isn’t then you’ll have to rinse off the filter to maintain performance.

Don’t expect deep cleaning performance though from this.

Use it as a spot cleaner in high traffic areas around your house (if your home has carpet).

Pet hair removal

This upright will do a decent job at picking up pet hair because it has a motorized brush roll. But it will only clean pet hair on floors.

Hoover didn’t include any pet hair attachment or any tool with a motorized brush that you can attach on the extension wand to remove hair on upholstery or carpeted stairs.

This isn’t the upright for you if you have a lot of pets because of the small dirt cup.

Product specifications

AttachmentsExtension wand

Combination brush and crevice tool
Cord Length23 feet
Auto Cord Rewind
Motorized brush
Brush on/off switch
Filter clogged indicator
Full bin indicator
Self propelled
Net weight (with battery)12.75 pounds
Shipping weight14.8 pounds
Hose length5 feet
Cleaning Path12.5"
Overall lengthN/A
Dirt capacityN/A
Filter typePrimary - Foam

Secondary - HEPA
Power10 amps
VoltageN/A (probably 110 volts)
Manufactured inChina
Warranty1 year

What consumers say?

This lightweight upright got close to 300 reviews in Amazon and a majority of them were positive.

Even though it is a budget vacuum, consumers say that suction is adequate enough to clean up bare floor and low pile carpet.

On high pile carpet, the motorized brush will struggle to dig deep and pick up embedded dirty in between the strands. One consumer mentioned that she had to go over her thick carpet a few times just to clean up everything.

Folks also like this because it is lightweight and allows them to carry this up and down the stairs easily.

So in essence this will also save you money.

The downside is the short flexible hose and power cord. Even though the hose is 5 feet long, pulling it too much will tip this vacuum over.

While the power cord could have been 5 feet longer according to some consumers.

Dirt cup is on the small side so it won’t hold a lot of dirt. You will need to empty often in larger homes.

Lastly you’ll get what you pay for in terms of quality. It won’t have the same quality as a Dyson or Miele since quality of plastic isn’t as good.

Some people have complained about this failing within a few months but that’s the risk you’ll have to take when buying a vacuum in this price range. If it fails within the year, just call up Hoover and claim the warranty.

In my opinion, this vacuum is a bargain for people living in small motor homes or apartments with either bare floor or low pile carpet.

It can also clean throw rugs without any problems. With the flexible hose, you can use it inside cars just don’t expect top of the end type performance.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this upright vacuum from Amazon for less than $60. And it’ll be eligible to their free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

They also sell extended warranties of up to 3 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

To wrap up

This upright vacuum would be great for people looking for a budget quick pick up vacuum to use in their small homes.

Despite being an upright, the Sprint QuickVac is light enough to lug around up and down stairs while still maintaining strong enough suction to clean up messes around the house.

The hose and extension wand are nice add on features though a few feet short in my opinion.

This will be best utilized as a cleaner for high traffic areas in your home like the living or dining room if you’re home has wall to wall carpeting.

Now if you’re home has only hard wood flooring, this can serve as the primary vacuum just remember that this has a small dirt canister so you’ll need to empty this more often.

As with all cheap vacuums, quality can be an issue because most components are plastic.

Some consumers have indeed complained about the lack of quality. But I’m guessing those units are lemon products as with all electronic products manufactured there is what you call a failure rate where a small percentage of manufactured products for one reason or another fails.

That’s the risk you’ll have to take when buying vacuums in this price range.

If a lightweight cordless stick vacuum is too expensive for you then give this a long look.

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