How to Get Dry Erase Marker Out of Carpet

How to Get Dry Erase Marker Out of Carpet

With the home now becoming the office and classroom, there is a good chance whiteboard and dry erase markers are always in use.

That makes it easy to unexpectedly drop one (or two) on the carpet by mistake, which leads to stains.

These blemishes aren’t impossible to remove, but it will require some elbow grease to extract.

A good rule of thumb is doing a spot test to check how the carpet will react with the remedies below.

While these methods can work very well, results will vary depending on the type of carpet and the size and depth of the stain.

The solutions listed below may work for you, but it’s always best to know the do’s and don’t before proceeding with any of it.

Before starting any of these cleaning methods, it’s best to put on gloves to protect your skin. Here are a few handy solutions for getting dry erase marker out of the carpet.

Do the first three as outlined to preserve the integrity of the carpet.

Method 1: Hair Spray and Rubbing Alcohol

While this method may sound a little unconventional, there are professional carpet cleaning companies that recommend using it. Rubbing alcohol and a non-oil based hair spray usually works very well as a cleaner for all types of carpets because of its chemical content.


  • Hair spray
  • Rubbing alcohol (or denatured alcohol)
  • Clean rag or paper towel

Here are the steps:

  1. Pour the alcohol onto the stain.
  2. Once it’s saturated, get a rag or paper towel and start blotting the area. Avoid rubbing as it’ll only make it worse.
  3. After blotting, take the hair spray, and saturate the spot. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
  4. Take paper towels and continue blotting until the stain is gone. You should see significant results, but you may need to do this more than once.

Method 2: Baking Soda and White Vinegar

This homemade remedy usually does the trick if alcohol and hair spray aren’t around. White vinegar is widely known for its cleaning properties and baking soda for its various applications around the home.


  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Toothbrush
  • Rag or paper towels

Here are the steps:

  1. Carefully pour the white vinegar onto the stain, using it liberally to penetrate the carpet all the way through.
  2. Blot with a cloth
  3. Take the baking soda and spread evenly over the stain
  4. Work the baking powder into the stain with the toothbrush using light strokes
  5. Let the solution sit for two hours

When done right, the stain should no longer be visible. Extract the baking soda using a vacuum cleaner and lightly pat the area with a paper towel or rag and cold water.

Method 3: Hydrogen Peroxide and Cold Water

Not many people know this, but hydrogen peroxide is usable as a cleaning agent, but there are some things to consider.

A 3% solution or regular bottle should be enough. Although it is an excellent cleaning agent, it can permanently bleach specific carpet colors.

Before using hydrogen peroxide on any dark-colored rug, test it in a small, inconspicuous area and check for any discoloration.

It is also best to note that hydrogen peroxide is very sensitive to light and will start to break down when exposed to too much of it at one time.

Avoid storing any leftover solution in a light-colored container as UV rays will break down its composition, rendering it useless.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Water
  • Paper towel or white rag
  • Large towel

Here are the steps:

  1. Lightly spray or pour the hydrogen peroxide solution onto the stain.
  2. Using a dry paper towel or white rag, blot the area.
  3. Make sure to spread hydrogen peroxide solution evenly across the stain. If you see fizzing in the area, this is normal.
  4. Cover the entire area with a large towel for 45 minutes.

Method 4: Carpet Spot Remover Spray

This product is one of the more popular options available on Amazon. The product description says it has professional strength potency and can handle even tough to clean pet stains.


  • Carpet spot remover spray
  • Clean microfiber cloth
  • Gloves

Here are the steps:

  1. Wear gloves as this product can irritate the skin.
  2. Shake well before opening.
  3. Apply the solution directly onto the stain. Don’t mist too much product, just enough to cover the spot.
  4. Lightly rub the stain with a clean microfiber towel.
  5. Check if the blemish is still visible. If so, repeat steps three and four.
  6. Blot the area with a clean cloth.

Method 5: Motsenbocker Lift Off #3 Stain Remover

This stain remover is also very popular in stain removal products. Motsenblocker can treat stains from ink, pens, or markers.


  • Motsenbocker Lift Off #3 Stain Remover
  • Clean cloth

Here are the steps:

  1. Shake product well before opening.
  2. Spray the affected area with the cleaning product.
  3. Blot the spot using a clean towel until the marker gradually disappears.

If these occurrences are becoming more frequent, it may be time to invest in a carpet cleaner or get assistance from a professional.

Carpet cleaners come in varied sizes. Some small, portable ones on the market are potent, and then some look like vacuum cleaner, capable of handling tough stains consistently.

A professional carpet cleaner will also have specialized solutions to get dry erase marker out of your carpet, and is more knowledgeable on what solutions will be best to use based on the grade of carpet, color, and other factors.

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