How to Take Care of Different Types of Rugs

How to Take Care of Different Types of Rugs

Rugs are a great way to upgrade your interior design or elevate every room’s visual appeal in your house. If you have a large family or a pet, you know how difficult it is to keep your carpets and floors clean. There are different rules for different materials, especially when it comes to removing deep stains.

With so many different types of materials, though, you need to know how to take care of each of them. With that in mind, here are some tips for different types of rugs and how to take care of them.

Shag rug

This is probably the hardest type of rugs when it comes to cleaning. Because of its texture, it’s tough to vacuum and remove dust and crumbs, so you’ll often need to beat it.

Use your porch rail to place your rug and make sure you beat everything out of it. Use dry shampoo to freshen up your rug and give it a nice look, and vacuum it or gently shake out the dirt out of it. If you want to keep your rug’s fluffiness, use a brush to add the texture and make it look brand new.

Jute rug

Jute Rug

Find a strong vacuum, and be sure to vacuum your jute rug regularly. Besides that, find a cleaning product made, especially for this type of rug, and remove all the dirt and stains with it. There are also some easy homemade cleaning recipes you can make on your own and clean your carpet more easily.

The best way to dry up the carpet is by rolling it into a dry towel and letting it soak up all the excess water. You’ll probably need to repeat this process until your rug is completely dry, but you’ll be amazed at what a great technique this really is.

Outdoor rug

Outdoor rugs are easy to maintain if you sweep them regularly and make sure they’re protected against rain.

Since they’re placed outside, you can use a small vacuum cleaner to clean leaves and dirt from your backyard. When searching for the most durable outdoor rugs, try to find it easy to clean and survive different weather conditions.

That will allow you to wash them with a sponge or a brush, rinsing them afterward and leaving them to dry. These rugs are made to be out in the open, so leave them to dry in the sun.

Wool rug

This type is probably the hardest one to clean, and it’s always better to leave that to the professionals – but that can be expensive.

What you can do instead is to vacuum it twice a month, focusing your attention on both sides to be sure you’ve removed all the dust.

In addition to that, take your rug outside, place it on a strong string or your fence, shake it out, and leave it there for a while. However,

if you need to wash your wool rug, you shouldn’t do at home because wool holds water, and you won’t be able to dry it.

Oriental rug

Oritental Rug

These are probably the most delicate rugs, and they require different techniques when it comes to cleaning. When trying to remove hard stains, you can use baking soda, but be careful with the amount because too much powder can damage your rug.

If you want to clean the rug on your own, use a mild soap and gently rub it over the rug with a soft sponge. Please don’t soak the rug because it will be difficult to dry it, and be careful every step of the way.

Due to heavy foot traffic, rugs are often items with the most bacterias and dirt in our house.

Think of your rug as an investment in the visual appeal of your home, and don’t forget to take care of it. With a powerful vacuum cleaner and different types of cleaning products, you’ll have a nice and clean rug every single day!

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