It’s Official Dyson Launches Their First Robot Vacuum Simply Called the 360 Eye

Last updated on February 11th, 2015 by Garrick Dee

Dyson 360 Unveiling

Image courtesy The Verge

Watch out iRobot and Neato, Dyson officially enters the robotic vacuum market with their robot simply called the 360 Eye.

This was called such because of the panoramic 360 degree camera located on top of the robot that James Dyson claims “constantly observe and interpret its surroundings”.

To give you an idea how this technology works watch this official video from Dyson…

Navigation seems to be complicated but what I’ve understand it uses panoramic 360 camera that constantly takes panoramic shots from floor to ceiling unlike the Roomba and Neato that uses fires an infrared sensor to detect the surrounding objects and walls at an eye level. This is also different from camera based robots like an iClebo or a Samsung as their cameras only take snap shots of the ceiling.

Sounds like a high tech system that could change the way we think about robotic vacauums and only time will tell when consumers buy and use this product that’ll we’ll know if it is effective.

Dyson also developed a small digital motor specifically for this product and it claims to produce around 20 air watts (which is as powerful as a cordless hand held vacuum). This motor is also responsible for the rather tall appearance of this and unlike other robot brands that measure around 3.5” tall, this more than doubles it and won’t fit areas under furniture. Dirt bin is around 0.4 liters.

It uses cyclonic technology which should help it retain performance even when cleaning fine dirt or dust.

You’ll notice in the video that this vacuum also uses tank tracks instead of wheels, Dyson’s reasoning is that it has better traction and will climb better on rugs and will be less prone to stopping or getting stuck.

Another unique feature only found with the Dyson you can control this with your smartphone, an app for both the iOS and Android will be released soon.

Here are other videos that feature the 360 Eye:

This will be available in Japan later this year and will be released in other countries at a later date. Pricing remains cloudy but according to Megan Wollerton of CNet, it’ll be priced around $1,600. Best Cordless Vacuum Guide will release a review once it becomes available in Amazon.

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