Miele Classic C1 Capri Review: Versatile Tool for Bare Floor and Carpet

The Miele brand is synonymous to high quality thanks to its German roots.

So if you’re looking for something of high quality and performance, the Miele C1 Capri is a great option.

Miele Classic C1 Capri Review

One downside of buying a Miele would be price. This variant will cost between $350 and $400.

But don’t let the high price dissuade you from buying because it does come with a 7 year warranty on the motor and one year in parts and labor.

This according to Miele will work great on hard surfaces like hardwood and linoleum as well as low to medium pile carpeting but it cannot deep clean.

Scroll down to see what other features this canister cleaner offers to consumers.

A quick look at the features

  • Has six suction settings that reduces noise and allows you to use just the right power for a particular task
  • Equipped with a turbo brush for cleaning hardwood, linoleum and low to medium pile carpet and rugs
  • Parquet floor tool has soft, natural bristles designed to thoroughly clean tile, wood and other smooth surfaces
  • Comes with a 7 year warranty on the motor and casing
  • Auto-seal filter bag keeps allergens inside
  • VarioClip stores the crevice, brush and upholstery tool neatly on the non-motorized part of the hose
  • 5 foot cleaning radius (from the power cord to the tip of the brush)
  • Equipped with three, yes three caster wheels
  • Has a telescopic wand though length is not specified by the manufacturer


  • Long 7 year warranty on the motor and casing
  • Retractable power cord (length is not specified)
  • Telescopic want extends above the floor reach all the way up to the ceiling
  • Adjustable brush tool gives you flexibility in cleaning areas high up there
  • Six power settings allows you to use just enough power for the particular task, this helps you save on electricity bills
  • Great fit and finish
  • Has an indicator which tells you if the bag is full
  • Great for people who suffer from a respiratory ailment


  • Will not deep clean thick carpet which is disappointing for a $400 machine, you’d expect more
  • Very expensive
  • Bags are expensive
  • Will not deep clean carpet because the brush roll is not motorized

What to expect from the Miele Classic C1 Capri?

One of the great features the S2121 Capri has is the power settings that allow you to use just the right suction for a particular task.

Adjustable suction dial

There will be instances when you need less suction on stuff like rugs. If you have too much suction, the rug will stick on the cleaning head and you will not be able to move it back and forth.

Thus an option to adjust suction is beneficial in cleaning areas like rugs.

Versatile tools

In the package you’ll have 5 tools at your disposal. Two of them can be used on the floor. And the other 3 for above the floor areas like upholstery, vents, and other nooks and crannies.

Miele S2121 Carpi Features


One of the attachments comes with a roller bar but only driven by air. And another has long natural bristles for cleaning hardwood surfaces. I must warn you though that there is a risk of scratching hardwood if you use the brush attachment.

Other tools include a crevice, upholstery and dusting brush with an adjustable nozzle.

This allows it to clean hard to reach areas like ceiling fans.

The upholstery tool does not have any motorized brush. But it has two strips of cloth on both sides for agitation.

Attachments and Accessories

This comes with a total of 5 – the turbo brush, parquet floor tool, crevice tool, dusting brush and crevice tool.


Cord Length

Power cord length is not specified but Miele says 29.5 feet cleaning radius which means from the tip of the floor tool to the end of the power cord measures 29.5 feet.

Filter clean up

Since this is a bagged vacuum, you won’t be cleaning any filters but you will need to replace the bag at least once a month depending on how often you use this.

It does have an indicator located near the hose that turns red when the bag is full.

A second filter is found on the motor and you’ll need to replace this once every 12 months.

You will have the option to use a HEPA filter here.

The last filter you need to replace is the dust compartment filter or the pre-motor filter.

See it in Action

A brief look at the features and performance…


This comes with a 7 year warranty on the motor and casing. But for parts and service it only has a 1 year warranty.

Bare floor performance

It has two attachments that work great on flat and smooth bare floor surfaces. The parquet floor tool has bristles on it that work well on bare floor surfaces like tile. Avoid using this tool on hardwood as it can scratch it.

You can use the turbo comfort brush for cleaning surfaces like hardwood. One weakness is has it that it does not swivel so maneuverability won’t be as good as a Dyson.

The low profile head will not work well on large bits of dirt like cheerios. But for cleaning stuff like dust it will work well.

Carpet performance

Miele says that the Turbo brush will work best on low to medium pile carpet. Don’t expect this to deep clean carpet because the turbo brush does not have its own motor. It is only driven by air like a Dyson canister vacuum.

Upholstery performance

With the upholstery and crevice tool this will do a very decent job on various types of upholstery from fabric to leather.

The upholstery tool has two strips of cloth on both (Velcro like in texture) sides of the upholstery tool that act as an agitator to loosen up dirt that tends to stick fabric.

The crevice tool works great on loose dirt.

Take note that this tool may not be effective on pet hair that tends to roll up when you use this type of tool on it.

Pet hair removal

Since the turbo brush does not have a motorized brush, it will not be able to deep clean pet hair from carpet. If you have lots of pets, you may have to opt for an upright with power like the Dyson DC65. You can check out our guide to the best vacuums for pet hair if you have a need for such.

The upholstery tool also won’t be as efficient because it does not have a beater bar.

Product specifications

AttachmentsCrevice tool

Dusting brush

Upholstery tool

Telescopic wand
Suction settings6
Cord LengthN/A
Auto Cord Rewind
Motorized brush
Brush on/off switch
Filter clogged indicator
Full bin indicator
Self propelled
Net weight18 pounds
Shipping weight18.5 pounds
Hose length5 feet
Cleaning PathN/A
(approx. 10 to 12 inches)
Overall reach29.5 cleaning radius
Dirt capacityuses 4.76 quart bags
Filter typeStandard filtration (optional HEPA filters are available)
Power1,200 watts
Voltage120 volts
Manufactured inGermany
Warranty7 years on motor
7 years on casing
1 year on parts and labor

What consumers say?

Most of the people who bought this vacuum gave it a 5 star rating because it has very good build quality and suction power is great.

No motorized brush

Biggest downside would be the beater bar that does not have a motor. Since only air spins the brush, agitation won’t be as good. It will struggle picking up hair on carpet or rugs. This also hampers its ability to deep clean.

While there are consumers who were quite happy with its performance on carpet, they didn’t specify if their carpets are thin, medium or high pile carpet.

HEPA filter improves performance

Consumers also mentioned that switching to a HEPA filter improves performance and filtration. It was noticeable because you won’t smell the odor coming out of the exhaust.

Adjustable suction a good feature to have

People also like that this is fairly quiet. That’s because of the knob that allows users to adjust the suction power, the lower the setting the less noisy it is.

The adjustable suction has another benefit – rugs won’t stick to the nozzle because of excess suction, I’ve come across consumers who appreciated this.

Some potential issues

There are 3 caster wheels underneath the body that allows it to turn on the dime. But despite this there are some complaints about it tipping over when you pull too hard.

Enough with the pluses here are some of the complaints consumers shared in their reviews…

The hose feels cheap and will break of you are too rough in handling it.

There are also a few complaints about the telescopic wand breaking after a few months.

If you’re curious about the running cost of this vacuum, expect to spend about $19 per month, this is the current price of the bag which you will need to change at least once a month – it isn’t cheap.

While suction is very good, it lacks a motorized brush to make it an effective deep cleaner on carpet so if your home has wall to wall carpeting, you’d be better buying a canister vacuum with a motorized brush.

Where can I buy this?

This particular variant is no longer sold directly by Amazon. You’ll have to buy it from third party sellers which means it will not be eligible to their 2-day free shipping through Prime.

Other options include the Miele C1 Turbo Team that comes with the same floor tools as this variant. This option will be more expensive at $400.

The cheaper C1 Pure Suction is also available in Amazon at a few hundred dollars less but it’s only suitable on bare floor because it has no motorized brush.

To wrap up

This canister vacuum would be great on homes with mostly hardwood and tiled surfaces because the floor attachments included. It has enough suction to clean flat and smooth surfaces even without the brush roll.

The parquet tool will work great, especially on tiled surfaces where dirt tends to accumulate on the grout area.

It won’t be as effective on carpet because the motorize brush does not have its own motor nor is does it have a belt, it only spins when there is suction so don’t expect deep cleaning from this.

Underneath the canister are 3 caster wheels that allow this to turn on a dime without tipping over.

According to consumers the telescopic wand extends up to 12 feet which will allows it to reach ceilings of most homes, unless it’s really a high ceiling.

It has all the standard attachments that allow it to clean above the floor areas like tables, vents and upholstery but at a premium price.

The biggest downer would be the price, at almost $400, I’d expect more from this even though it is a Miele perhaps a floor tool with a motorized brush that will deep clean carpet but unfortunately it does not have that.

If you don’t mind this limitation and want a high quality vacuum for your home with mostly bare floor surfaces then look no further.

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