Miele Complete C3 Review: Great for People with Allergies

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Rarely do I get excited with a canister vacuum but when I saw the Miele Complete C3, I had to investigate what makes this German made vacuum so special.

Miele Complete C3 Review

I’m not going to cover one variant but I’ll cover them all here.

From the C3 Limited Edition (Green) to the most expensive variant, the C3 Complete that comes with a motorized floor tool perfect for homes with plush carpet.

A quality product

Miele has a reputation of manufacturing top quality products using only quality materials.

In some strange way you can call them an anti-Dyson in the way they build their products because instead of using a bagless system -- all Miele vacuums I’ve covered so far use a sealed bag system.

And instead of a plastic extension wand, the C3 uses a metal wand that feels sturdy and Miele claims will last for at least 15 years.

This is a big reason why their canisters are so expensive.

But does all this quality worth the asking price of Miele?

If you want a powerful and yet lightweight canister vacuum that can clean bare floor and carpet equality well depending on the variant you choose.

The people who’ll benefit from this product the most would be allergy suffers who need something that will not only vacuum but also keep allergens inside.

This is where a bagged vacuum shines.


  • Powerful 1,200 motor
  • Versatile tool set to choose from depending on your need
  • Motorized floor tool is great even on carpet because in addition to the brush roll it actually vibrates carpet to provide additional agitation
  • Main floor tool swivels
  • Sealed system keeps allergens where they should be -- inside the bag


  • Their top of the line variant is ridiculously expensive!
  • Purchasing bags will add up over time
  • Short power cord -- just 22 feet

What to expect from this top of the line canister from Miele?

First off let’s talk about the similarities of all the C3 canister vacuum across all variants. Let’s start with the motor -- all variants come equipped with the Vortex Motor, manufactured by Miele themselves that produces 1,200 watts.


If you’re wondering why such an expensive vacuum only produces 1,200 watts, this is to comply with new EU regulations that all vacuums should not exceed the 1,600 watt threshold as well as the noise threshold set at 80 decibels.

All C3 models use the same motor and filtration system that utilizes a bag.

The capacity of these bags based on the info provided by MieleUSA.com is 4.76 quarts or around 1.19 gallons which is pretty substancial for a canister vacuum.

These bags aren’t cheap though, a box containing 4 bags and 2 filters costs around $19 in Amazon.

But if you really want a dust free environment at home you have to consider this an investment to keep allergy triggering allergens off the carpet or bare floor.

Also consider this too, the HEPA filtration used by the C3 meets the HEPA 13 standards that captures 99.95% of dust particles or 0.1 microns. Most other bagged vacuums will only capture up to 0.3 microns of allergens so this vacuum will trap more allergens.

Another feature I like would be the indicator that tells you when the bag is full. This removes the guesswork and maximizes every bag you use.

Fully sealed even if you take off the bag

One issue I have with bagged vacuums is when you remove them there is a risk of dirt and dust spilling out because it does not close by itself.

The C3 rectifies this by adding a spring loaded self-locking that seals the bag shut when you remove it. Inside the bag are electrostatically charged filters that trap microscopic dust and prevent it from coming back out.

Metal telescopic wand

All the C3 variants come with a metal adjustable telescopic wand that extends the reach of this vacuum up to 36 feet.

This wand is where you’ll attach the tools onto and allows this product to clean stairs, upholstery, vents, other hard to reach places.

Standard accessories that come with all the variants

All models come with three standard tools -- the SSP10 dusting brush, standard upholstery tool and extended crevice tool.

Here are the different floor cleaning tools from the different variants and a brief description on what each one does.

SEB 228 Electro Plus Electro Brush

SEB228ElectroThis 14” wide motorized brush is electronically powered, meaning it has a small motor and belt inside that powers the motorized brush.

Miele recommends this on low to plush carpet. This tool has a foot controlled height adjustment (up to 5 levels).

SBB300-3 Parquet Twister

SBB300-3 Parquet TwisterThe SBB300-3 is great for flat non-carpeted surfaces like hardwood or linoleum.

This is perhaps one of the most maneuverable tools that can twist 180 degrees both ways at the flick of the wrist.

The brushes used by this bare floor cleaner is a mix of polymide and natural hair that makes it safe to use oven of easily scratched hardwood.

This is a great tool for spot cleaning as well as general dusting and cobweb cleanup -- particularly under the bed as this can fold flat.

STB 101 Mini Turbobrush

STB 101 Mini Handheld TurbobrushThe STB 101 is an upholstery tool with a motorized brush designed to clean upholstery, cut-pile carpets and the car’s interior (flooring and seats that is). This tool has a motorized brush to agitate and pick up hard to clean debris like pet hair, cookie crumbs, bread crumbs, etc.

This is a must have tool if you have a lot of fabric upholstery at home.

STB205-3 Turbo Comfort

STB 205-3 Turbo PlusThis tool is found in the cheapest C3 Limited Edition which is the cheapest of all the variants.

This tool is air-driven which means agitation isn’t as good.

What does this mean?

You cannot use this on plush carpet (only cut pile carpet) as it will not provide enough agitation.

SBD 285-3 AllTeQ Combination tool

SBD 285-3 AllTeQ Combination toolThis is another tool designed for flat floor surfaces, to be more specific low pile carpet and bare floors like hardwood.

It has a foot pedal that adjusts the height for low pile carpet and bare floor.

Unlike the parquet twister, this tool isn’t as maneuverable and it does not have the soft brushes.

SEB 236 Electro Premium Powerbrush

SEB 236 Electro PremiumIn terms of features and functionality, the SEB 236 Electro Premium is the creme-dela-creme of all the floor tools and is found in the higher end models of the C3 line namely the C3 Marin and Brilliant variants.

In addition to the motorized beater bar, this has bright LED to aid in visibility plus swivel steering.

This tool also has an electronic foot control to adjust the height that ranges from low pile to plush carpet. A great deep cleaning tool if you ask me.

Now let’s look specifically at each of the variants starting with the…

C3 Limited Edition

Miele Complete C3 Limited EditionBased on the price, the Limited Edition looks the entry level as it only comes with STB 205-3 and the AllTeQ Combination Floor Tool.

Only great for bare floor

Based on this tool set, the C3 Limited Edition will work great on homes that have low pile carpet and bare floor.

It does not come with the twisty parquet floor attachment.

No HEPA filtration

One thing to note that this variant does not come with the HEPA airclean filter out of the box. But you can purchase that separately if you so decide to go with the better filtration that these HEPA filters bring to the table.

Buy this variant if you don’t have any pets and if your home does only has low pile carpet. Don’t expect any deep cleaning from this because the carpet cleaning head does not have a motorized brush.

C3 Alize

Miele Complete C3 AlizeNext in line would be the C3 Alize that comes in a distinct ivory white color. Some say that this is an entry level C3 but if you look at the price, it does not seem like it.

Of all the variants, this comes with the least amount of tools. The only floor attachment you’ll get with the Alize is the SBD650-3 AirTeQ floor brush that basically a floor tool without any motorized brush.

This tool would be great on bare floor, low pile carpet and rugs.

But the twisty parquet tool or STB205-3 is not included.

If this has less tools then why is it more expensive than the green C3 Limited Edition?

Well it could be that this comes with LED spotlight handle that helps with visibility.

Like the Limited Edition, this does not come with HEPA filtration but it does have the airclean sealed system.

This model would be great for homes with bare floor and some low pile carpet that don’t have any pets.

Between this and the Limited Edition, I’d go with the limited edition because it comes with the extra floor tool with the beater bar.

Even though it won’t deep clean, the brush roll will help a bit in terms of agitation.

C3 Calima

Miele Complete C3 CalimaThe bright yellow Calima is similar to the Limited Edition, the main difference that instead of the AllTeQ combination floor tool.

This comes with the more agile SBB300-3 parquet twister with it’s soft brushes that I think is the best tool to have if you want to clean sensitive easily scratched hardwood.

Great only for low pile carpet

It also comes with the air powered turbo comfort brush, so this will only work well on low pile carpet.

Don’t expect any deep cleaning action from this variant.

Between this calima yellow variant and the similarly priced Alize, this would be a better value because of the parquet twister attachment.

I’d pick that tool anytime over the the LED light.

C3 Cat & Dog

Miele Complete C3 Cat & DogPet owners looking for a canister vacuum should strongly consider this variant as it comes with all the tools that you need to clean up pet hair not only on carpet but also on bare floor and upholstery.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Motorized floor tool (Miele calls this “Electro Plus Electrobrush”)
  • Mini-motorized tool (great for upholstery or stairs)

The “Electro Plus Electrobrush tool” is great for deep cleaning carpet.

To keep pet hair and dander inside the bag and keep your home smelling fresh, the C3 Pet & Dog is equipped with the Active AirClean filter that absorbs and neutralizes pet odor.

If you have pets at home, this is the variant to buy. It has the tools needed to clean pet hair and there’s no need to spend over $1,000.

Now let’s move to the next tier of the C3 variants all of which cost over $1,000 in Amazon and let’s break down the differences and see which one will fit your needs.

Here’s a demo of the features…

C3 Kona

Miele Complete C3 KonaThe C3 Kona and the C3 Pet & Dog are similar in terms of the floor attachments that are include in the package.

It comes with the ElectroPlus Electro Brush and the parquet tool but it does not come with the mini turbo brush.

If you need a deep cleaning floor tool and you don’t have pets, this is a great choice because you get the same floor cleaning capabilities minus the mini turbo brush and you save yourself around $20.

It also comes in matte black which I really like because it doesn’t get dirty as easily as the white C3 Cat and Dog.

C3 Marin

Miele Complete C3 MarinThis dark blue canister is a the second most expensive cleaner in the C3 product line because it comes with a premium attachment -- the SEB 236 power brush.

The motorized brush not only is electrically powered, it also has bright LED lights that help with visibility when cleaning low lighted areas.

Deep cleaner

Along with the deep cleaning motorized floor tool, Miele also included the agile parquet tool for hard floor cleaning.

This variant does not come with the mini turbo brush for cleaning pet hair on upholstery so I would not recommend this for pet owners as that tool itself would cost over $50 in Amazon.

If you’re particular with allergens -- this variant comes with HEPA filtration that can trap up to 0.1 microns of allergens. This means that 99.95% of all the dirt and dust you clean up from carpet will stay inside the bag.

But for your deep cleaning needs even on plush carpet, give the C3 Marin a close look.

C3 Brilliant

Miele Complete C3 BrilliantThis is the top of the line option for the C3 product line. You’ll get the same floor attachments as the M3 Marin.

These include the…

  • Parquet tool
  • SEB 236 power brush

But what makes this variant $400 more expensive?

If you look at the handle, you’ll notice that it comes with handle controls that help you transition from hard floors to carpet with a push of a button.

It has a bumper strip that protects furniture from scratched. The body also has an LED strip that helps with visibility.

In terms of functionality, the Brilliant and Marin will yield similar results because it has the same set of tools. Biggest differences are the handle control, bumper strip and LED lighting found in the Brilliant variant.

If you like to have this extra features and don’t mind spending the extra $400 go for this but if you’re just the deep cleaning capabilities of the motorized floor tool then go with the Marin and save the $400 for the extra bags and filters.

Features of this variant…

See it in Action

Here’s a cleaning test between the Miele C1 and the Miele C3. Both are the Cat and Dog variants.

With the amount of dirt scattered on the floor, the results are impressive for both. In just a single back and forth pass, both variants were able to pick up majority of the debris.

In the second part of the test you’ll notice that there was some snow plowing with the C3’s floor tool.

Cord Length

All Miele Complete C3 variants come with a 22 foot power cord that has a cord rewind. When you combine it with the length of the hose and wand the reach would extend to 36 feet.


If you look at Miele USA’s website, all C3 variants come with a 7 year warranty on the casing and motor and a 1 year warranty on the other components. A bit disappointing considering that Dyson and Shark backs theirs up with a 5 year warranty on the whole vacuum.

Product Specifications

ModelComplete C3
AttachmentsAll variants get...

Upholstery tool

Brush tool

Crevice tool

Other tools will depend on the variant
Adjustable handle height
Cord Length22 feet
Auto Cord Rewind
Motorized brushModel specific
Brush on/off switchModel specific
SwivelModel specific
HeadlightModel specific
Filter clogged indicator
Full bin indicator

* This is a bagged vacuum
Self propelled
Net weight11.8 pounds
Hose lengthN/A
Cleaning Path11.5"
Overall length43.5"
Dirt capacity1.19 gallons
Filter typeModel specific
Brush speedN/A
Power1,200 watts
Manufactured inGermany
Warranty7 years casing and motor

1 year on the rest of the parts

Customer Reviews

Consumers loved how these vacuums performed regardless of variant -- all of them got high ratings.

For parents with children at home this is a good option because it isn’t as noisy as other brands.

If you look at their spec sheet this vacuum produces less than 80 decibels. One consumer even mentioned that they used the C3 with their dog in the same room and it didn’t scare it away.

Another consistent plus of this vacuum is how the bagged system leaved behind a fresher smelling room. Consumers loved how it didn’t spew out allergens from the exhaust and the bags were easy to empty.

Despite being a canister bag size is generous -- over a gallon. This is larger than previous generation Miele canisters.

One compared this with Miele’s upright and said that this was a better performer.

The biggest downside would be the short power cord and the price. At just 22 feet the power cord isn’t very long when you compare it to uprights but other canister vacuums have similar cord lengths but remember that it has cord rewind which is a factor of the short cord length.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy the C3 from Amazon. Price ranges between $650 for the Alize and $1,460 for the top of the line Brilliant variant. Take note that all C3 variants have the same motor. The difference lies in the tools that come with it. All these will come with the 2-day free shipping if you join Prime.

Amazon also sells extended warranties of up to 3 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

To Wrap Up

The Miele C3 may be a pricey option but for the consumer who has respiratory concerns, this is a great investment because of the sealed system that comes with HEPA filtration (this would depend on the variant).

Whether your home has mostly bare floor or plush carpet, the C3 will have a variant just for you. Just read the feature list carefully before pressing that buy button in Amazon.

Some variants will come with deep cleaning floor tools that will agitate and deep clean carpet. Make sure to carefully choose the variant right for you.

What I don’t like obviously is the price and the short power cord that limits the reach.

People who have serious allergic conditions will benefit from a product like this.

Not only will it clean bare floor or carpet but also makes sure that the allergens it picks up stays inside the bag.

It is expensive but it will last for more than 10 years! So consider this an investment.

Even if the bags are expensive, it does hold a lot of dirt.