Moneual Rydis MR6550 Review

The Rydis MR6550 is one of the few hybrid vacuum slash mop cleaners in the market that combine suction and mopping in one package.

Moneual Rydis MR6550 Review

Take note that the mop will only work on hard floors and since it uses a small strip of microfiber, its effectiveness is a big question mark as we’ll find out in this review.

There are two features that make this a good budget alternative to the more expensive Roomba or Neato, if you’re don’t want to spend an extra few hundred dollars.

First it uses a lithium phosphate battery that Moneual claims to have at least 1000 recharge cycles.

Other brands that use nickel cadmium only have a maximum of 500 recharge cycles.

Second instead of a standard DC motor, it uses a Brushless DC motor that runs up to 10 times longer.


  • Uses a newer brushless dc motor that’ll last 10 times longer than a standard dc motor
  • The lithium prosphate battery is rated to last 3 years for it needs to be replaced
  • Low clearance makes it fit under most furniture
  • Uses a brushless agitator so hair won’t get easily stuck
  • Has a wall following feature
  • Easy to empty


  • No HEPA filtration
  • The random cleaning pattern can miss some spots
  • Takes longer to clean a room than a Roomba
  • Small dirt bin
  • Limited scheduling feature
  • Small opening means it can’t pick up larger debris

What to expect from the Moneual Rydis MR6550?

Aside from the Brushless DC motor and lithium phosphate battery, the Rydis MR6550 comes with a motorized agitator made from rubber and two side brushes to sweep dirt into the path of the roller where suction takes over.

The dirt bin can only hold around 600 mils so it’s on the small side meaning you’ll need to empty this often.

  • Uses a brushless dc motor which is claimed to last almost 10 times longer than a standard dc motor
  • Powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery that’ll get roughly 1000 charge cycles, at least twice more than a nickel cadmium battery
  • Low clearance (3.23”) makes this fit under most furniture
  • Has a total of 7 cleaning modes
  • “High efficiency filter” traps most dust and allergens (nope it doesn’t have a HEPA filter)
  • Comes with a detachable microfiber mop
  • It can be scheduled to clean in an hour or every 24 hours (you can’t specify a specific time)
  • Goes back to the charging station if battery is low
  • Comes with a room indicator that allows it to clean multiple rooms

Here’s a quick overview of the features

Complete specs can be found here.


Moneual was pretty vague on how the Rydis navigates, from what I’ve read in their website in the default setting it detects the “most efficient” cleaning path.

In this review in Apartment Therapy, it says that it had a random pattern that is similar to that of a Roomba and it took a longer time to clean.

It has 7 cleaning modes which makes it somewhat flexible.

Rydis MR6550 Cleaning Modes

It has cliff and object sensors so it will not fall off from stairs and will not bump into objects hard to minimize scraping on your furniture.

Will it Clean Stairs?


Scheduled Cleaning

It can be scheduled to automatically clean by itself however you only have two options.

(1) You can set it to clean in an hour meaning if you can program it to cleaning a room an hour.

(2) Or you can set it up to clean every 24 hours.

No you can’t input specific times or have program it to clean on different times each day.

Charging Time

It’ll take around 120 minutes to recharge though some reviews mentioned it took less time.

Filter clean up

Removing the dust bin is easy, just pop the cover then remove dirt bin (yes it has a handle!), take off the filter then empty it. The filter included is washable.

Run time

In normal mode expect around 100 minutes of run time, in turbo mode that’ll go down to around 70 minutes.


It comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

Bare Floor Cleaning

On bare floors like hard wood or tile, it’ll do a pretty good job because suction is pretty strong and it has a rubber agitator that helps “pull” up dirt, dust and debris up.

Carpet Cleaning

It won’t be as effective on carpet as it is on hardwood floors so don’t expect any deep cleaning action here.


Got dark rugs? Don’t worry it doesn’t have the flaw of an Infinuvo where it simply won’t go over a dark rug because it thinks it’s a cliff.

It transitions without much problem whatsoever for rugs under half an inch thick.

Pet Hair Removal

Since it has a rubber beater pet as well as human hair will be picked up. Short pet hair won’t get tangled on the agitator but longer human hair can be tangled up so be sure to get your scissors and brush ready to clean.

Hair can get suck on the side brushes too and you’ll need a screw driver to remove both side brushes to clean off hair.

Hair also gets stuck on wheels so it’s another thing to watch out for.

See it in Action



How to setup cleaning reservations

The Rydis MR6550 cleaning seeds

Product Specifications

Battery typeLithium Iron Phosphate
(1000 charge cycles)
Charger typeCharging dock
Charge time120 minutes
Run Time 100 minutes (normal)
70 minutes (turbo mode)
Net weight (with battery)5.89 pounds
Shipping weight14.8 pounds
Dirt capacity600 ml
Diameter13.66 inches
Height3.23 inches
Multi Room
Self docking
Remote control
Hepa filtration
Cliff detection
Self adjusting
Edge brushes
Full bin indicator
Stair Cleaning
Cleaning sessions per week 7
Extra Filter
Brush cleaning toolsCleaning brush
Accessories includedCharger

Remote control (plus 2-AA batteries)

Mop attachment plus microfiber mop

Adapter and power cord'

2 side brushes

Cleaning brush

Screwdriver plus screws

User manual and quick start guide

Room indicator
Manufactured inN/A
Warranty1 year for parts and labor

Customer Reviews

A little over 30 people left a review in Amazon and a lot of them were positive. Consumers liked it because it cleaned well and wasn’t too noisy (core77 compared it to a hair dryer).

The mop feature received mixed reviews while some customers liked the microfiber mop others say it was pretty useless.

Navigation was a mixed bag as well, there were folks who were satisfied others weren’t saying they had to pick it up and bring it back to its charging base.

Getting stuck is another frequent complaint in reviews, usually it gets stuck when there is clutter like cords or wires, it can also get stuck between the legs of a chair so make sure to de-clutter before setting this off.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this robot from Amazon for around $220 but unfortunately it isn’t brand new anymore.


This product would be great home owners who have most hard floors in their homes, pet owners also would benefit because this robot certainly is capable of pick up pet hair on hard surfaces.

It won’t do as good a job on carpet though.

Spec wise it’ll definitely last longer because it uses a lithium phosphate and a brushless dc motor that’ll based on research last at least twice as long as their older compatriots the NiCad and a standard dc motor.

It still doesn’t have the sophisticated navigation that’s found in a Neato or an iRobot but it isn’t very far off, just don’t expect it to be fully hands off as it’ll either get lost or get stuck somewhere.

It’ll also miss some spots so you may have to run it more than once to get everything.

The functionality of the room indicator is a bit hazy and one consumer said point blank that it didn’t work and it isn’t advisable to buy more.

At just under $300, this is a good deal for folks looking for a cheaper alternative than a Neato or Roomba.

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