Oreck Commercial CK93010 TaskVac Review: A Cordless Oreck for Commercial Use

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As one of the pioneers of vacuum cleaners, Oreck used to only sell bagged vacuums but boy times have changed.

And we’ll be looking at their latest product that doesn’t have a bog – the Commercial grade CK93010 TaskVac.

Oreck Commercial CK93010 Review

25 minutes fade free

It’s a line that Oreck recently launched and uses the M-PWR Lithium Ion battery with a quick charge feature that’ll run for 25 minutes fade free.

This lightweight cordless brings Oreck pedigree without having any cords which make this a good in-between vacuum.

Some potential issues

The downside to commercial vacuums is the short warranty – this one only comes with a one year warranty.

Oreck is used by a lot of hotels in United States because of its quality and performance and we’ll find out why in this review.

A quick look at the features

  • Powered brush roll on/off allows you to clean carpets and hardwood more efficiently
  • Bottom release dirt cup makes it easy to empty
  • Automatic shutdown feature automatically shuts off the brush roll when jams occur
  • Scuff guard padding protects furniture from damage
  • Weighs only 9.8 pounds
  • M-PWR lithium ion battery will run for 25 minutes
  • 1 year warranty


  • Strong suction
  • Decent run time at 25 minutes
  • Removable bin with button release door is easy to empty
  • Does not have a cord so it’s easy to move around
  • Reasonably light


  • Short warranty – only 1 year
  • This is purely a floor cleaner – you need to pair this with a handheld
  • Small dirt bin which needs to be emptied often

What to expect from the Oreck Commercial CK93010 TaskVac?

The Oreck Commercial CK93010 is Oreck’s first foray into the cordless and bagless niche and from what I’ve read, this product looks promising.

In terms of design, it is similar to products such as the Hoover Linx Stick and the Hoover Commercial TaskVac that only does one task which is clean floors.

Powered Brush Roll On/Off

A motorized brush roll is an essential tool in being an efficient cleaner on carpet but it’s not a necessity when cleaning bare floor.

So Oreck has put a brush roll on/off feature that will allows you to turn on the brush when cleaning carpet and turn it off on bare floor.

This is a good feature especially if you have hardwood that scratches easily.

It’s the same feature in the Hoover Linx BH50010 which is popular stick vacuum in Amazon with over 9,000 reviews!

It’s the same feature found in the Hoover Linx BH50010 that helped propel it to best seller status for a long time in Amazon.

Here’s a photo of the brush roll…

One thing I like would be the gaps on front and side that allow larger bits of dirt to pass through.

The brush roll does not stretch all the way to the edge so cleaning corners and edges could be an issue.

Hand Control

Access to the brush roll on/off is easily accessible though a switch on the handle. There are three options brush on, brush off and power off.

Obviously you’d use the brush roll on option carpet and off on bare floor.

Bottom Release Dirt Cup

One of my biggest pet peeves in owning bagless vacuums would be how messy it can be to clean up.

And Oreck tries to address this by equipping this product with a buttom release dirt cup where a trap door opens from the buttom and dirt falls off.

It’s a good design in theory but if you’re cleaning a lot of pet hair, it can wrap up on the baffle area at the middle.

This is the same issue again found in the Hoover Linx which I keep on referencing on because these two vacuums are almost similar in design.

Furniture Guard

If you own expensive furniture then you’ll appreciate this feature that protects your furniture from scuff marks. It’s basically a built-in padding made from rubber that covers the plastic frame of the main cleaning head.

M-PWR Lithium Ion Battery

Powering this stick vacuum is the M-PWR lithium ion battery that will allow this machine to run for around 25 minutes.

It’s more than enough for cleaning up high traffic areas inside your office space or dining room.

However, you will need to remove the battery from the vacuum when it needs to recharge. Oreck did not include a plug in charger that you can plug on the vacuum so it’s an extra step you need to take.

The good news is you can buy extra batteries to minimize downtime – you can still use the vacuum while charging the extra battery. With two batteries run time goes from 25 to 50 minutes which is awesome for a cordless.

EnduroLife Belt

One thing that makes this an effective cleaner on carpet is the powered brush roll. The EnduroLife belt connects the brush and the motor.

To protect the belt from premature wear, Oreck engineers an automatic shutdown feature that shuts off the motor when it detects brush jams.

Bare Floor Cleaning

Combine the brush roll on/off feature and suction, the CK93010 TaskVac is capable of cleaning bare floor such as hardwood and tile.

Consumers really appreciate the power that this vacuum brings to the table. The ability to turn off the brush is great because there is minimal risk of scratching hardwood that scuffs easy.

But since the brush does not go all the way to the edge so it may not clean edges well.

Carpet Cleaning

Turn on the brush roll and this vacuum a decent carpet cleaning machine. It has enough suction and agitation to pick up surface dirt and some debris trapped in between fibers. But this will not deep clean.

It’s also has enough agitation to pick up pet hair on carpet. Tough you will need to regularly clean the brush roll if you’re dealing with lots of pets.


Oreck backs this product up with a 1 year warranty. Most commercial vacuums available right now only have a 1 year warranty because these are utilized on commercial settings so it takes a beating.

Product Specifications

Brush roll on/offYes
Battery20 volt Lithium Ion
ChargerCharging stand
Charging time3-5 hours
Battery life25 minutes
Net weight9.8
Shipping weight12.4 pounds
Cleaning path12"
Overall lengthN/A
Charge indicatorYes
Filter typeWashable
Dust capacityN/A
Energy Star RatedN/A
Noise LevelN/A
Air WattsN/A
Manufactured inN/A
Warranty1 year

Consumer Reviews

Two things that consumers like about this vacuum are performance and quality.

A lot of the reviews say that this product has decent suction and capable of picking up substantial amounts of dirt like pet hair and dust. Though there was one complaint of dog hair clogging the motorized brush.

This is an issue with vacuums that have a motorized brush – hair wrapping up on it. It’s not a big deal if you regularly clean it.

Quality plastic

Quality is another trademark of Oreck products. Quality of plastic in this vacuum feels solid, not cheap unlike those in cheap brands. There’s a reason why a lot of hotels and similar establishments use Oreck.

In terms of quality, one consumer said that this product is similar to the Oreck UK2200 XL.

A cordless UK2200 XK

This is a cordless version of it. I’m thinking he meant that it’s similar when it comes to how it cleans floors, not necessarily how it looks because these are far from being similar.

However you won’t be able to clean up a lot of dirt with this vacuum because the dirt cup is small.

You won’t be able to charge the battery on the vacuum. It has to be taken out and plugged on a separate charger. An extra battery is also available for sale at Oreck but it isn’t cheap.

Run time

Oreck did not overrate this feature.

It will run for 25 minutes with the brush roll on and longer if it’s off.

So potential issues

Some reviews say that does not swivel but looking at some photos, it seems that it does but you will not mistake this for a Dyson.

Moving this around can be a little tough because it lacks swivel steering and it won’t lay flat. The bulky body will not fit deep under furniture so take this into account.

Where Can I Buy This?

You can buy this from Amazon for just a little over $200. And it comes with free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

The best place to buy this would be in Amazon because you can avail of the Prime 2-day shipping even if you sign up for free!

To Wrap Up

The Oreck Commercial CK93010 is a great commercial option if you’re looking for a spot cleaner in a commercial setting. It has enough power and run time to cover a decent sized, high traffic office space or cafeteria.

For commercial use

Since it’s made for commercial use, you don’t have to worry about the warranty even in a commercial setting.

But I would not recommend it for home use because you can get good products for your home that has longer warranty.

Not versatile

It’s strictly a floor cleaner with a small bin so you will need to empty often but it’s pretty good at its job so if you need sometime for a commercial space give this a look.


One big selling point for this would be the price. While it’s not as versatile as a Shark IONFlex or Dyson V8, it’s much cheaper. Even if you pair this with a handheld like a Black & Decker BDH2000FL you’d still spend less.

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