Oreck Insight Review: A Lightweight Upright With Lots of Power

People don’t associate the word lightweight to an upright vacuum but Oreck has done it again but removing the unnecessary clutter to produce a streamlined product called the Axis.

Oreck Axis Review

What makes this product special?

It only weighs 9 pounds, yes this is not a typo, this fully functional upright weighs as much as a Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum.

But with much much more power minus the above the floor versatility that the Air Cordless brings to the table.

Despite the slim size this vacuum packs a lot of punch. How much? A hundred and five miles per hour of airflow at the nozzle.

This means debris get sucked in 40 miles per hour past the speed limit.

Try running 102 mph on a racetrack – that’s how fast debris get sucked in this vacuum.

It is that powerful and when you add the sleek design of the bag, this machine can reach underneath most furniture and deep clean carpeted areas underneath it.

A quick look at the features

  • Has two speeds low and high for bare floor and carpet respectively
  • Weighs only 9 pounds
  • Fully sealed HEPA filtration system traps microscopic dust up to 0.3 microns
  • 5 year warranty on the whole vacuum
  • Comes with a side brush for edge cleaning
  • Low profile design and lay flat feature allows this to clean deep under furniture



  • No above the floor cleaning capabilities
  • Cost of bags will add up over time
  • No headlights
  • No swivel steering
  • Very loud

What to expect from this lightweight upright?

If you cannot afford the Oreck Magnesium then this would be a viable alternative because like the Magnesium RS this one is lightweight (though more than a pound heavier) and has lots of suction and great agitation.

The main design of both of these vacuums are alike. This includes the same flat bag and low profile cleaning head – the biggest difference would be the weight.

The Magnesium RS uses magnesium while this does not which is a big reason for the price difference.


Both of these has a fully sealed HEPA filtration system that will trap up to 0.3 microns of dust. This variant has the seal of approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

This means that this vacuum has passed CRI’s rigorous testing to see if it really catches allergens and cleans carpet like they claim their product is capable of.

Take note that this is a paid service given by CRI to manufacturers who wish to have their product tested but the results are not biased.

Side brushes

This cleaner comes with side brushes on both sides of the cleaning head that improve edge cleaning. When you combine it with the powerful suction, you’ll have a vacuum capable of cleaning all the way to the edges.

No swivel or headlights

Unfortunately this vacuum will not swivel and it does not have any headlights so maneuverability will be a little less appealing than a Shark or Dyson but low weight makes up for it.

The lack of headlights will be an issue only when you clean underneath furniture.


This machine uses bags that have HEPA filtration inside and replacement bags aren’t really expensive.

A pack of 8 will cost roughly 12 dollars so that’s a little over $1 per bag which isn’t bad for the quality and take note that you are not exposed to allergens when cleaning this vacuum.

Bare Floor Performance

Similar to the Oreck Magnesium RS, the Insight also has a brush roll on/off switch that you can access on the handle itself. I like that Oreck added fingertip controls in their vacuums because it saves us from bending down just to turn on the machine or to transition from bare floor to carpet.

Suction wise, it has more than enough to tackle small to medium sized debris. The side brushes help agitate dirt that could be trapped in base boards.

The low profile cleaning head design does concern me a bit when cleaning larger debris as it could create a snow plow effect.

Carpet Performance

This is where you get your money’s worth on an Oreck, when you combine the 102 mph airflow to the excellent agitation, you have a deep cleaning upright vacuum capable of picking up a lot of dust, sand and pet hair in carpet.

Remember that this vacuum is backed up by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s seal of approval so you are sure that it is fully capable of picking up allergens in carpet. This is a great option for people who have allergies looking for a lightweight upright.

Upholstery Performance

Unfortunately, this vacuum cannot clean any upholstery because it does not have any hose or extension wand or tools to do any above the floor cleaning.

If you’re buying this, make sure you have a handheld vacuum at hand for cleaning upholstery.

Pet Hair Removal

On both carpet and bare floors this machine is fully capable of cleaning up pet hair and dander.

If you have medium to plush carpet, this will be handy in keeping pet hair on carpet from piling up.

When you add that it’s only 9 pounds, you will have very good incentive on using this everyday to clean up your floors – yes even underneath the bed or sofa where your pets may like to snooze.

Attachments and Accessories

This vacuum does not have any tools or attachments included.

Cord Length

The power cord is around 30 feet and it does not come with any cord rewind.

Filter Maintenance and Clean Up

There are no filters in the Oreck Insight as the bag is lined with an inner HEPA bag. If you look at Amazon, you will notice that they’ve bundled this up with an Oreck Paper Bag that costs a little over $12 – these bags don’t have the inner HEPA bags.

If you need the extra HEPA filtration (say you have allergies) then you’ll have to get the “HEPA Odor Fighting” bag that costs a little bit more ($28 for a pack of 8).


Oreck backs this up with a 5 year warranty on the whole vacuum.

Product Specifications

Adjustable handle height
Cord Length30 feet
Auto Cord Rewind
Motorized brush
Brush on/off switch
Filter clogged indicator
Full bin indicator

* This is a bagged vacuum
Self propelled
Net weight9 pounds
Shipping weight14.6 pounds
Hose lengthNone
Cleaning Path13"
Overall length48"
Dirt capacityN/A
Filter typeHEPA filtration
Brush speedN/A
Power105mph direct air flow
Manufactured inUSA
Warranty5 years

Customer Reviews

When you read the reviews in Amazon two words stuck out to me – power and light weight. A lot of the folks who gave high marks for this upright vacuum say that this machine is very powerful so powerful that you better keep it away from light rugs or threads or it will try to suck them up!

Consumers also liked how Oreck only left the bare essentials – the bag and the main cleaning head which made it sleek and when you add the fold flat feature it goes under furniture. The downside to this bare design is the noise – this vacuum is loud, consider yourself warned.

The strong suction does have a downside. It may be hard to push on plush carpet because of the resistance caused by it. It also does not have a height adjustment feature which may work against it cleaning really plush carpet.

And lastly just a reminder this upright is strictly a floor cleaner because some consumers were upset because it could not clean anything above the floor.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this from Amazon for less than $200. And it is eligible for Amazon’s 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

To wrap up

The Oreck Insight is a great option for people looking for a lightweight vacuum that packs a punch.

When you look how strong the suction is (102mph airflow!) and the direct suction path, you have a fully functional deep cleaning vacuum that you can use on carpet and bare floor.

But you’ll only truly appreciate this vacuum if you use it on carpet since it has pretty good agitation to pick up dust and sand trapped underneath strands. The HEPA lined bags makes sure that the nasty stuff that you clean up actually stays inside the bag.

I’d recommend this for people who have allergies that cannot afford the more expensive Oreck Magnesium RS because it’s much cheaper though the replacement HEPA bags are quite expensive but you have to invest on your health.

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