Oreck Magnesium RS Review: Lightest Upright Vacuum Right Now

What do a lot of upright vacuums have in common?

Most of these are pretty heavy. To give you some perspective on how modern uprights weigh, let’s go through some of them.

The weighs 16 pounds, Dyson Multi Floor weighs 17.3 pounds, Shark Rotator NV752 weighs 15.7 pounds and Kirby Sentria 2 tips the scales at over 20 pounds.

Let me introduce to you the lightest upright vacuum in the market right now.

The Oreck Magnesium RS.

This vacuum is actually lighter than a Hoover Air Cordless 3.0 – and Hoover is a cordless vacuum!

How much does it weigh?

10 pounds? 9 pounds?

Well how about 8 pounds.

Yes, you go that right, an upright vacuum with upright power that weighs only 8 pounds.

This is truly a game changer because it allows consumers to enjoy the power of a powerful upright without dragging around a large machine.

Oreck pulled off the seemingly impossible by using magnesium frame instead of steel that reduces overall weight. And still have better durability because magnesium is stronger than many types of steel.

The price is a little on the high side but consumers don’t seem to mind as this is one of the bestselling uprights in Amazon.

A quick look at the features

  • Uses a magnesium frame that reduces weight but increases overall durability
  • Unlike traditional upright vacuums where air goes through a maze of hoses, the Magnesium RS uses direct suction that shortens the path that air has to travel thus increasing performance
  • Motorize brush spins at 7,000 rpm providing consumers with great deep cleaning action
  • The wireless “quick switch” controls is actually a fingertip control on the handle of the vacuum that gives you an easy way to transition from hard floors to carpet
  • It uses what Oreck termed as SlimSwivel that not only swivels but it also lies virtually flat – this allows you to clean under furniture like the bed
  • Has a fully sealed HEPA system that uses a bag – this prevents 99.97% of allergens (at 0.3 microns) from coming back out.
  • 30 foot power cord
  • 7 year warranty (with 5 annual tune ups) – this could be the best warranty package in the market (better than a Dyson)
  • Has twin LED lights for better visibility
  • Weighs under 8 pounds (7.7 to be exact) – perhaps the lightest upright in the market right now
  • Uses the Endurolife belt that prevents unexpected jams
  • Has side brushes on both sides for better edge cleaning


  • Perhaps the lightest upright in the market right now
  • Direct suction technology improves suction performance
  • Large bag will last longer before needing replacement (holds around 8 quarts of dry dirt)
  • Fully sealed HEPA bag prevents virtually all of the allergens from coming back out – great for people with asthma
  • Long warranty – 7 years


  • Very expensive at close to $500
  • Replacement odor fighting bag is expensive – around $16 per bag.
  • Unlike the Shark or Dyson vacuums this does not come with attachments that allow you to clean upholstery (if you value versatility go with those two instead)
  • Some consumers complained that it did not work on shag carpet or rugs

What to expect from this lightweight Oreck


Even though this is vacuum is light, performance isn’t lacking.

Oreck moved in a different direction in terms of material selection. Instead of using a plastic frame that is also light but also bulky. They used magnesium which is lighter and stronger than any metal out there.

The result is upright performance with a cordless weight.

Magnesium frame

And the magnesium frame allowed engineers to design it as small as possible without compromising rigidity.

Hence you have a vacuum that is sleeker than any upright you’ll find in the market.

Of course since you’re using top quality raw material, it will not come cheap.

Right now, if you buy this in Amazon, the Oreck Magnesium RS will cost a little over $435 which is actually cheaper than a Dyson Cinetic.

Now only is this vacuum lightweight, it also packs a lot of power thanks to the strong suction and a motorized brush that spins at around 7,000 rpm.

This is made possible with a technology called “direct suction”.

Check out the illustration below to see how it works…

Direct Suction

As you’ve seen in the illustration Oreck’s bagged vacuums have less hose than other bagless vacuums that use cyclonic filtration like the Shark and Dyson.

From the bag, the suction goes straight down toward the floor nozzle.

It does not go through a maze of hoses that twist and turn.

This gives this vacuum the performance which make it such a highly rated vacuum despite the high price tag.

Another feature I like is the SlimSwivel design. It has the swivel steering PLUS it can lie virtually flat on the ground.

This allows you to clean more areas under furniture than any other upright vacuum (with the exception of the Shark).

Combine that with the sleek body and you have an upright that has more reach underneath furniture.

Under Furniture

The HEPA laced filter bag will block allergens up to 0.3 microns. It also has odor eliminators that prevent bad odor from seeping out the exhaust. This is a great option for allergy sufferers.

Emptying the bag is easy. Just unzip the bag, take off the inner bag and throw it. There’s no exposure to allergens whatsoever.

The bags are pretty affordable – a little over $13 for a pack of 6 (a pack of 25 would cost around $100++ if you want more savings).

Each can hold up to 8 quarts of dry dirt, if you have a large home these fill up quickly.

It also has a side brush on both sides that make edge cleaning a whole lot easier.

If you want to see the features in detail, watch this video…

Bare Floor Performance

This vacuum has a brushroll on/off switch that you can easily toggle on the handle. In terms of power, the direct suction feature gives this upright pretty good suction to pick up fine dust particles and larger debris like rice grains.

Check out this side by side compare versus an early Dyson upright (DC17)…

In just one pass, the Oreck Magnesium pretty much pick up everything that was in its path. But remember that the Dyson tested was an old model that doesn’t have the latest motor and filtration.

Carpet Performance

The Oreck Magnesium RS can tackle carpet.

It has two speeds – the low speed for hard surfaces and high speed for carpet. The very stiff motorized brush spins over 7,000 rpm and will provide very good agitation.

Under all that carpet strands, are lots of allergen particles that could potentially trigger any respiratory ailments.

One of those ailments is called allergic rhinitis.

Upholstery Performance

This vacuum is strictly a floor cleaner, it does not have any hose or attachments that allow it to clean upholstery.

Pet Hair Removal

The strong suction and the beater bar make this a good option to clean pet hair on carpet. Clean up will also not be a problem as you will not need to scoop out pet hair from a canister. You just throw away the bag when it is full – no exposure to collected pet hair.

Attachments and Accessories

This vacuum does not have any accessories included.

Cord Length

Power cord is around 30 feet long but it does not have any cord rewind. It has a “cord snap” that helps you wrap up the cord on the back of the vacuum.

Filter Clean up

A bagged vacuum like this will not have any filters to clean up. But you have to replace the bag when it’s full.

You can purchase these bags directly from Oreck or from Amazon for around $13 for a pack of 6. Not really price plus it has HEPA and odor fighting properties.

Another item that you need to regularly check is the drive belt. This part is what drives the motorized brush. You have to regularly check the belt to ensure the optimal performance of this vacuum. If you need to replace it, you can do it yourself by following these steps outlined in the Oreck website.


Oreck backs this product up with a full 7 year warranty which is two more years than any Dyson upright. And to one-up other manufacturers like the Shark and Dyson (both have 5 year warranties) Oreck also includes 5 free tune-ups annually.

What the heck is a tune-up? Much like a vehicle, a vacuum cleaner needs periodical maintenance like checking the drive belt, cleaning the motorized brush, replacing the drive belt, etc.

Oreck does will do this for you for up to five times (per year) for free during the warranty period. This is the first time I heard a manufacturer offering this kind of free service to their consumers so even though you are paying more than $400 for your vacuum, you’re actually getting a lot for your money.

Product Specifications

Adjustable handle height
Cord Length30 feet
Auto Cord Rewind
Motorized brush
Brush on/off switch
Filter clogged indicator
Full bin indicator

* This is a bagged vacuum
Self propelled
Net weight7.7 pounds
Shipping weight12.7 pounds
Hose lengthN/A
Cleaning Path12"
Overall length47.75"
Dirt capacity8 dry quarts
Filter typeNo filter (this is a bagged vacuum)
Manufactured inUSA
Warranty7 years

(plus 5 free tune-ups per year)

Customer Reviews

This vacuum has gotten a 4.5 star rating from Good HouseKeeping – they say it was easy to maneuver and had good suction (even with pet hair).

One of the best features of this vacuum is the weight.

The combination of the weight and swivel steering allow better maneuverability, even better than a bulky 20 pound Dyson some consumers noted.

Powerful and lightweight

Even with the nimbleness this vacuum has substantial power, consumers say that it can vacuum anything from hardwood to tile and even carpet. But some reviews warned not to use this on really shag carpet or dense area rugs because it will stop the motorized brush from spinning.

One of the favorite areas consumers use this is right under the bed. The sleek bag and handle design combined with the swivel feature make this possible.

Lacks attachments

While it has good maneuverability some consumers complained about the lack of attachments that allow it to clean upholstery. They will need to purchase a handheld vacuum to tackle above the floor items.

There were also complaints about lemon products, to be specific the belt not spinning and plastic parts melting but you will see this in most if not all consumer electronic products.

The HEPA bags also is a nice addition especially for consumers who have problems with asthma and other related condition.

Cheap bags

These bags are relatively cheap at just under $3 per piece and it’ll last for up to 2 months. But that would depend on factors like environment, size of your home, etc.

If you have a large home or live in a dusty area, you may need to change the bags more often.

The wireless fingertip controls on the handle is a nice touch because you don’t need to bend down just to adjust the speed or turn off the motor.

Another feature the consumers like is the stiff side brush that look like eyelashes sticking out the sides of the floor tool.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this lightweight upright vacuum for less than $400. And it’ll be eligible for Amazon’s 2-day free shipping if you join Prime.

Amazon also sells extended warranty of up to 3 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

Another option would be buying this direct from Oreck but it’ll cost more. And you won’t get the fast turnaround via Prime.

To Wrap Up

This upright vacuum is great for people tired of carrying around heavy upright vacuums that don’t perform as well.

Weighing at just 7.7 pounds, this vacuum is one of the lightest upright vacuums in the market thanks to the magnesium frame that is not only light but strong as well.

Don’t let its looks fool you, this vacuum performs.

When you combine the strong suction and stiff beater bar, you have a nimble and powerful floor cleaner that is capable of cleaning both bare floor and carpet.

The SlimSwivel feature not only swivels but allows this vacuum to lay flat on the floor. It will reach farther underneath furniture compared to other bulkier uprights.

HEPA filter will block allergens up to 0.3 microns so this is great for allergy sufferers.

It is one of the most expensive uprights right now but it does have a 7 year warranty. That’s 2 full years more than a Dyson.

And you can ask an Oreck technician to “tune up” your vacuum up to 5 times during that warranty period. You are getting a lot for your money.

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