While most of what I write in this blog are about reviews about vacuum cleaners, I also cover other interesting topics such as the history of the vacuum cleaner, the difference between a Neato and the Roomba (for potential buyers of both brands) plus more actionable guides that make home cleaning easier.

Carpet Cleaning Tips – There is more to carpet cleaning than just vacuuming your floor. In fact, vacuuming is just the first step in cleaning your carpet. There are other things that need to be done to ensure your carpet will stay clean, fresh and free from allergens in the years to come.

Cleaning Uses of Baking Soda – Baking soda is a staple of many pastry dishes but did you know that it has agitating and odor busting qualities that can help you deodorize carpet and remove stains from grout?

This article will show you in detail how you can use baking soda as one of your main ingredients in deodorizing and cleaning your home minus the toxic fumes found in most chemical-based cleaners in the market today.

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