Sebo X5 Review: Is This The Most Advanced Upright Vacuum?

When you talk about hi-tech vacuums what’s the first brand that comes to your mind?

I’ll bet that it would be a Dyson with its futuristic design and crazy color combinations.

Sebo X5 Review

But let me introduce to you another brand that does not look as wild but has pretty advanced features not found in other uprights.

Most advanced bagged vacuum

Sebo calls this the most technologically advanced bagged upright vacuum in the market today thanks to its electronically controlled height adjustment feature that automatically adjusts the brush height on carpet or bare floor.

People who have asthma (or a similar condition) will benefit from this the most because of the excellent filtration it provides.

Great cleaning performance

Another feature I like is the sealing strip behind the motorized brush that improves airflow and makes sure all dirt goes in the suction port. It also prevents debris from being “kick back” by the bristles.

While other bagged uprights don’t have an indicator that tells you when the bag is full, this one has that feature and will also automatically shut off the vacuum motor.

These bags are huge capable of storing around 1.4 gallons of dust and allergens – great for large homes looking for deep cleaning machine.

This machine is by no means cheap. At close to $900 this is perhaps one of the most expensive upright vacuums.

Yes it’s more expensive than a Dyson Cinetic. But this machine is built to last plus the filtration you’ll get will be better than a Cinetic.

The two filters plus the multi layered bag will filter out up to 0.3 microns of dirt which is much better than the 0.7 microns of a Dyson.

A quick look at the features

  • 14.5 inch wide cleaning path
  • Out of the box you’ll get three tools you can attach on the hose – a dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery nozzle
  • Also has a stretchable and flexible hose and wand for your above the floor cleaning needs
  • The 5-1/2 inch profile and the fold flat feature will allow this upright to fit under a lot of furniture
  • Electronically controlled automatic height adjustment for carpet and barefloor
  • Has a 40 foot power cord – no cord rewind though
  • Uses large 1.4 gallon bags with HEPA filtration and odor eliminator
  • A light flashes to tell you when the bag is full (the motor also stops – this is another indicator that the bag is full)
  • Rubber coated wheels protects your flooring from scratches
  • Backed up by a 5 year warranty and a lifetime belt warranty


  • Excellent filtration thanks to the 3 and 4 layer bags
  • Great for allergy suffers thanks to the HEPA filtration
  • Long power cord (does not have cord rewind though)
  • Fold flat feature allow this upright to reach under more furniture compared to a more bulky vacuum
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Easy to empty bag
  • Large dirty capacity (1.3 gallons)


  • Very expensive at over $700 – more expensive than the Dyson Cinetic Animal
  • No swivel steering
  • Short flexible hose
  • This vacuum will tip over if you pull on the hose hard enough
  • Will tip over if you pull on the hose hard enough

What to expect from this commercial quality vacuum

If you’re not familiar with Sebo, they’re German brand that has been manufacturing vacuums over 25 years.

And this is the choice of a lot of hotels to clean their rooms on a daily basis. This tells you a little bit of the build quality and engineering put behind this product and why it is so expensive.



Watch this video from Ibaisaic to see the features, assembly and how it performs…

First off this machine is built to last.

While other brands put a filter after the motor, Sebo have placed one before the motor.

This extends vacuum life into the decades (if you replace the filters regularly).

So when you look at it at that perspective the $870++ price tag doesn’t not sound ridiculous.

Second this vacuum is built with the allergy sufferer in mind

If you suffer any sort of allergy like allergic rhinitis, you know that any hint of dust can trigger it, that’s why if you’re an allergy sufferer, you will have to be careful in choosing the right vacuum for that type of condition.

Sebo X5 is an excellent choice because it has very good filtration thanks to the 2 filters. There’s a pre-motor filter that sits inside the bag and another filter after the motor.

In addition to the filters, the bag that Sebo uses also has HEPA filtration and anti-odor properties that keep allergens and odor inside the bag.

You don’t have to worry about allergens seeping through the exhaust. This is a testament to the engineering behind this product.

Compared to other brands like Kenmore, Sebo’s bags is relatively cheap.

A pack of 10 will only cost around $25 so that’s $2.5 per piece.

Don’t worry about the added cost of bags, instead consider it an investment to your health.

On a bagless vacuum while there are no bags, you will be exposed to allergens while emptying the bin.

You don’t have to worry about allergen exposure with the X5 because the sealed bag.

And these bags are huge. Capable of storing 1.3 gallons of dry dirt and since the point of entry is on the top, you can use every inch of the bag before disposing it.

Unique feature

One unique feature I like about this X5 is where the air passes through. In most uprights, it passes through the bottom of the bag so as the bag fill up performance degrades because of all the dirt that gets in the way.

The Sebo tweaked the design and rerouted the air flow around the bag, towards the top of it. This means that as the bag fills up, suction will not degrade because there’s nothing in the way.

Above the floor cleaning

In addition to its cleaning capabilities on the floor, you can use this vacuum to clean above the floor thanks to the integrated hose and extension wand along with the 3 tools that come with it.

If you think that the hose is too short you can purchase an optional extension hose to extend the reach. This add an extra 9 feet to the existing hose and further extend reach.

What makes this a high tech vacuum?

It has an electronically controlled height adjustment feature that sets the brush roll clearance for you depending on the type of floor.

This ensures that the brush roll remains in contact with the floor at all times. And if the bristles wear out, a light will come on telling you that you will need to replace the brush.

Another handy feature is the full bin indicator that also lights up when the bag is full.

Not only will it light up, it also triggers a signal to the motor to stop which is another indicator that the bag is full.

This really saves you time in troubleshooting any potential issues.

Bare Floor Performance

The X5 does not have a brush roll on/off feature so cleaning bare floors will be tricky. This may not be suitable inside homes with hardwood because there is a risk of scratching.

But in terms of cleaning smaller particles of dirt like dust or sand, it does a very good job thanks to the sealing strip.

It also has another purpose – the sealing strip funnels all the dirt directly into the vacuum inlet and into the bag.

This increases cleaning efficiency and creates less messes.

But if you’re home has mostly bare floor I would not recommend something as expensive as this machine. You’ll be better off with something cheaper and more purpose built for that task.

Carpet Performance

You buy this vacuum for its deep cleaning capabilities on carpet. The powerful produces 103.8 CFM which is on the high side. It also has stiff bristles that provide excellent agitation so it will be able to deep clean.

While a machine like the Dyson DC50 is capable of picking up the larger stuff like pet hair and rice, you will need an upright like the Sebo to pick up sand that tears could tear out the carpet’s base over time.

Here’s a brief demo comparing the Dyson DC50 Animal and Sebo upright (most probably the X4)…

Both the X4 and X5 use the same motor so performance is roughly the same.

Upholstery Performance

Thanks to the flexible hose and upholstery attachment, the X5 is capable of cleaning fabric upholstery.

An optional turbo brush can be purchased for around $45 just in case you need more agitation to clean pet hair on upholstery.

Pet Hair Removal

On carpet, this vacuum pretty much inhales pet hair even on the shaggiest carpet thanks to the automatic height adjustment feature, the strong suction and the stiff brushes.

On upholstery though, you may need to purchase the turbo brush to efficiently clean pet hair on chairs or sofas. But the upholstery tool will be able to do that as well but less efficiently of course.

Attachments and Accessories

The Sebo X5 comes with 3 attachments out of the box – the crevice tool, brush tool and upholstery brush.


Optional attachments are also available and can be purchase from Amazon or directly from Sebo’s website.

Optional Accessories and Tools

Cord Length

The X5 has a cord length of around 40 feet – at least 8 feet longer than a Dyson and Shark vacuum.

Filter Clean up

In addition to the bag, this also comes with 2 additional filters that help filter out allergens.

There’s the pre-motor filter located right beside the bag and another filter located on the top of the base of the vacuum. Sebo recommends changing these filters after every 20th change of the bag to ensure the optimum performance of the vacuum.

A service box is also available for sale that contains 10 filters, sealing strip, pre and post motor filter. If you buy these parts separately it would cost more.


Sebo backs this up with a 5 year warranty. But they also claim that if you follow their recommendation in terms of replacing the filters this machine will easily last for 15 years. That’s because clean air passes through the motor (thanks to the pre-motor filter) and clean air extends the life of the motor.

Product Specifications

ModelX5 9587A
AttachmentsCrevice tool

Upholstery tool

Brush tool

Extension wand
Adjustable handle height
Cord Length40 feet
Auto Cord Rewind
Motorized brush
Brush on/off switch
Filter clogged indicator
Full bin indicator

* This is a bagged vacuum
Self propelled
Net weight18.4 pounds
Shipping weight22.8 pounds
Hose length6 feet
Cleaning Path15"
Overall length17"
Dirt capacity1.4 gallons
Filter type1 pre-motor (s-class) filter
Brush speed3,100 rpm
Power103.8 CFM
Manufactured inGermany
Warranty5 years

Lifetime belt warranty

Customer Reviews

Since this is a relatively new vacuum in Sebo’s product line, it hasn’t gotten as much feedback as the X4 but based on what I’ve read it is mostly positive.

Several of the owners of this vacuum are pet owners with multiple heavy shedding dogs like a yellow Labrador.

Biggest pluses were the strong suction and agitation that cleans up lots of pet hair. Build quality is another strong point. One even compared this to a Mercedes W124 – a popular German made car made in the early 80s.

One gripe that a consumer had was the automatic height adjustment feature that does not go all the way down when cleaning carpets and that reviewer said feels that the agitation is lacking. Since there is no manual adjustment, you cannot adjust the height setting to your preference.

Another feature that’s lacking is the brushroll shutoff which could be an issue if you have sensitive and easily scratched hardwood flooring.

The hose lacks length and it will tip over when you tug it hard enough. This is a problem with hose equipped upright. An optional extension is available that extends the reach by 9 feet could solve the issue.

Here are some YouTube reviews…

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this upright vacuum from Amazon for less than $900. It is eligible for Amazon’s free 2-day shipping if you join Prime. And you have the option of buying extended warranty if you think the 7 years from Sebo isn’t enough.

Another option would be buying direct from Sebo for around the same price. But you won’t get the free 2-day shipping.

To Wrap Up

This bagged upright cleaner is great for people looking for a deep cleaning carpet vacuum that is easy to empty.

The snap on feature of the bag inside this vacuum make this one of the easiest to empty uprights in the market. All you need to do is squeeze on the lever that will unlock the bag in place.

Since the opening of the bag is on top, you can maximize and fill it up to its 1.3 gallon capacity.

This means you’ll have to change the bags less often unless you live in a very large home or a very dusty environment.

While running costs will add up, what you get is a sturdy vacuum that will easily last 15 years and up thanks to the pre-motor filter that only allows clean air to pass through the motor.

Aside from the multi-layer bag that already provides excellent filtration, it comes with a pre and post motor HEPA filters that adds more filtration. The latter two filters will filter out dust up to 0.3 microns.

While this upright looks old school, don’t let the it’s appearance fool you because it has some pretty hi-tech features like the automatic height adjustment, a bag full / clog light feature and a brush obstruction light with automatic shut off that tells you when something gets stuck on the brush roll.

All this add up to a high performing vacuum from a German manufacturer that a lot of hotel owners go to because of its deep cleaning performance and durability.

At over $870, this machine is pricey. But consider it an investment especially for people who suffer from asthma or allergic rhinitis as this will clean up allergens without scattering it around your home.

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