Shark ION ROBOT 750 Review: Shark’s First Robot Vacuum

Shark has been manufacturing vacuum cleaners for over a century so it is a surprise it took them this long to come up with a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Shark ION Robot 750 Review

I guess that’s what market demand does. It forces manufacturers to keep up with technology or get left behind.

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Big brands have started manufacturing like Bissell and Dyson to name a few. So how is the Shark ION 750 different?

Unlike the Dyson that costs a cool thousand dollars, Shark will only cost a little under $350. This is Roomba 650 territory but it has something that the 650 does not – a smartphone app that will allow remote access to this robot.

It also has two side brushes that mean it’ll perform better on corners and edges.

A quick look at the features

  • Comes with the “Shark Robot ION” app that allows you to control this robot even if you’re out of your home
  • This is compatible with Alexa
  • Utilizes a twin brushes system that works great on edges and corners
  • Smart sensor navigation system helps it transition on different surfaces such as hardwood, rugs or carpet
  • Lithium ion battery will run for more than an hour
  • Helix pattern, high-tensile bristles on the brush roll help this robot pick up dirt on bare floor and carpet
  • Innovative self-grooming system will untangle long hair, fibers or hair from the brush roll so you don’t have to
  • Has boundary markers (similar to a Neato and Xiaomi) that will block off areas that are off limits


  • Not very noisy
  • Alexa compatibility
  • WiFi connectivity allows you remote access via the smartphone app
  • Decent performance on bare floor and low pile carpet
  • Dual side brushes work great reaching dirt on edges and corners


  • Price still a bit on the high side – a similarly featured EcoVacs DEEBOT will cost half
  • Will not deep clean carpet
  • Shorter run time compared to other robots like the ILIFE A6, A4S and first generation Xiaomi

What to expect from the Shark ION ROBOT 750?

Shark really did a good job with their first robot vacuum. The design is solid and it uses a similar design to other brands such as the Eufy, EcoVacs DEEBOT and ILIFE.

What I mean is it uses two side brushes and a large motorized brush at the middle to clean dirt.

I like this setup because it really does well at picking up dirt at the edges and corners.


Design is one of the strong points of this product with its matte gray and black finish with gold trimming. It’s something that’ll fit in any modern style home.

On top are three buttons – clean, spot and dock. Clean button activates the default cleaning mode where the robot goes in a random pattern until battery is low then returns to dock.

Spot activates the spot cleaning mode where it cleans a specific area in a spiral motion.

Dock function tells the robot to return to home base to recharge.

Smart Sensor Navigation

Shark utilizes a number of IR sensors up front to detect obstacles. They call these proximity sensors that help it avoid hitting furniture hard.

Again nothing special about this technology as you’ll find it in other brands such as the iRobot Roomba, ILIFE, DEEBOT and EcoVacs.

It does in a random pattern so expect it to be thorough at the expense of efficiency.

Can it clean multiple rooms?

Technically it would be able to but there’s a risk of it not finding the charging station since it does not have any advanced software like the S.L.A.M. algorithm to help guide it around.

Here’s a demonstration on how it’ll navigation

Those proximity sensors do really do a good job at avoiding obstacles. I didn’t see it bump into furniture hard. The downside to this is poorer edge cleaning performance at it will not get close to the wall.

It utilizes a series of IR sensors that results in a random cleaning pattern much like a lot of robots in its price range.

Since it is cleaning carpet, it isn’t moving as fast as it would on bare floor.

Take note that the robot in the video isn’t the exact same model as the robot I’m reviewing. It’s a lower spec variant that’s not compatible with Alexa and doesn’t have any WiFi connectivity. But the other features like the brush roll and motor are the same.

WiFi Enabled

The top of the line ION 750 has smartphone app compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices and WiFi connectivity.

In terms of functionality, the app is pretty simple. It gives you access to the default cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode and scheduling features.

Don’t expect anything fancy like real time status updates. Only robot vacuums like Xiaomi and Dyson 360 Eye has those features.

Low Profile Design

According to Amazon, the ION 750 only measures 2.8 inches tall. If this stat is accurate, it makes this product the shortest robot vacuum available right now. Yes, shorter than the ILIFE A6 that’s just a little over 3″ tall.

Having a low profile design makes it easier for the robot to fit under furniture and clean areas an upright might not be able to reach.

Performance Brushroll

The motorized brushroll uses helix-pattern, high tensile bristles that will provide adequate agitation on bare floor and carpet.

But since this robot does not have a strong motor that an upright vacuum uses, don’t expect it to deep clean carpet.

This machine would be a great in-between cleaner that’ll keep dirt from piling up especially hard to reach places like areas under furniture.

Easy to Empty Dust Bin

At the back of the robot is a tray type bin that’s similar to the ILIFE A6, EcoVacs DEEBOT and iRobot. Using a tray type bin allows manufacturers to use a larger sized bin. However Shark did not specify how large the capacity is. My guess would be around half a liter worth of dry dirt which is pretty good for a robot cleaner.

Lithium Ion Battery

Powering this robot is a lithium ion battery that will run for a little over an hour. That’s more than enough time to clean a small to medium sized room.

When battery is low the robot will automatically go back to the dock and recharge.

Bare Floor Performance

The three stage system – 2 side brushes and single motorized brush will do a good job at cleaning most bare floor surfaces.

Expect a similar performance to the ILIFE A4S and A6, Eufy RoboVac 11 and EcoVacs DEEBOT. Since all these robots have a similar architecture and brush design. I’m also guessing that the suction power will be the same.

One thing that concerns me is corner and edge cleaning. While the collision avoidance system is very good, it will not hug the corners. You may need a handheld vacuum to clean any dirt on these areas.

Carpet Cleaning

For cleaning surface dirt, this robot will do a decent job. But do not expect this robot to deep clean carpet. You’ll notice in the video I shared above that on thicker carpet it slows down.

That’s because this machine isn’t built to clean medium to thick pile carpet. I’ll only clean low pile carpet well. You will still need an upright or canister vacuum for deep cleaning.

Product Specifications

Battery typeLithium ion
Charger typeCharging dock
Charge timeN/A
Dirt capacity (dry)0.3 liters
Run Time More than 1 hr.
Net weight (with battery)5.5 pounds
Shipping weight11.2 pounds
Diameter12.6 inches
Height2.6 inches
Multi Room
Self docking
Remote control
HEPA filtration
Cliff detection
Self adjusting
Side brush
Full bin indicator
Stair Cleaning
Cleaning sessions per week 7
Extra Filter1
Containment Magnetic strip
Brush cleaning tools1
Accessories includedCharging dock


Brush cleaning tool

BotBoundary Strip

2 BotBoundary Connectors
Voltageauto volt
Manufactured inChina
Warranty1 year

Where Can I Buy This?

You can buy this robot from Amazon for less than $350 and it is eligible for Amazon’s free 2-day shipping if you join Prime. Also Amazon offers extended warranties of up to 3 years if you want extra peace of mind.

This is also available in Best Buy, Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond. It will all boil down to your preference on where you want to shop.

My favorite would be in Amazon because of the 2-day free shipping if you sign up with Amazon Prime, even if it’s the free 30 day trial. Prices will be the same on all those shopping sites for now.

To Wrap Up

Shark has done a very solid job with their first robot vacuum. Expect very good performance on bare floor without scuffing furniture. That would come at the cost of edge and corner cleaning because it will not go close to the edges.

Don’t expect deep cleaning on carpet because it lacks power and agitation. Frankly, none of the robot vacuums currently available will be able to deep clean even the $1,000 Dyson 360 Eye.

But for in between cleaning it’s hard to beat a robot vacuum because it does it autonomously. One gripe I have with the ION Robot 750 would be price. Even with the WiFi Connectivity and Alexa compatibility I feel that Shark has priced this too steep.

EcoVacs DEEBOT has WiFi ready and costs less than $200 but isn’t compatible with Alexa.

But I don’t think the $150++ price difference justifies that feature omission. All ILIFE robots will cost under $200 if you buy it from GearBest and the Xiaomi robotic vacuum with its laser guided sensor and superior app is far cheaper.

But in terms of performance, this robot is a good option though not the best.

7 thoughts on “Shark ION ROBOT 750 Review: Shark’s First Robot Vacuum”

  1. Thank you very much for this review. I found this site while searching for a Shark ION ROBOT 750 review. I just purchased it from for $279.99; I received a $70 Best Buy gift card with the purchase, so the product is effectively $209.99.

    I usually do not care much for product reviews where the author hasn’t personally tested the product because it often just comes across as regurgitating manufacturer’s information, but this one was very smartly written. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions.

    Most sites of this type I find through Google searches are pretty generic, so I was really impressed with this one and ended up reading every word of it! I was pleasantly surprised at the mentions of brands such as Xiaomi and retailers such as GearBest, as I don’t think mainstream customers in the US are aware of those sites. On that note, I’m glad you compared this vacuum to popular and expensive vacuums (e.g., iRobot Roomba, Dyson 360 Eye), as well as lesser-known and lower-priced ones (e.g., iLife, Eufy).

    The one statement I found surprising was the multiple mentions that this robot vacuum does not deep clean carpets, as I thought to myself that there aren’t any mainstream robot vacuums that can. I’m very glad you added to the conclusion paragraph, “Don’t expect deep cleaning on carpet because it lacks power and agitation. Frankly, none of the robot vacuums currently available will be able to deep clean even the $1,000 Dyson 360 Eye.”

    Thank you, and have a good day.

  2. I got a shark ion robot for Christmas but didn’t come with instructions. can u send me instructions or tell me where to get it? thank you

  3. I ordered this a few weeks ago and then after much doubtfulness..canceled order.. Then Ordered again.. This time I will see what it really can d.. Not a Rich Man so can’t be wasting money.. Disabled with back issues and caring for an elderly Mother It would be wonderful if it really worked.. Your VIDEO was very helpful
    Allan Martin Rindal. I think I will open the box and try it Hpe they let me return if not what we need or will give as a FREE gift and someone else can deal with it “Her Or Him” I notice that many reviews call their Robot He or She??

  4. Love my robot where can I buy more filters.

  5. I received my robot for Christmas. I love it. I run it three days a week. I use my Shark Rotator for a thorough vacuum job. You wrote a wonderful review. I will say that as far as the edges go, I have seen the robot go fairly close and then go back again very close. I know that it does not have a memory, but at times it acts like it does. I am very happy with the cleaning job it does. I’m never embarrassed when someone drops by unexpectedly anymore.

    Thanks again for your wonderful review.

  6. Just got mine for $300 at Bed Bath and Beyond. Totally worth the money, it did a pretty good job overall considering its saving me from needing to sweep and vacuum constantly.

    Maybe run the Hoover once on the weekend for a deep clean.

    I will say that on the bare floor I’ve noticed that at times the edge brushes can “kick” away food if moving in the opposite direction which may make it less effective. Still did a phenomenal job considering.

    Cleaned 4 rooms, about 1,700 square feet, open concept house. I don’t believe it got to my kitchen though.

    Despite it being “random” it definitely seems to remember at times. You can watch it avoid obsticals that may have been moved mid cleaning. It eventually got around to knowing it was “okay” but I felt it had some idea of where it was going and cleaned just about every spot in the rooms it did find.

    Didn’t go down my hallway or around the kitchen island…. makes me wonder if it will “store” some sort of detail/ floor layout moving forward.

  7. My robot is almost a year old. At first it worked really good. Now I have scheduled it to go 2 times a week. It worked well at first, now does not run at all unless I hit the clean button on the remote. How long do these lithium batteries last??
    Thank you

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