How to Clean Diarrhea from Carpet

How to Clean Diarrhea from Carpet

Ugh! There may be few things less disgusting than getting diarrhea on your carpet.

Diarrhea can get into a carpet in various ways. Most commonly, it will be because your pet has an upset stomach. You also may be changing your baby on the floor, and his or her diarrhea may end up getting on the carpet.

But whatever the cause may be, it must go! These steps will work on a pet and human feces. The important thing is acting quickly.

Please scroll below to see the tools and the steps to clean diarrhea out of carpets.

How Do You Clean Diarrhea Out of Carpet?


Cleaning diarrhea out of the carpet starts with the right tools. Here’s what you will need.

  1. A pair of latex gloves
  2. 13-gallon trash bags
  3. Warm water
  4. White vinegar
  5. A large plastic or Tupperware bowl (one for each stain)
  6. Paper towels
  7. A fork
  8. Baking soda
  9. A vacuum cleaner

Step 1: Place Bowls Over Poop  or Poop Stains

Place your large bowls over the stains. This will allow diarrhea to dry so you won’t be smudging it and making the stains worse.

Diarrhea may take several hours to dry, but the bowls will help keep the smell under control.

Step 2: Scoop Up Excess Poop

Put on your latex gloves and start scooping up excess poop using paper towels. Have a garbage bag by your side so you can dump the poop in immediately. Be mindful of not putting too much weight as the feces can go further into the carpet while cleaning it up. Please repeat this step several times as needed.

Step 3: Prepare the Mixture

Use a separate bowl to combine 1 cup of warm water and 1 cup of white vinegar. If there is a lot of poop, you may want to use more of this solution. Just make sure you are mixing water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio.

Step 4: Use a Fork to Scrape up Dried Feces

Use a raking motion to clean the feces out of the carpet with a fork. If you see fibers starting to come out of the carpet, stop immediately move on to step 6.

You may have to apply the vinegar solution several times to make up for the fact that you were unable to scrape the feces off, but the solution will do its part in loosening the chunks.

Step 5: Vacuum

Run a vacuum over the stained area to remove chunks that you were able to loosen with the fork.

A shop vacuum or a wet/dry vacuum may be an ideal tool for this purpose as it can handle damp messes.

Step 6: Apply Vinegar Solution

Pour the vinegar solution over what remains of the stain. Blot it with paper towels to absorb the excess liquid. Check the area for stains and repeat until it is no longer visible.

Step 7: Sprinkle with Baking Soda

Generously sprinkle baking soda on the area to get rid of the odor.

Step 8: Vacuum Again

Vacuum the area to clean up the baking soda as well as any remaining fecal matter

Step 9: Spray the area with a disinfecting spray.

Spraying the area with disinfectant will kill off the bacteria.

How Do I Get the Poop Smell Out of the Carpet?

The baking soda and vinegar will be useful in getting the poop smell out of your carpet. If it still lingers, you can use these same products again.

If you are using baking soda, sprinkle it over the source of the odor, sweep the layer off with a broom and dustpan, then vacuum the rest.

If you opt for the vinegar/water solution, you will need to mix the two liquids in equal parts, then put it in a spray bottle and spray it over the affected area. Let it sit for 20 minutes, then use a cloth to dab up the liquid. Blot the area with a water rag and use another rag to clean up the remaining solution.

You may need to repeat these cleaning methods several times until the smell goes away.

If all else fails, it’s time to move to plan C, which is mixing the vinegar with a cleaning solution like isopropyl alcohol or a carpet shampoo and using a carpet steam cleaner to clean the carpet.

You will need to pour the mixture into the chamber of the carpet steamer and steam the carpet according to the directions provided. If you don’t feel comfortable using a carpet steamer, you might want to get a professional in to do it for you.

How to Keep Your Dog from Getting Diarrhea

If you are wondering how to clean dog diarrhea from carpet because this is a problem you commonly have with your pet, you may be best off figuring out how to prevent diarrhea from happening in the first place.

There are different methods of your dog from getting sick. Here are some that are recommended.

Fast the Dog

If your dog is having tummy problems, he may fast on his own. If this is the case, don’t try to feed him.

There are instances where you may need to hold off on feeding your dog for anywhere from 6 -24 hours, depending on how comfortable you feel withholding food.

When diarrhea has passed, start giving your dog water and gradually get him back to his regular diet.

Feed Your Dog Bland Foods

When you get your dog back on his feeding schedule, stick with bland foods. Soup, white rice, ground beef, and boiled chicken are all recommended.

Rebalance the Gut

Once diarrhea has passed, work on restoring your dog’s gut health by giving him a mix of probiotic and prebiotic supplements. The probiotics will help heal his gut lining while repairing intestinal cells. The prebiotics will inhibit the growth of bacteria while supporting electrolyte and fluid balance.

Use Medication

There are several medications and natural remedies recommended for treating diarrhea. Ask your vet, which is best for your dog.

Hopefully, this article has helped to answer the question, how do you clean diarrhea out of the carpet so that you can enjoy a clean and odor-free house. Good luck with your cleaning endeavors!

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