Eufy X8 Pro Review

The Eufy X8 Pro is an upgrade over the previous X8 model with twice more suction and an optional self-emptying base station if you opt for the SES model.

It’s Eufy’s foray into the mid-level bracket, but with the discounts, its price is closer to the entry-level options with some features I’ve never seen in a robot vacuum.

One that caught my eye is the comb behind the brush roll, helping it untangle hair as it vacuums.

The other is the twin turbine suction (4000Pa x 2), giving it twice more airflow and 1.8x better suction.

I’ve spent the past week testing this robot to check if these claims are accurate, and I’ll reveal all the results in this review.

Probably The Best I've Tested For Cleaning Hair
  • Navigation - 95%
  • Surface Cleaning - 98.77%
  • Deep Cleaning - 63.43%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Design - 95%
  • Value - 96%


Uncover the hidden gem in the robot vacuum world with the Eufy X8 Pro—a marvelously mid-priced model that punches well above its weight. Its standout feature? A unique comb cleverly positioned behind the brush roll is designed to detangle hair. But that’s not all. Boasting a high airflow, the Eufy X8 Pro demonstrates its prowess by efficiently capturing debris. And when it comes to navigation, this smart device navigates your home with a blend of precision and thoroughness rarely seen in its class.


  • High airflow (over 24 CFM)
  • Exceptional at untangling hair
  • Above-average surface cleaning
  • Excellent value given its mid-level cost
  • Decent-sized 2.5-liter bag
  • Proficient navigation and coverage
  • Not very noisy for a high airflow robot


  • Subpar deep cleaning
  • The hair detangling feature has a limit
  • Not as good at picking up hair on carpet
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Introduction to the Eufy X8 Pro

The X8 Pro self-emptying robot vacuum is one of Eufy’s latest releases.

It has twice the suction power of the X8 and an optional base station if you opt for the SES variant.

Let’s examine the features of this smart robot vacuum.

Compact Base Station

Eufy X8 Pro with Base Station front view

The first thing I noticed after unboxing this robot vacuum is the compact size of the base station, which isn’t surprising since it utilizes a vertical port.

Eufy X8 Pro base station port

One potential issue with a vertical port is alignment, but only for uneven surfaces.

I tried it on a flat, carpeted surface, and there were no issues with the robot docking.

Despite its small stature, the base station houses a generous 2.5-liter bag.

Eufy X8 Pro bag

Eufy says it’s enough for around 45 days (according to Eufy) if you have pets.

However, your mileage may vary, depending on the size of your home and how often you’ll use this robot.

Top View

Eufy X8 Pro top view

The Eufy X8 Pro utilizes a round frame with the LIDAR (or laser sensor) on top.

It has a top-mounted door housing the 335-ml dustbin. I mention this in case you’re interested in the robot-only variant.

Eufy X8 Pro dustbin

However, the better value alternative (for me) is the SES model with a self-emptying base station.

View Underneath

Eufy X8 Pro underneath with the mopping pad attached

Underneath, the X8 Pro brush layout is standard, with one side brush and a combo brush with a V-shaped pattern.

The comb behind the brush is one feature you don’t see in the photo above.

Eufy X8 Pro combs

It’s the first robot vacuum I’ve tested with this feature, and the results were surprisingly good, at least on hard floors (more on that later – so make sure to read the whole review).

Behind the brush roll is the pad’s mopping bracket, which enables this robot vacuum to have hybrid functionality, meaning it can vacuum and mop simultaneously.

A.I. Map 2.0

Eufy X8 Pro AI Map sensor

The A.I. Map 2.0 sensor helps this robot vacuum quickly create maps by firing signals, determining the perimeter areas, and fast-tracking map creation.

Unlike the other brands I’ve tested, the Eufy app’s default and the only option is the mapping run.

Eufy X8 Pro app mapping run

This feature is beneficial if you live in a large home with many rooms.

Creating the map using a vacuuming run will take over an hour, as the robot has to go through every nook and cranny.

Since it uses a laser sensor, it offers better precision in drawing maps.

Twin Turbine Suction

Eufy says the X8 Pro has twin turbine suction, utilizing two motors, each with 4000 Pascals of suction, for ” hair-free” cleaning performance.

Please check the following sections, where I reveal the results for the airflow and cleaning experiments, to see if these claims are accurate.

Mopping Pad and Water Tank

Eufy X8 Pro mopping pad

The Eufy X8 Pro has hybrid functionality (it can vacuum and mop simultaneously) thanks to the mopping pad behind the brush roll.

This model doesn’t have an agitating element or a mop lift feature.

So don’t expect it to be as proficient as more expensive alternatives with these features.

It has an in-robot water tank with a 270-milliliter capacity.

Eufy X8 Pro water tank

App Features

The Eufy X8 Pro is compatible with the Eufy app, and I’ll summarize its most helpful features.

1. Live Map

Eufy X8 Pro Live Map

I’ve said this repeatedly, and I’ll repeat: It was one of the most innovative features in the robot vacuum industry when Roborock introduced it to its first-ever product, the Xiaomi robot vacuum (they were still under the Xiaomi wing back then).

Eufy’s version is also helpful for users who want to track the robot’s location in real-time.

Other things you’ll notice with the screenshots above.

First is the crisscross cleaning pattern, which is engaged if you use selective room cleaning or area cleaning features.

2. Mapping Run

Eufy X8 Pro mapping run

Another helpful feature is the mapping run, which is the default option in the Eufy app.

This feature speeds up the map creation time tenfold over a standard vacuuming run, in which the robot has to go through every nook and cranny.

It’s one significant advantage laser robots have or options that use a camera sensor for navigation.

I did two mapping runs, and the map creation inside my tiny home took less than five minutes.

3. Map Saving

Eufy X8 Pro map saving

The next helpful feature is map saving, and the Eufy app can store up to five levels – one more than the Roborock app.

Saving this many levels may be overkill, but having this option is better than not.

Also, the X8 Pro’s lightweight base station makes it easier to move around different levels, so it’s more practical in this sense.

4. Containment

Eufy X8 Pro containment options

The Eufy app has several containment options to prevent the robot vacuum from venturing into off-limit zones.

These include virtual boundaries, no-go zones, and no-mop zones.

The virtual boundary acts like a virtual wall, blocking the robot from passing through it, while the other two block the robot from entering a specified rectangular or square zone.

Eufy X8 Pro virtual boundaries

Here’s a screenshot of the virtual boundary feature. You can see the robot contained in a specific area.

Eufy X8 Pro no-go zones

Here are screenshots of no-go zones, which function similarly to no-mop zones. The only difference is that no-mop zones block the robot from mopping.

How Much Suction Power Does the Eufy X8 Pro Have?

Eufy says the X8 Pro has a twin turbine motor with an output of 4000Pa x 2. So, when the two motors are combined, they have a combined suction of 8000 Pascals.

I tested airflow, and the results (seem to) align with the suction claims.

Here are the results.

  • Quiet: 14.87 CFM
  • Standard: 21.16 CFM
  • Turbo: 22.29 CFM
  • Max: 24.53 CFM

These airflow results are impressive, especially for a robot vacuum at its price bracket.

What I like about the power band is that it is linear. There’s no sudden jump between the middle settings and max, so it’s usable even with the standard and turbo models.

The high airflow is evident in the cleaning test, where the X8 Pro was above average in most experiments (check below).

How Does The Eufy X8 Pro Navigate?

The Eufy X8 Pro uses a top-mounted laser to track its location. You’ll also notice a front laser sensor (A.I. Map 2.0), which, according to Eufy, is used for map creation.

Since it uses a laser, this robot will be proficient in navigation. It starts the run by cleaning the edges before doing a back-and-forth run, then toggles back-to-edge cleaning for the second pass.

With its map-saving feature, navigation improves as it learns the area, and you could add containment for blocking off-limit areas.

I did an efficiency run to measure how fast this robot would complete a two-pass run inside my small room, and the results were excellent, finishing the run in less than 20 minutes.

Another layer of the test is debris pick up since I scatter Quaker Oats to see how much it can vacuum.

The X8 Pro was above average, nearly picking up everything after two passes.

Eufy X8 Pro coverage test

One issue preventing it from vacuuming up more dirt is the fast-spinning side brush that scatters debris.

The Eufy X8 Pro would have gotten better results without the fast-spinning side brush.

Cleaning Performance

Next, we’ll examine the Eufy X8 Pro’s cleaning performance with mixed results.

  • Overall: 89.93%
  • Hard floors: 98.98%
  • Sand on hard floors: 99.24%
  • Carpets: 98.09%
  • Deep Cleaning: 63.43%

It was above average with nearly every surface debris cleaning test, especially on hard floors, where it got over 99% if you combined the sand and hard floor experiments.

The high airflow and combo brush made it good on bare floors, but performance dipped slightly on carpets (more below).

Hard Floor Results

Eufy X8 Pro hard floor results

  • Quaker oats: 99.2%
  • Coffee grounds: 99.12%
  • Quinoa: 96.86%
  • Pet litter: 97.74%

The Eufy X8 Pro was excellent on this surface, picking up over 99% with lighter debris (Quaker oats and coffee).

However, the quinoa and pet litter scores were lower because the side brush scattered it.

Eufy X8 Pro scattering quinoa on hard floors

However, this isn’t an issue isolated to Eufy. Other brands I’ve reviewed, notoriously iRobot, have this issue.

Sand on Hard Floor

Next, we’ll examine how the Eufy X8 Pro did at vacuuming sand, which is one of the most challenging items to clean on this surface.

Eufy X8 Pro sand on hard floors

I scattered 50 grams and did two cleaning runs to see how well it did.

It picked up an average of 99.24% after two tests – an above-average score for a robot vacuum.

The eye test confirms the score since the X8 Pro got nearly every crumb after the first pass.

Edge Cleaning

Eufy X8 Pro edge cleaning

The Eufy X8 Pro was superb at cleaning the edges and picking up most of the coffee grounds scattered in this area.

However, it didn’t pick up anything on the quarter-inch crevice.

Hair Wrap [on Hard Floors]

One feature I was eager to test was the comb behind the brush roll. Specifically, how effective it is at keeping hair from wrapping on the brush.

  • 5-inch strands: 100%
  • 7-inch strands: 100%
  • 9-inch strands: 100%

These results are impressive for a robot vacuum, and it’s the first one I’ve reviewed that got 100% across the board.

High airflow options like the Roomba S9 and 980 weren’t this good.

You can see in this photo that nothing was wrapped on the brush [7-inch experiment].

Eufy X8 Pro brush after seven-inch hair experiment

Nothing is wrapping on the brush except for that one tiny strand.

Here’s the brush after the nine-inch test.

Eufy X8 Pro brush after nine-inch experiment

This was how much hair was inside the dustbin after the seven-inch experiment.

Eufy X8 Pro hair inside dustbin after seven-inch experiment

And the nine-inch test – it’s a lot!

Eufy X8 Pro hair inside dustbin after nine-inch test

Please note that I haven’t done a nine-inch experiment on hair since most robot vacuums I’ve tested will struggle even with shorter strands.

The X8 Pro was impressive in this area and should be on your shortlist if hair cleaning is a priority.

Carpet Results

Next, we’ll examine how much the Eufy X8 Pro picked up on carpets, specifically on low and mid-pile surfaces.

Low Pile

Eufy X8 Pro low pile carpet results

  • Quaker oats: 98.9%
  • Coffee grounds: 95.2%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet litter: 96.84%

The results on this surface were decent but not as good as on hard floors.

One plus for the X8 Pro is the side brush didn’t scatter debris on this surface with the added friction of the carpet.

It was best at cleaning quinoa, getting a 100% score, but got lower scores with other debris.

Mid Pile

Eufy X8 Pro mid pile carpet results

  • Quaker oats: 98.88%
  • Coffee grounds: 96.54%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet litter: 98.38%

The X8 Pro had slightly better results on this surface than on low pile carpet, but the numbers are close – perfect on quinoa, worst on coffee grounds.

Most high-airflow robot vacuums with one brush roll will have similar scores, at least with surface dirt.

Deep Cleaning Result

One disappointing result with the X8 Pro is the subpar deep cleaning scores. It only got an average of 63.43% in two tests – a below-average score for a robot vacuum.

Hair Wrap [on Carpets]

Another experiment I don’t usually do for robot vacuums is testing hair on carpets because of the low airflow compared to cordless stick vacuums.

Eufy X8 Pro hair on carpet

Here’s the after photo after one two-pass run.

Eufy X8 Pro hair cleaning experiment on carpet after

It got most of the hair out, but you could see strands left on the surface.

However, this much hair wrapped on the brush when I flipped the robot.

Eufy X8 Pro hair on carpet after experiment

So, I tried using the hair-detangling function while the robot was docked – several times.

It was effective to a certain extent, but the hair was still wrapping on the brush.

Eufy X8 Pro hair on brush after detangling

These tests taught me that the X8 Pro is efficient on hard floors but not as effective on carpets.

Its untangling capacity is limited – even several detangling cycles weren’t enough.

Mopping Results

I did two mopping experiments – the red wine and juice stain test.

It was better at cleaning red wine stains but needed an extra two-pass run to get everything out.

Eufy X8 Pro mopping red wine before after

However, it took longer to clean the juice stains since it stalled several times, but I managed to finish the run.

Eufy X8 Pro mopping juice stains

The Eufy X8 Pro is the best robot vacuum without an agitating element to remove juice stains.

It’s not perfect and took longer, but it finished the run twice! So that has to count for something.

How Noisy Is The Eufy X8 Pro?

I used a sound meter to check noise levels a few feet away, and this robot was surprisingly quiet despite its high airflow.

  • Quiet: 57.8 dB
  • Standard: 59.6 dB
  • Turbo: 60.3 dB
  • Max: 61.3 dB

The 61-decibel output in the highest setting is exceptional, given that this robot has over 24 CFM.

Other high-airflow robots I’ve tested, like the Roomba S9+, are noticeably louder—the S9+ screams at over 74 decibels, so the 61 figure is quiet.

Product Specifications

ModelEufy X8 Pro
Vacuum typeRobot Vacuum
Battery5200 mAh Li-ion
Run timeUp to 180 mins.
Dirt Capacity (dry)approx 335 ml.
Water Capacity 270 ml
Self-Emptying Yes
Self-Washing No
Bag capacity2.5 liters
Clean water tanknone
Dirty water tanknone
Height3.8 inches
Smart NavigationYes
Recharge and ResumeYes
HEPA FiltrationNo
Side BrushYes
Extra FilterYes
Manufactured InChina
Warranty1 year
PriceCheck Price

Where Can I Purchase The Eufy X8 Pro?

You can purchase the Eufy X8 Pro online at Amazon and on the Eufy website. Check the links below for the latest pricing information.

Disclosure: If you purchase this robot vacuum through any of my links, I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost—a win-win that keeps us both smiling.

Is the Eufy X8 Pro Worth It?

The answer will depend on what you’ll prioritize. Given its mid-range pricing and above-average performance on vacuuming, navigation, and mopping, I’d say it’s a good deal.

Another plus for this robot is the brand behind it, Eufy, which is one of the emerging ones with a sizable market share.

This means that parts will be available, at least directly from Eufy. They also sell batteries, which is a big deal because they’re one of those must-have components for any machine reliant on them.

5 Reasons to Consider the Eufy X8 Pro

  1. Excellent at untangling hair: The comb attachment behind the brush helps keep tangles away from the brush.
  2. Efficient navigation: It’s one of the quickest to finish a two-pass run inside my small room in less than 20 minutes. The clincher for me is its thoroughness since it toggles between an edge cleaning and a back-and-forth run.
  3. Reasonably priced: There’s no need to spend four figures to purchase this robot.
  4. Above-average cleaning: The high airflow enables this robot to pick up surface dirt efficiently.
  5. Surprisingly, decent mopping: Despite not having an agitation system, this robot removed juice stains and finished the run despite stalling.

The Verdict: Worth Considering for Pet Owners

The Eufy X8 Pro’s exceptional hair-untangling performance makes it a good alternative for pet owners looking for an autonomous robot to help them prevent pet hair from piling up.

It’s the best I’ve tested (so far) at picking up, even long hair strands on hard floors with nothing wrapping on the brush, even after the nine-inch experiment.

Nothing has come close to it.

But there’s a limit to how much it can untangle, and it won’t do as well on carpets.

Even if you don’t have pets, consider the Eufy X8 Pro if vacuuming is a high priority since it will pick up dirt efficiently thanks to its precise navigation and high suction.

About the author: Garrick, the visionary behind Cordless Vacuum Guide, brings over a decade of hands-on expertise in cordless vacuum testing to his insightful reviews showcased on this platform. Beyond his passion for empowering consumers with informed choices, he cherishes precious moments with his family, exploring global cuisines and exploring different horizons with his beloved wife and son. Follow him on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram.