A Genesis on How It All Started

Hi, I’m Garrick, founder of Cordless Vacuum Guide, and I’d like to say thank you for dropping by.

Switchbot K10 review

Yes, that’s me looking at one of the robot vacuums I’m reviewing, the Switchbot K10+.

Like most of you, the first thing I look at before buying something online is reviews.

Unfortunately, there’s an uptick in fake reviews, with people getting paid to say only nice things about the product.

Our Mission

Cordless Vacuum Guide

This is where I come in – to provide honest feedback about vacuum cleaners (mainly cordless) based on product testing.

I thoroughly tested each vacuum cleaner I reviewed, putting them through different experiments to gauge usability, cleaning performance, power, and more.

Vacuum cleaner prices range between less than a hundred to thousands, so you’ll want to research all the details to make an informed decision before purchasing.

I want you to avoid buyer’s remorse and waste time going through the process of returning the item.

How Can This Site Help Me Find the Right Cordless Vacuum?

Simple. I test these products by combining different experiments to check different parameters.

For example, I conduct cleaning tests on cordless vacuums to determine how well they pick up different debris types.

Dyson V10 torque drive on hard floor

Another is the fog test, where I run the vacuum through a fog machine to check if it leaks visually.

Dyson V7 fog test

These are just some examples of the rigorous testing these products must undergo to write a single review article.

The review process would take me almost a week because each product requires several experiments.

Other products, such as robot vacuums, undergo further navigation, coverage, obstacle avoidance, and mopping evaluations to gauge their performance in these areas.

Who Do I Help?

Part of it is monetary, to earn a living and feed my family. Part of it is my fascination for technology.

The vacuum cleaner industry is ever-evolving, with new tech coming out annually.

The geek in me wants to experience the latest tech firsthand, and vacuum cleaners, mundane as they sound, aren’t that boring anymore.

Dyson Gen5 Detect Review

Technology is evolving at a fast pace, and never in my wildest dreams would I think that cordless vacuums can replace upright vacuums in the right environment.

Speaking of upright vacuums, you’ll notice I have many old articles about these products sitting around the blog.

That’s part of the genesis of this site – writing reviews based on consumer reviews. I say this for the sake of transparency.

However, I changed the site’s direction when an opportunity arose to review a robot vacuum (ILIFE, specifically).

Ever since, all the reviews I write are based on data from product testing.

Why Should You Trust Me?

Most reviews from 2018 onwards are based on actual product tests and usage.

I purchase most of the vacuum cleaners I review, especially popular brands like Dyson, since there’s a lot of demand for them.

Yes, some products are sent to me for reviews, but I don’t charge anything to avoid bias.

I accept these offers because I’m based in the Philippines, and purchasing the latest self-emptying robot vacuums can quickly become costly due to shipping fees and taxes.

Nonetheless, I will not sugarcoat the results since my review is based on data.

If I see a flaw with the product, I will mention it in the review.

You can also watch my reviews on my YouTube channel or Amazon Page to see these products in action.

How Did You Come Up with the “Best Of” Lists?

These “best of” lists are based on data gathered from individual reviews. I don’t just base it on numbers since other factors, like usability, price, user experience, and parts availability, come into play.

So, it’s a more nuanced approach.

Here are a few to get you started.

  1. Best Cordless Vacuums
  2. Best Cordless Vacuums for Hard Floors
  3. Best Cordless Vacuums for Carpets
  4. Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuums

You’ll notice that these articles are long and in-depth since I have to cram so much info.

How Do I Determine the Best?

Saying that one product is “best” would be grossly irresponsible because everyone’s needs differ.

A $400 cordless vacuum wouldn’t be the best for someone who can’t afford such.

Or a cheap, underpowered stick vacuum won’t cut it for someone looking for a decent tool to clean their carpets.

So, the “best” will depend on your needs, feature preferences, and budget.

I lay out the facts based on different tests and rank them from best to least, sometimes using tiers.

The review process is painstakingly tedious and lasts several days.

It could last almost a week for products like robot vacuums, factoring in all the cleaning, mopping, and navigation tests.

How Do I Make Money?

Cordless Vacuum Guide participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

The majority of vacuum cleaners I review are available on Amazon. I also participate in other affiliate programs, such as Walmart, but most of my revenue comes from Amazon.

You’ll notice that we include primarily Amazon and Walmart links I discuss in the articles.

Whenever you click these links and make a purchase, I receive a small percentage of the purchase price from Amazon (and Walmart).

About Garrick Dee (The Man Behind This Blog)

Garrick Dee holding two cordless vacuums

I’m Garrick, the man behind this blog’s reviews. Here’s my story for a little personal background.

Even though my home didn’t have a square meter of carpet, I still needed a vacuum cleaner.

Dust seems always to find its way on the table, keyboard, and all the hard-to-reach areas around my home.

Hoover OnePWR Emerge handheld with hose and mini turbo brush

Yes, we had a broom, but it’s not the most efficient tool, and it’s not something you’d want to sweep dust off your table.

I found myself looking for something more efficient to clean dust and dirt.

Dyson Gen5 Detect and V15 Detect green laser comparison

This eventually led me to start this blog (in 2012) because I couldn’t find a site detailing how it would perform, what to expect regarding battery life, features, pros and cons, charging time, and other vital information.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best and most detailed reviews about cordless vacuums to help consumers make wise, data-based purchase decisions, block the noise of cleverly edited advertorials, and show them how each product performs in the real world.

Every individual’s needs are different, so these reviews aim to educate consumers about the pros and cons of vacuums to help them decide whether they’re worth their hard-earned money.

The ultimate goal is to help consumers find a product that best suits their needs, as there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all vacuum.

Compromises must be made when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. We’re here to help guide your decision-making process.

Connect with Us

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I’m also on social media via YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.