Brigii Y120 Mini Cordless Vacuum Review

Brigii Y120 Mini Vacuum Review

There are handheld vacuums; then, there are mini vacuums. The Brigii Y120 falls on the latter category and is one of the smallest and lightest handheld vacuums, smaller than a ThermoFlash water bottle.

I didn’t know what to expect from this product when it was sent to me, but after testing it extensively for the past few days, I’m pleasantly surprised with the results.

It does what’s it supposed to do, but this product isn’t perfect.

The Smallest and Lightest Cordless Handheld

Brigii Mini Vacuum

Brigii Y120 Mini Cordless Vacuum Review

Weighing just a little over a pound, the Brigii Y120 is one of the lightest mini vacuums available. It’s smaller than a Moosoo handheld and the Eufy H11C Pure. Yet, despite the small stature, it has just enough power for light cleaning tasks. I tested it on debris like sand, pet litter, Cheerios, and Fruit loops, and it can pick these items up. It’s a basic handheld, minus the bells-and-whistles that does the job, but it is noisy.

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  • It’s very lightweight – only weighing a little over a pound.
  • The cylindrical design allows for vertical storage.
  • HEPA filtration keeps allergens within the dust container.
  • Decent airflow will pick up what it’s designed to pick up.


  • Extremely loud – close to 80 decibels.
  • Small dust container.

Introduction to Brigii Y120 Mini Cordless Vacuum

If you haven’t heard about a mini vacuum – the Brigii is an excellent example of how it looks. It’s much smaller than the already compact Roborock H6 in its handheld configuration.

At first glance, you’d think it’s a water jug rather than a handheld.

When I got the product, I didn’t know what to expect from it, to be honest.

But I’m pleasantly surprised by how well it picks up.

Dual functionality

This vacuum has two functions – a blower and vacuum cleaner. If you look closely, it has two ports – a vacuum and blower port.

I don’t use the blower function as much, but it has its uses, such as dislodging debris in your keyboards – don’t expect leaf blower type power though.

All the attachments fit on both sides, so it provides some flexibility to people where to use it.

Size and Weight

How small is this handheld? It measures 8.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. Put it side by side beside a Dyson V7 and V8, and the difference is quite significant.

Brigii and Dyson V7 side by side

Brigii looks tiny beside a Dyson V7

Brigii and Dyson V8

How the Brigii looks beside the Dyson V8.

Brigii says that this vacuum weighs 356 grams, which I also mentioned in the video review. But on the weight scale, it registered 477.5 grams or 1.05 lbs.

Brigii actual weight

Regardless, 1.05 pounds is still light. It’s like carrying a small bottle of water vacuuming the home.

Dust Bin and Filtration

Brigii dust bin

One disadvantage of having such a compact frame is the small dust cup. This vacuum can only hold up to 90 milliliters of dry dirt. Considering you’ll be using it mostly for quick clean ups, I don’t think it will be a disadvantage.

The small size will enable people to bring this anywhere – in the office, home, or vehicle for tackling light messes.

It comes with a washable HEPA filter that Brigii says is antibacterial. I like that it’s positioned before the motor, which protects it from projectile damaging it.

Dirt will tend to stick on the creases, but tapping it will easily dislodge the debris.

Tools and Accessories

Brigii tools

Out of the box, you’ll get three extra tools plus a bag for storage.

  1. Combination crevice and brush tool: excellent for cleaning areas like dust on keyboards or drawers.
  2. Flexible hose with a crevice head: provides some reach thanks to its bendable nature, but it doesn’t stretch out much.
  3. Round tool: excellent for pumping or removing air into inflatables like a lifesaver or a small raft.
  4. Storage bag: it’s big enough for the vacuum and tools.
  5. USB charger: It has a C-type USB charger you can plug on your laptop or power bank.

All the tools with the Brigii do not have any quick release latch. It relies on friction to hold it in place – the quality of plastic is pretty good for a vacuum at this low price point.

I didn’t have any issues with any of the tools sliding out during use.

However, it lacks a motorized attachment, so you can’t use this to clean pet hair on fabric upholstery.

Brigii storage bag

All the tools plus the vacuum will fit in the storage bag – you’ll not misplace anything.

How much power does the Brigii mini vacuum have?

Brigii says that this mini vacuum has up to 2,000 Pascals of suction – similar to some robot vacuums like the S5 Max and S6 Pure.

To see how it compares with other handhelds, I used an anemometer, and it recorded 20.52 CFM of airflow in its only power setting.

It’s less than the Dyson V7 (27.43 CFM) and Dyson V8 (31.37 CFM) in its handheld configuration.

You have to remember that the other two Dyson vacuums I mentioned will cost several hundred dollars, this vacuum is less than $35, so it’s plenty, and the cleaning tests confirm it.

How does the Brigii mini vacuum clean?

The Brigii is built to be a portable vacuum with enough airflow to pick up small messes.

Its cylindrical design is proof of it. There’s no wasted space or design element – everything is functional.

On one end is a vacuum port where you can attach three different tools.

The other port has a blower function that blows with decent force, but don’t mistake this for a leaf blower.

All the attachments will work best for cleaning loose debris on the surface or creases like keyboards, car seats, drawers, etc.

It lacks a motorized tool, so it won’t clean stuff like pet hair on upholstery.

Cleaning performance

To see how well this vacuum cleans, I tested it on several types of debris like pet litter, quaker oats, Cheerios, and Fruit loops.

I didn’t do a measured test because the dust bin is small, but it could pick up nearly everything in its path.

I did the test on both hard floors and carpet – the results were similar for both surfaces.

Just look at this clip.


The Y120 Pro picked up nearly everything on hard floors (except for the extra-large Fruit Loops.


It has enough airflow to pick up various debris on carpet as well.

The only thing it wasn’t able to clean is the Fruit loops, not because it lacked suction, but it’s too big – it can’t fit the opening of any the tools.

It was also able to clean other stuff like pencil sharpener residue and dried Play-Doh.

I also tried using it to pick up debris inside my drawer, and it did a fantastic job at picking up small bits of debris – even some of the short strands of hair.


The Brigii shines in cleaning areas like this.


One of the biggest strengths of this handheld is the compact frame. Despite not having any handle, it’s narrow enough to hold comfortably.

Brigii cleaning an office chair

It’s light enough to hold like this. Imaging using a water bottle to vacuum a chair – it’s how this vacuum feels like.

Another factor going for it is the weight – it weighs around a pound, so it’s like carrying around a small water bottle vacuuming your home.

Brigii hose tool in action

Here’s the hose tool in action. I don’t like it as much as the combo tool. It lacks reach and not as flexible as I’d hope. But I guess it’s a trade-off you’ll have to make buying a mini vacuum.

How loud is the Brigii mini vacuum?

One issue I have, though, is the noise. This vacuum is annoyingly loud. My son asked me to turn it off when I tried using it when he was around.

I used a sound meter to see how loud it is, and it recorded between 79.5 and 80.5 decibels. Yes, it’s louder than a Dyson V11 Torque Drive.

Don’t use this during work hours. Your co-workers won’t like it – trust me.

Where can I buy this Brigii Y120 mini vacuum?

You can purchase this lightweight mini vacuum in online stores like Amazon. Check the links below for the latest pricing information.

Disclaimer: I will earn a commission if you purchase from the link above, but at no extra cost to you, so it’s a win-win for us!

Is the Brigii Mini Vacuum Worth It?

If you look at the price of the Brigii versus the other mini vacuums – it’s on the lower end of the spectrum.

It’s one of the least expensive options available. And though it lacks the bells and whistles such as the tapered handle or multiple power settings, it’s quite effective at picking up dirt.

Even if it doesn’t have as much suction as the Moosoo or the Eufy H11, it has enough more than enough for what it’s supposed to clean – which is light debris.

The lower power output also helps lengthen the run time.  It also is one of the longest-running alternatives with up to 17 minutes based on my test.

The Verdict: Great Option for Non-Pet Related Messes

The Brigii YT120 is an excellent option if you’re looking for a compact mini vacuum capable of cleaning small non-pet related debris.

It has enough airflow to clean dust up to Cheerios. It can pick up Fruit loops, but the opening of the tool is too small.

I must warn you, the motor is loud, the dust bin small, and you can’t use this to clean pet hair, but it’s pretty darn good for the other stuff.

If you don’t mind these limitations, and want a compact handheld that does the job – the Brigii Y120 Pro is something to consider.

4 Reasons to Buy the Brigii Mini Cordless Handheld

  1. Compact size: The Y120 is one of the small mini compact handhelds available.
  2. Decent airflow: It has enough suction to pick up dust, pet litter, any loose debris as long as it fits the nozzle.
  3. Easy to store: The cylindrical design makes it easy to store vertically anywhere, and the storage bag helps keep everything in one place, so you don’t misplace anything.
  4. Cheap: It’s one of the least expensive mini handheld vacuums available.
Compact and Lightweight Mini Vacuum
  • Ergonomics - 97%
  • Cleaning - 95%
  • Quality - 93%
  • Design - 94%
  • Value - 98%


The Brigii mini vacuum doesn’t look like a vacuum cleaner but I’m pleasantly surprised with how well it cleans. It has enough tools for quick clean-ups and has enough airflow for the task. When it comes to design it’s basic – no-frills, but fully functional. However, it’s loud, and don’t expect it to clean pet hair as it lacks the tools. If you don’t mind the flaws, it’s a great option for light cleaning jobs around the home or inside the vehicle.

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