How to Deep Clean a Roomba S9

How to Clean a Roomba S9

After putting my Roomba S9 through various cleaning tests, I thought giving it a thorough clean was proper.

And I’ll share the step-by-step process to get it done right.

Buying a Roomba S9+ will entail spending close to a thousand dollars, sometimes more, depending on the season and where you buy it. So it makes sense to keep it functioning as long as possible to get the most out of it.

Fortunately, as with any Roomba, the task is straightforward, thanks to its modular design.

I’ve structured this article to focus on different maintenance aspects, from the tools you need to clean the dustbin, sensors, wheels, and more. Check the table of contents below for more details.


Tools you’ll need

  1. Philips screwdriver: Any standard-sized screwdriver will do. But you may need something narrower to fit in narrower bolt openings.
  2. Clean cloth: My preference would be using a microfiber towel. These are great at absorbing dust, especially on wheels.
  3. Rubber gloves (optional): For those who don’t want to get their hands dirty.

How to clean Roomba S9 dustbin and filter

How to cleaning Roomba S9 dustbin

The first step in any Roomba maintenance task is cleaning the dustbin, an automated job for people with the S9+ (w/ the clean base station).

But realize the clean base station won’t get every crumb of dirt inside the dustbin. Dirt and dust will accumulate over time, and you’ll have to clean it, or it will trip the full bin sensor even if it isn’t full.

Roomba S9 dustbin open

Fortunately, the dustbin is washable since the motor is on the robot’s body. However, the filter isn’t, but there are ways to extend its service life.

Step 1: Open the top door and remove the dustbin

Roomba S9 pull dustbin out

The S9+ relocated the dust container from the rear to the top. Pull up the top door, then detach the dustbin using the built-in handle.

Step 2: Open the dustbin and remove the filter

Roomba S9 dustbin open

Another change with the S9+ is the filter placement on top. Pull up the lever, then slide out the filter.

Check the folds for any build-up. I like to do one trick with this filter type: tapping it on a solid surface to dislodge dirt. It won’t get rid of everything, but portions of it will come off.

Roomba S9 dirty filter

Open the dustbin by lifting the handle and pushing the release latch to open.

You’ll notice it has a wide opening, making cleaning straightforward. One option to clean it would be washing it with running water. But remove the filter beforehand as the filter isn’t washable.

Another is to wipe down with a clean microfiber towel. Return the dustbin afterward after drying (if you’ve chosen to wash it with water).

The filter must be replaced after two or three months to maintain optimal vacuuming performance.

How to clean Roomba S9 sensors?

Roomba S9 drop sensor

The Roomba S9 relies on sensors to help it navigate and avoid falling from cliff points.

Step 1: Wipe down the camera sensor

At the forefront of these is a top-mounted camera sensor behind the golden disc dustbin cover. You don’t need to do much here but wipe it down with a clean cloth.

Step 2: Bumper sensor

Roomba S9 front bumper

Next would be cleaning the bumper sensors. You’ll notice dust accumulating in this area. Again, all you need to do is wipe it with a clean towel.

Step 3: Cliff sensors

Roomba S9 cliff sensor close up

Flip the robot over, and you’ll see sensors on the edges. These are cliff sensors, and it function as a guard rail preventing the robot from going over cliff points like stairs.

Roomba S9 cliff sensor rear

All robot vacuums have this, and cleaning it is simple – gently wiping it with a clean (dry) towel. Please don’t use anything damp, as it can damage the electronics.

Step 4: Optical sensor

Roomba S9 optical sensor

Lastly, there’s the optical sensor. This component is responsible for location tracking and works like the sensor on your computer’s mouse.

Since it’s flushed deep, there’s not much to do here. For regular use, I don’t think dirt will get in there and hinder its functionality.

How to clean Roomba S9 wheels?

Roomba S9 side wheels

Another component that needs TLC is the wheels. For the S9, there are the side and caster wheels. Its orientation is reversed with the side wheels in front of the caster wheels with the framework change.

But the process remains the same. There are two options for cleaning – the first option is to wipe the exposed areas of the wheels with a clean towel without removing the base plate.

These steps are enough in most cases for quick cleaning. But if you need a more thorough cleaning, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Clean the caster wheel

Roomba S9 caster wheels

One design element I like with Roomba products is the detachability of the caster wheel. You can take the whole thing apart if needed.

Check out my article about cleaning the Roomba wheels for more info. But for the sake of this article, pull out the caster wheel behind the robot, then wipe it with a clean towel.

Also, inspect the base where you pulled it out, clean any build-up, and reattach it.

Step 2: Remove the base plate

Four screws are securing the base plate. Use a Philips screwdriver to detach.

Roomba S9 base plate bolts

You may need to loosen the bottom two bolts holding the brush assembly above it.

Roomba S9 roller assembly bottom bolts

Try removing the plate before unfastening the bolts I mentioned. If it comes off, there’s no need to do anything else.

Roomba S9 base plate out

Step 3: Pull out the side wheels

Roomba S9 left wheel out

Once the base plate is out, the side wheel assembly is exposed. Unlike older Roomba options like the 980 or 675, no bolts hold the side wheels since a tiny microchip secures it.

You’ll notice the cliff sensor blocking the right wheel assembly. Gently lift it, then pull the right wheel straight up.

Roomba S9 lift right drop sensor

It may take a little force, but pull up to prevent damaging the chip that connects to a port underneath.

Roomba S9 wheel chip

Do the same with the left wheel. Once the wheel assemblies are out, wipe with a clean microfiber towel.

Roomba S9 right wheel out

Don’t forget to clean these areas underneath each side wheel.

Roomba S9 area under side wheel

You can use a towel, or in my case, I used a Dyson V10 with a brush attachment.

With the base plate out, it’s a good time to tidy up loose particles of dirt scattered around.

Roomba S9 bottom exposed

A handheld vacuum would be an excellent tool for this task as it speeds things up. After tidying up everything, it’s time for the next step.

Step 4: Reattach side wheels.

Roomba S9 reattach side wheels

After cleaning the side wheels, it’s time to reattach them. It’s easy. Align the chip to the port underneath, then gently push it down. That’s it.

Step 5: Reattach the base plate.

Roomba S9 reattach base plate

Lastly, reattach the base plate, then tighten all bolts.

How to clean Roomba S9 extractors and extractor frame?

How to clean Roomba S9 extractors

One component that takes a beating is these extractors upfront. Its primary function is debris pick up, and debris will accumulate on it and the axles. Failure to clean them will result in unnecessary friction and may burn out the motor. So, it’s imperative to clean it along with the extractor frame.

Step 1: Detach extractors

Roomba S9 rollers out

Lift the latch on the right side of the extractor frame, then pull out both extractors.

Step 2: Clean extractors

With the rollers out, wipe with a slightly damp towel to remove any dirt build-up. Check both axles for any hair wrapping on them.

Roomba S9 five-inch hair on axles

Also, check the connecting slots in the roller assembly for any hair or debris.

Step 3: Remove and side brush

Roomba S9 side brush out

The next step is taking out the side brush.

Use a Philips screwdriver to unfasten the bolt, then pull the side brush out.

Roomba S9 remove side brush screw

Remove any hair strands sticking on the bristles or base. Do the same for the side brush slot on the robot vacuum.

Step 4: Unfasten screws holding the extractor frame

Roomba S9 extractor assembly bolt location

Four bolts secure the frame. Unfasten all of them to remove it. Please note that you may need a thinner Philips screwdriver for the bottom bolts.

Roomba S9 roller assembly out

Lightly tug the assembly upward once all the bolts are loosened to pull it out. With the whole component out, there’s easy access to deep clean every nook and cranny.

Roomba S9 roller assembly out


Avoid using a damp towel as it can damage the “dirt detect” sensor and other electronic components.

Also, check the area underneath the extractor frame for any accumulation. A handheld vacuum will come in handy and speed up the task.

Roomba S9 area under roller assembly

Step 5: Put back everything

Once everything is clean and tidy, it’s time to put everything back in reverse order.

  1. Extractor frame
  2. Side brush
  3. Extractors

Wipe down the robot with a clean towel to remove any fingerprints or dirt.

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